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When your older brother is admitted to hospital, you're willing to do anything for him to stay alive. Even if that means disguising as a guy and entering the brutal competition GROWL .Sounds simple? Not when your classmates are delinquents.

Who Would You Choose ?

By1001dreams updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon , Tiffany Hwang , Im Yoona
With1 votes, 16 subscribers, 120 views

                     Kim Taeng and Im Yoong are the most popular guy in the SM HIGH that fall in love with the same girl named Tiffany Hwang . And Tiffany was confused beacause she loves Taeng more than Yoong , but Taeng is giving her a cold shoulder for some reasons meanwhie Yoong is always trying to make Tiffany fall for him . Will she gave up on Taeng and try to love Yoong ? or she will fight for her own love Kim Taeng ?          Kim Taeng was multitale


ByAikCompany updated
With12 chapters, 47 votes, 393 subscribers, 63 comments
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Reach For The Stars

ByAikCompany updated
CharactersSNSD's Tiffany (main), Yoona, Seohyun, Taeyeon
With1 chapters, 9 votes, 11 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

(A psychological thriller/horror) A visceral and emotional tale about a dear mother (Tiffany) who would do anything to protect her only daughter, Amanda, from the cruelty and madness that had engulfed and submerged the place where they live in its entiret

Under My Umbrella

Bytorres updated
With3 chapters, 8 votes, 116 subscribers, 750 views, 11 comments
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  Kim Taeyeon, a girl who was born with her parents' loves and raised with a salary of a mathematics teacher still in a dilemma of finding someone special to be placed in her heart. Easy to say, a future in law to be introduced to her impatience parents. She is clueless about her parents' ideal type, and even she, herself don't know what kind of lover she's longing for as she is too busy with her study. Four years of hardworking, she is finally become a first class degree holder


ByJeVriendin updated
CharactersAll Parties Included
With18 chapters, 11 votes, 118 subscribers, 2290 views, 75 comments
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"In no man's land, alien is the queen." - Toba Beta   "So? Are you in? I told you there is a way." "No kidding, this is your doing?" He tried to speak to the g

I'M For Auction

Bytaengkumashi904 updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, others
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 70 subscribers, 370 views, 5 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

So I saw this scene at some movie and the idea just came to me.  I hope you guys would like it. This story is for GorillaGrenade. (Yep... It's for you...)

Kim Taeyeon: The Drabbles

ByFlyingAlpacas updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon | Tiffany Hwang | More characters added later
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 120 views, 2 comments

Taeyeon has many experiences and thoughts about life every day.   Some of them are weird, and has her thinking that she's the only person in the world who would ever experience them. Some of them are typical. And some of them have her heart racing like a woman in a 90% off sale.  

Dear Tiffany...

Bytaengkumashi904 updated
CharactersTiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica and many others
With21 chapters, 12 votes, 343 subscribers, 4510 views, 68 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

I don't give two s about TaeNy's dating issues... They would always be real. Period. Not gonna be able to update that often but would always try to give out the best ones... Mostly made up of Tiffany's POVs I'm depressed, I think this is the best way to let


Bychaerabomzy1 updated
With13 chapters, 1 votes, 36 subscribers, 1300 views, 15 comments


Are You Happy?

ByKaraShi updated
With28 chapters, 20 votes, 185 subscribers, 8060 views, 82 comments

Taeyeon is a children book writer, she’s infamous with her story which is all about fairy tales. She has good imagination and the stories she made mostly fun and easy to read. But, no one knows her daily life since she’s so secretive and doesn’t like to be open up to people. Tiffany is a newbie in Journalism, her first work is to dig up about Taeyeon past or secret to create hot gossip. Though Taeyeon is a writer that Tiffany love the most, she need to be professional since she’s a jo

Am I wrong?

