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About Me

KPOP intruded my life successfully.



Male Fandoms: 

B2STEXO, Super Junior, BtoB, SHINee, CNBlue



Female Fandoms: 

SNSD, 4Minute, APink, f(x), KARA



A Hard Core B2ST Fan, a.k.a. B2UTY.



An even Hardcore Swooner, Say Hi to my Husband 남편 <3



After introducing my 남편 , Say Hi to my First Love 첫사랑~ 

 (He's so pretty and wonderful ^^)



After introducing my 첫사랑, Say Hi to all my Boyfriends 남자친구들 




Lillie is the one who made me in love with EunHae! ^^

Can't make a choice between DooSeob and JunSeob..

Hardcore Shippers now >.<



Loves Singing as much as Writing!


Also, I am currently teaching Mandarin, check out my stories and subscribe to me then?

Learn Mandarin with Me! (:

사랑 주세요~



Loves sharing and making new friends! (:

But I rarely add people as friends, hmm.. you know, I am shy >.<

This is Mini Seo.