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El intercambio

By SleepingSoh updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, snsd, taeny, romance, Jessica, Kyuhyun, Yoona, YongHwa, Sunny, Yuri
With 25 chapters, 29 votes, 186 subscribers, 7210 views, 189 comments

Kim Taeyeon y Tiffany Hwang. Dos chicas totalmente opuestas. Una tímida pero con un carácter fuerte. Otra un tanto bipolar y rebelde.

Of Quaint Things and Faded Walls

By stephanstarr updated
With 3 chapters, 15 votes, 97 subscribers, 760 views, 10 comments

-----   Tiffany made dresses for a living, while Taeyeon vowed never to wear dresses more than ten times.   -----

Love you, love you not….

By glam_9168 updated
With 21 chapters, 39 votes, 290 subscribers, 12980 views, 190 comments

Im Yoona : A player who fall in love with Kwon Yuri the heiress of the W hotel. She stops all the clubbing habit. She confess her feeling to Yuri but get reject. Yoong didn’t give up and continue chasing after Yuri and one day her dream finally come true. Yuri suddenly accept her. Later, she knows the real reason why Yuri suddenly accept her. Yuri is just using her to chase Minho away. Yoong is heartbreaking so she went back to her old self that’s mean clubbing and sleeping with the girls she


By kim-sol-ley updated
Characters TaeNy YulSic
With 8 chapters, 4 votes, 298 subscribers, 2830 views, 43 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

TaeNy is a happy married couple but one day Taeyeon got in a plane crash and lost his memory. What will Tiffany do when everything about Taeyeon changed completely opposite 'the Taeyeon' she once know? and what will she do when Taeyeon decided to leave? "Honestly, living with you made me feel trapped and suffocated. So I think it's better for me to live separately from you for a while. That way, maybe I could try to find myself again. You see, it's not--" 

Im Going To Marry A CHODING!?A DORK!?!?!AND A SHIKSHIN!?!?!?

By SONE_EXOTIC_09262000 updated
With 10 chapters, 19 votes, 286 subscribers, 6720 views, 77 comments

No one Pov There were 6 parents who wants their daughter to marry someone who can stand their daughter's attitude. Their parents was talking to a strange man..... "My daughter is Kwon Yuri she is very serious about things and she is all mature and she is very harsh....I want my daughter to marry someone who is a choding and know how to have fun" "My daughter is Jessica Jung she always have a poker face and wen she glare it feels like you signed already ur death co


By allysone updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany
With 5 chapters, 16 votes, 101 subscribers, 1720 views, 25 comments

A compilation of fluffy, cotton candy-ish Taeny oneshots.  1) Contradictions - The Contradictions of Taeyeon 2) 4 Things (about Taeyeon) - 4 things about Taeyeon 3) Heartskipper - Where Taeyeon's heart pounded and pounded and trips and falls on everything in sight because of Tiffany. 4) Wheels in Love - Where Taeyeon pedals her way into Tiffany's heart [UPCOMING] - 4 Things (a


By andre-ita updated
With 29 chapters, 19 votes, 148 comments



By chaerabomzy1 updated
With 16 chapters, 2 votes, 50 subscribers, 1960 views, 20 comments

¿PODRÁ EL AMOR DE TU VIDA TENER UNA SEGUNDA OPORTUNIDAD? - Espero algún día, poder amarte como tú me amas -Lo lograste una vez...volverás a hacerlo...


By Observance updated
Tags fluff taeny
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 9 subscribers, 350 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Mornings were never really her thing.

no soy tu fan , te odio

With 4 chapters, 23 votes, 159 subscribers, 2450 views, 48 comments

hellousss! jja este es mi 4 fict ya jaja en fin gracias por todo tengo 837 subcritos ya wauuu gracias por los mensajes siempre los leo esta historia es mas ligado a lo gracioso , aqui aparece jessi ya que para mi siempre seran 9 o 8+1  aun no se si esto sera algo perv

What Am I ?

By snsdtyss updated
Characters You, Jessica and other kpop groups
With 37 chapters, 43 votes, 325 subscribers, 14300 views, 230 comments

You are Ariel River, a 17 years old girl who is different fom everyone. Really everyone. You have powers,super powers,all kinds of powers and the ability to use 100% of your brain, that makes you the most powerful being and the next on the line for the throne of the Olympus. Your father Poseidon and your mother Aphrodite, which means you are a full Greek God's daughter. You are immortal

What if

By kelabjaime updated
With 16 chapters, 1 votes, 36 subscribers, 1260 views, 5 comments

Every encounter arise the various possibilities, so what if I had said the other words of expression instead? What now when I see you again?       Author's note: Subscribe, comment or simply take a view.  Chapters will most likely be around 500 words.  Thank you.   


