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I am a nice author. If you want a copy of my stories, feel free to send me a message and ask for my permission. If you want to post it on the other site, ask for my permission first and don’t forget to give me a proper credits.

List of My On-Going Fanfics:

  1. Red Fountain Academy Series (Updates every once a week)
  2. Detective Angels' Case (Hiatus)
  3. My Boyfriend Is A Ghost (Hiatus)

List of My Finished Fanfics:

  1. 5 Scary Tales of SM High School (Horror)
  2. Abandoned House (Horror)
  3. Agent Hyoyeon I – VI
  4. Aswang Goes To Korea (Horror)
  5. Baekhyun’s 11 Scary Experience (Horror)
  6. Baekhyun’s Another Scary Moment (Horror)
  7. Distance
  8. Freyja’s Love Journey
  9. Half-Sisters
  10. Hyoyeon’s Only Wish
  11. It All Started With A Piece of Cake
  12. It’s Started In A Bath Tub
  13. Journey To Success
  14. Killer Doll 1, 2 & 3 (Horror)
  15. Let’s Stop The Wedding (It’s Started In A Bath Tub 2)
  16. Love Between Ex & Latest
  17. My Secret Crush
  18. My Twin Sister’s Boyfriend
  19. Right Beside You
  20. She Loves Him, He Loves Boys
  21. SHINee After 5 Or More Years
  22. Snow White Kibum & The 7 A Pink Girls
  23. Super Junior After 5 Or More Years
  24. The Medallion
  25. The Stolen Book (Horror)
  26. Vacation House (Abandoned House 2) (Horror)

My Accounts in Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @jkhyosae @ @genki_sae @princealden24 @asianbeauties32

Twitter:  @hyoahin

About Me

=^.^= ABOUT THE AUTHOR =^.^=


Hi! Hello! Annyeong Hasaeyo! Konnichiwa! You can call me Kath or Neko (Neko means cat in Japanese). I’m a pure blooded Filipina. I’m a writer here in AFF but sometimes I read other’s fanfics.


  • Writing fanfics.
  • Drawing anime characters (when I’m in the mood).
  • Watching anime & movies.
  • Updating instagram accounts
  • Sleeping (during weekends)

Songs I listen:

  • AKB48’s music
  • SNSD’s music
  • Seventeen’s music
  • Thai's Songs (Mostly OST)
  • Some JPOP and KPOP’s music
  • Soundtracks

Favorite shows:

  • AKBingo!
  • Running Man
  • The Return of Superman
  • Invincible Youth Season 2
  • Ugly Duckling: The Series
  • U-Prince The Series

How I started writing stories?

        I started writing stories when I was in high school. The first story that I wrote was titled “Barkada”. It is a story of group of friends with some of them are wizards and witches (inspired by Harry Potter :P). It has 10 different stories then I made the Barkada’s 2nd Generation but I wasn’t able to finish it and the worst part is I don’t know where my stories went. I can’t find them. =T.T=

        The next story that I wrote was titled “PCA” where the characters are me and my friends but I don't know where my story went.

        Then, when I was in college, I start writing again and this time the title is “Agent Freyja”. Familiar? Well, “Agent Freyja” is now “Agent Hyoyeon”. When I was in college, I don’t know anything about KPOP so when I write stories, I only make the characters. I also wrote Freyja’s Love Journey but I only wrote it in a steno pad along with Agent Freyja.

How did I know AFF?

        When my school closed down, I need to work so I worked in a government agency. During my free time, I search about KPOP (that time I am addicted in KPOP), especially Hyoyeon (she’s my bias). One time, I accidentally saw a fanfic of her (I forgot the title). It was the first fanfic that I read and I got inspired to write again. I signed up in AFF and decided to write my own story, and my first fanfic that I posted is Freyja’s Love Journey. And the rest is history.

How do I know KPOP?

        Thank you to my friend in college. He’s the one who introduced KPOP to me (especially SNSD). I am still a KPOP fan but not super fan. I am only interested to Hyoyeon and some KPOP idols that I like.

How do I know JPOP?

        It is not that I know JPOP but I only know some few groups like AKB48, Baby Metal, Kiss-My-Ft2, etc. The first JPOP group that I know and until now I am addicted to it is AKB48. Thank you to SNSD for debuting in Japan that I learned to know AKB48.

Do I dance?

        I want to be a dancer but unfortunately I am not! =T.T= I love copying the dance of KPOP and AKB48 but I can’t copy well. The first dance that I learned is Gee of SNSD. I know Aitakatta and Koi Suru Fortune Cookie of AKB48 and I know some other dances but only the hand movement. XD

My Favorite Idols

Korean Artists:



Japanese Artists:


Chinese/Taiwanese Artists:


Thai Artists:


Other Artists: