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Personal Message

Annyeong :)))


I am stick_oLoveEXO


What am I going to say?

Uhm, annyeong haseyo chonun stick_oLoveEXO imnida. I hope you'll take care of me. Please do support my stories:


My finished stories:


          Created 2012-06-11
             Characters: Ahn Eunjin (OC), Lee Hanna (OC), Sehun, Kris, Chanyeol, EXO. MORE TO BE REVEALED 
             Tags: korean you exo sehun chanyeol kris romanceanddrama

              Last updated on Aug 21, 2013 17:26:40 
              Characters: Seo Joohyun (OC) of SNSD, LuHan of EXO-M, Sungjae of BTOB 
             Tags: fantasy romance seohyun angels luhan agnst sungjae 

On Going (Turned out to be HIATUS)

             Characters: Lee Hanna (OC), Oh Sehun, Ahn Eunjin (OC), Lee Myungsoo, EXO (EXO M&K) more characters... 
              Tags: exo sehun baekhyun kris romanceanddrama sehunandoc againstfate 


My short stories:

             Last updated on May 14, 2013 07:26:18 

             Characters: Kim Taehee (OC), Lee Taemin, Lee Hi 

             Tags: drama family taemin kimtaehee leehi mothersday 

              Last updated on Feb 8, 2013 18:43:35 

              Characters: Seo Joohyun 

              Tags: drama seohyun snsd shortstory 



I have other stories too but I prefer not to post it here due to some circumstances. I am not the best author out there but I really, I am trying to make my story good :D



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About Me



REAL facts about me:

I am existing in this human race.

I am a human- 100 percent sure.

I am a girl. Go to my country and ask the government if you have doubts.


Randoms facts about me:

I have lots of nickname like Madel, Fafa, Fafs. I don't know why.

I love foods but I am choosy with it.

I love reading books, improving my writing skills, surfing the net and eating!

I am friendly, cheerful. I am a friend but somebody's bestfriend. Who is that somebody? Well she migrated and so I miss her. I want to visit her but I can't since I am still a minor.

I love Mickey and Mouse!

I am a future doctor someday, I guess? but I know I would be a pharmacist in the future!


Little things about me:

I am little girl who is not close to my real oppa but close to my oppas (my friends outside AFF). I think I am going to write a story about it.

I have twin little sister and if she is not exsiting, I pity my dear life, maybe I am not the girl everyone knows.



I hope I have much freedom. I know I am still young but you know I am lock inside the four corners of my classroom, inside the four corners of bedroom and my house.

I am dreaming to travel the whole world! I am dreaming of traveling.



I love  KPOP.

SHINee is the first kpop band I know. They teach me how to fangirl!




   (I am not yet a kpopper way back then)

   I know SUJU but I am an elf but I admire their songs.

   I know SS501 because of Jonghyun.

   I know 2NE1 becaause of Dara.

   I know Wonder girls because of their song NOBODY.

 Well, I can't remember other groups than I met before.



 I knew SHINee because of  Oppas_GIRL she is holding a clearbook with K-POP songs and I don't know how to read them. I saw one page entitled 'Lucifer" and I asked to sing it.

when I got home I surf the net and look for SHINee and I keep on playing that song.

My first KPOP crush/ biases is TAEMINIIEEE.


I knew K-POP since  2007 but I just ignore them. 2009, the year I met SHINee. Kpop doesn't give any impact YET.

I watch K-dramas and I even memorize their songs like SHINee's stand by me.

12-24-2011 I had my AFF account. I just read Oppas_GIRL's stories and later on I make my own story entitled Mystic. I have no kpop characters there and it so I edit it and keep it under the depths of AFF.

Since  I didn't continue my first story, I write another one. It's a SHINee story entitled 'Stereo Hearts' but I delete it afterwards.

Year 2012 is the year where I told myself that I am an ACTIVE KPOPPER. It's the time  when EXO debuted. 


 My first bias is KAI. Kim Jongin.

Well, I can't tell  you more of the story since EXO is very close to my heart.


  MORE KPOP MOMENTS in year 2012:

  I study Hanguel with the help of Oppas_GIRL.

  I realize that I am such a fangirl.

  Aside from from her fiction, my very first story that I have read is My Crazy Hot Aliens by  dbskgirl4everStarting from that moment, I started reading fictions here.

   I watch K-dramas often than before.

   Right now, I can speak and Korean now but not that fluent. Kekekeke.

When I enter college after summer. I realize that I have kpop classmates, they are like five in my section? Yeah, right. So I knew more of KPOP GROUPS and I am updated always.


So I guess, I should end my Kpop corner here.

Here are some other groups I fangirl too.

Not all of them are here. I just enjoy th gif. xD


According to psychology, you only know 18% percent of yourself. So I guess you know little percent of me? I don't bite don't worry. I don't get mad easily. I am a good friend to everyone. Feel friend with me even I don't know you personal but one thing I am asking you, I HOPE YOU WILL TALK ME HONESTLY. I HOPE YOU WILL NOT ACT LIKE SOMEBODY WHO IS NOT YOU BECAUSE I HATE LIARS.

So, I guess we can be friends?