Our Unexpected Life

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We were just 14 different people with our own lives.

We had our own ways of life.

We had our own likes and dislikes.

Our own ideas and principles that we were build up to.

Our own expectations that our loved ones had expected for us.

My own past that no one knew except me.

My own ideas of the future that I planned.

BUT NOW.......

We have 7 different lives that are shared between a pair.

Our own ways of life are being divided amongst ourselves.

We are adjusting our own likes and dislikes with the other's likes and dislikes.

We adapt our ideas and principles with one another.

Our own expectations that people had for us doesn't matter anymore.

My own past is now turning into our future.

My own ideas of the future is now our agreed ideas of the future.

So now we welcome you to join our unexpected life.


A Pink

=We were just 7 normal girls who didn't know how important these 7 guys were in our life

Chorong Park

=I hate men, I just hate them but why has my opinion changed because of you?

Bomi Yoon

=I always dreamt of finding my dream boy then when you came into my life, I knew you were the one!

Eunji Jung

=I don't know who I want anymore...You or him?

Naeun Son

=I was Miss.PERFECT, Miss.NUMBER 1 but everything has changed ever since you came!
Yookyung Hong
=When I was experiencing hell, only you stayed by my side and helped me get out of it!

Namjoo Kim

=It wasn't my father or mother that showed me the real world....it was you!

Hayoung Oh

=I always took advantage of you so now I want you to complete my last wish before I go away...forever!



=How would we,7 guys know that you, 7 girls would have been as important to us as we are to our ownselves?

Sunggyu Kim

=I always wanted you to be happy...Nothing more and nothing less!

Dongwoo Jang

=Are you sure you still want me after knowing that I am not a good guy?

Woohyun Nam

= I always hated you but after knowing your truth, I promise to show you the truth!

Hoya Lee

=Maybe we were too hasty...maybe we shouldn't have broken up in the first place!

Sungyeol Lee

=I swear to protect you and give you the freedom you deserve!

Myungsoo Kim

= I will never make your dream come true because if I did then you and I will never be the same again!

Sungjong Lee

=Even when you push me away, I'll still be there for you!

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