By LittlePanduh updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon and Stephanie Hwang
With 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments

In her senior year, Taeyeon finally decided to go to her first and last homecoming dance. She expected it to be like the movies: great music, crazy dancing when the beats drop, being able to slow dance with a stranger, even drugs, alcohol, or the police coming. To her dismay, homecoming was exactly the opposite. So what does she and her best friend do? They share conversations that make them closer than ever.


By glacier updated
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 42 subscribers, 640 views, 8 comments

A request from my best friend. Genderbender/full drama kind of story.

Soshi Bond

By SONE_EXOTIC_09262000 updated
With 2 chapters, 13 subscribers, 450 views, 2 comments

This is a story not a love story,not a drama or any kind of story. This story is only about the bond of soshi. In this story you might encounter some protective unnies. My favorite chapter that Im going to male is when Seohyun will bw in the show in WGM caus her unnie will be very protective except Yoona caus Yoona will experience protective unnies too. This story for me is like a comedy i think.

You Give Me Butterflies

By Dookong updated
With 79 chapters, 98 votes, 1207 subscribers, 34140 views, 625 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Taeyeon is a male in this story again! Yuri as well. The rest of the character details will be written in the story. Featuring random characters of Kpop idols but definitely with Yulsic as 2nd main pairing too(but I won't really write about their interactions unless they appear w taeny).

Three Words I Long to Say to You (Revamping)

By Dino_TY369 updated
With 48 chapters, 48 votes, 410 subscribers, 191 comments

Currently revamping! Currently only chapters 1 - 25 have been edited! I will try my best to edit this story as fast as i can! I suggest to not read those chapters that have not been edited as the characters have been changed quite drastically!

Hot Heart

By Flirty_Translators updated
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 67 subscribers, 640 views, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Cuando Mi-Young (Tiffany) fue a Seul con su mejor amiga Sunny, pensó que se escaparía de su vida en LA de ser una mensajera para esos espíritus perdidos. Pero estaba equivocada. Después de un par de días en Seul, un joven y famoso actor, Choi Sooyoung, le pide su ayuda. Sooyoung quiere que ella hable con el espíritu o más b

Our Past Love

By NathaEXOlie_63 updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Jessica Jung,Kwon Yuri,Im Yoona,Kim Taeyeon,Tiffany Hwang,Krystal Jung,Amber Liu
With 5 chapters, 5 votes, 20 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Choi Sooyoung-  Jessica's ex boyfriend. He's a best actor in whole asia. His a leader of HOT k pop boy band and main vocalist.. His handsome and have a good personality: Humble,Gentleman,Long patient, and have a respect to the girls. His dorky and a noisy person


By Nefrofer13 updated
With 15 chapters, 75 votes, 518 subscribers, 8690 views, 272 comments
Status Subscribers Only

The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To be married with someone who's practically a stranger to you was already an absurd concept. But having child with her was an another l

I Just Realized...

By EliteFamilyShipper updated
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 31 subscribers, 1330 views, 12 comments

This is the story of how they drifted apart and how they realized something that would change their relationship...    

The Lonely Streets

By Taeny_Lovers updated
Tags taeny
Characters Taeyeon & Tiffany
With 31 chapters, 182 votes, 1332 subscribers, 31470 views, 1061 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Taeyeon had just had her heart broken. After a drunken night out to try to forget her pain, she comes across a girl clearly in need of her help. Is it the obvious homelessness the reason the girl acts so dejected and scared or has something awful happened in her short lifetime that she, like Taeyeon, wants to forget.    

Girls' Generation and the Attack on Muggleborns

By GabyUC96 updated
Characters Seohyun Yoona Yuri Jessica Taeyeon Tiffany Sooyoung Sunny Hyoyeon
With 18 chapters, 63 votes, 372 subscribers, 10820 views, 213 comments

"Why?" Asked the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor to the Headmaster. "Why what?" Asked Mcgonagall with desinterest as she read some papers that were sprawled on her desk. "Why did you sent letter to four korean girls? I am in charge of sending the hogwarts letters but you personally wrote four letters and sent them to korea, do I have to remind you that this institution was founded for young wizards born on the United Kingdom?" "You better stop with those commen