ByhappySoulsince1993 updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany Yuri Seohyun Yoona Jessica Hyoyeon Sooyoung Sunny
With16 chapters, 7 votes, 328 subscribers, 4060 views, 59 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

"Past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased; it can only be accepted"   You held on but I didn't. Why? Just because I was scared of what people might say. I was scared being disown by my family. But you... you only cared about me and you and our love. You were willing to fight for me with your parents when they learned about us. But I... just let you go. Even worse I made you go. 

A Bet of Love

ByhappySoulsince1993 updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany Yuri Sooyoung Seohyun Yoona Jessica Hyoyeon Sunny and others.
With9 chapters, 11 votes, 267 subscribers, 2610 views, 7 comments
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Kim Taeyeon - Popular, cute, serious but she's a dork.  Tiffany Hwang-- She's also popular but not as popular as Kim Taeyeon. Dislikes Kim Taeyeon for some reason. 

Como duele el amor

ByYosepSkye updated
Characterstaeny taeyeon tiffany stephanie taengoo tete phany
With19 chapters, 6 votes, 129 subscribers, 3130 views, 17 comments
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  Genero: Suspenso, drama, romance. Personajes: Kim Taeyeon, Stephanie Hwang, o

First love never dies

Byangel17 updated
CharactersYuri, Jessica and SNSD
With9 chapters, 59 votes, 5590 views, 72 comments
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Enjoy... : )

El Ultimo Suspiro

Byangeles-cs updated
With2 chapters, 3 votes, 12 subscribers, 220 views, 3 comments

Bien. Este es mi primer "One-Shot" nunca he escrito algo y no se porque pero me surgio hacer este pequeño cuentecillo, pues de que va esto, es una historia algo triste o al menos así lo veo yo LOL, trata sobre Tae Yeon y lo que sucede cuando Tiffany la deja por Yu Ri, si, con una pequeña sorpresa al final, espero no me odien ;n; 

Secret Garden

BySone4everTaeny updated
CharactersSooSun HyoNic YoonHyun
With5 chapters, 5 votes, 95 subscribers, 960 views, 13 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Hola chicos, esta es una adaptación del drama "Secret Garden" de la SBS, todos los derechos de autor, espero que les guste y me den su apoyo, siempre quize adaptarlo a Taeny y Yulsic, entreo otras parejas ^^

In Real Life

Bynaui_taeny updated
With12 chapters, 55 votes, 324 subscribers, 5460 views, 164 comments

An actor's job is never easy, specially when the role they play requires much emotional and psychological involvement. Sometimes, they can't even separate the reality from the fiction, for they become so entirely involved in their character that they end up forgetting that all of that is not actually real. Many times, this is where real-life celebrity cou

My Pet Girlfriend

CharactersKim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kwon Yuri, Choi Sooyoung, Lee Sunny, Im Yoona, Seohyun, Kim Hyoyeon
With11 chapters, 37 votes, 343 subscribers, 115 comments

Where girlfriends all of a sudden turn into bunnies and kittens and confuse the hell out of everybody.      

A Miracle

Byjongkeyhistory updated
With1 votes, 18 subscribers, 130 views, 3 comments

  Kim Taeyeon is a lonely girl in her second year of highschool. Although she is one of the smartest students

DJ got me falling in LOVE again

Byreiko_chan20 updated
With13 chapters, 2 votes, 74 subscribers, 2560 views, 20 comments

DJ got me falling in LOVE again.....what should i do?  

The Revolving Door

BySy-gg9 updated
CharactersSooyoung, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri, Sunny
With40 chapters, 43 votes, 281 subscribers, 17470 views, 382 comments

    Nine girls living in the same apartment complex. Watch how one revolving door helps bring them together......  

I'm In Love With My Best Friend [Hiatus... But not long..:)]

ByYangMeiLi updated
CharactersChoi Sooyoung, Jessica Jung, Hwang Tiffany, Kim Taeyeon
With9 chapters, 9 votes, 87 subscribers, 2550 views, 59 comments

Hello Everyone! This is my first Fanfic Story. Hope you guys will enjoy it!<3