About Me

Hi all :)

I'm Paula, 29, Canadian-Korean-American, a movie and YouTube lover, food fattie, and social network loser. I'm also a university graduate, which was kinda a waste of my time...mais j'ai un baccalauréat en français pour ceux/celles qui le parlent.
I've been interested in Korean culture since 2012, and it has been interesting. (2019 was a pretty bad year in the entertainment industry.) I'm not up to date with groups these days and haven't been listening to much music in general.

I thought joining AFF would be a good idea since I don't know many people in my real life who like Kpop, etc as much as I do. This is also a place where I can post my writings without it getting lost in fanfiction.net or AO3, and where I know my stories would be appreciated a little more.

If you want to know which Korean celebrities I love and follow and how I got introduced to Korean entertainment and other K entertainment related things, go here (Kpop Artists/Groups I Love + Biases and Misc Korean Celebs I Love) and here (How It All Started and MY LIFE IS A LIE, RE: How It All Started).
tl;dr Moonbyul is my girl crush, Park Bom is my goddess, Song Jihyo is my queen, and Bae Doona is actually bae.

Since I mentioned fanfiction.net, I also write non-K related fan fiction stories, which can be found on that site with the same handle (lejeuparfait) if any of you are interested. 

PS. Are we friends? Wanna fill this out? I Would Like To Get To Know...You! 
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