Of Sins And Senses


Stereotypically it's thought that men are more implusive and reckless with their behaviour while women are more aware and connected to their emotions,which leads us to meet fourteen individual human beings.Seperated into two different groups,they learn more about themselves and their feelings through either their behaviour or by their emotions or more known as the senses of their bodies.

Using the soulmate au here we meet BTS,who learn to adjust and be more in control of their sins with Lovelyz,who learn about their feelings through their senses.


-Meet BTS,who are each cursed with a deadly sin that they are extremely obsessed and have huge issues with hence the only way they can be in control and hopefully get rid of the certain sin is by finding their soulmate and within a certain amount of time before they're stuck with their dominating sin forever and no other chance of love ever coming back to them.



-Meet Lovelyz,who are each lacking a certain use of sense that they can't use to the best of their abilities hence the only way they can experience life to the fullest and hopefully permanently be able to use the certain sense is by finding their soulmate and within a certain amount of time before they're stuck with their useless sense forever and no other chance of love ever coming back to them.


The story starts with the boys extremely obsessed and powerless to their certain type of deadly sin whereas the girls unable to use or build up their certain type of sense so now it's for each group to help one another so the power of the deadly sins can go down whereas the power of the senses can go up.

The sins that the boys possesses

  1. Sloth=The excessive need to be lazy,which leads to failure to act and utillise one's skills and talents
  2. Gluttony=The excessive ongoing consumption especially for food and drink
  3. Lust=The excessive intense passion especially for ual desires
  4. Wrath=The excessive uncontrollable feelings of anger and hate,often leading to seek revenge
  5. Greed=The excessive pursuit for material possessions and power
  6. Envy=The excessive desire to have possessions or qualities that someone else already has
  7. Pride=The excessive view of one's self and putting one's own desires and urges before the welfare of others.

The heavenly virtues that can cure the sins

Dilligence=The ability to be dedicated and have determination in work=Cures Sloth

Temperance=The ability to be in control of one's self and act appropriately at the time=Cures Gluttony

Chastity=The ability to overcome temptation and be free from longings,especially ual ones=Cures Lust

Patience=The ability to be tolerant and forgive those who have wronged=Cures Wrath

Charity=The ability to be generous towards others=Cures Greed

Kindness=The ability to have compassion and unselfish love for all without prejudice=Cures Envy

Humility=The ability to be modest in one's self=Cures Pride

The senses that the girls can't utilise precisely 

  1. Smell=The sense of detecting different types of smell that can range from fragrance-like to decaying odour
  2. Taste=The sense of tasting different flavours whether it's salty,sweet,sour,bitter or savoury
  3. Touch=The sense of touching different kinds of textures and surfaces
  4. Hearing=The sense of hearing different tones of sounds that can alter from silence to loudness
  5. *Emotions=The sense of recognising different levels of feelings that are based on love,anger,joy,disguist,fear and sadness
  6. *Speech=The sense of vocalising thoughts and feelings through communication with different forms of words
  7. Sight=The sense of seeing things in different amounts of colours

*Emotions and Speech aren't exactly senses however I added them so every member would have a different problem


The characters are all presented,in the story,as shown in their picture below!

Jimin x Kei

Sin of Lust meets Sense of Touch

Hey baby how you doin'? Let's go to a place where you and I can get real good and comfortable!

Cursed with the sin of lust,Jimin is very obsessed with having ual encounters with countless of women and is often seen with either a girl beside him or a o source(which can be his phone or a magazine) that he could go through the whole day,getting a good amount of pleasure from them whereas Kei is unable to feel different textures,leading to make her feel everything quite solid and rock-hard even though it's something soft like candy-floss,making her to feel left out in situations where touch connects one another such as petting the soft fur of a dog.

Lust is linked with the colour Indigo

Jungkook x Yein

Sin of Envy meets Sense of Speech

Why do they think they're better than me? Just you wait and see how I'll be better than all of you!

Cursed with the sin of envy,Jungkook is unsatisfied when he sees people happy whether it's with something they have or with an experience that leads to their happiness and is often seen trying different tactics and ideas to either achieve or ruin what the other has whereas Yein isn't able to communicate much out of even if it's a simple sentence,making her to feel left out in situations where speech builds closure and rapport between people such as getting to know someone new.

Envy is linked with the colour Green

Taehyung x Sujeong

Sin of Gluttony meets Sense of Taste

Am I satisfied with everything I've ate and drank so far? Oh well I will still consume everything I see!

Cursed with the sin of gluttony,Taehyung loves to eat and drink everything he sees and is often seen either eating and drinking or stealing someone else's food and drink to indulge in which is something that he will do again and again whether anyone likes it or not whereas Sujeong is only able to taste everything in a basic bland flavour even if it's something flavorous like a spicy hot curry,making her to feel left out in situations where taste highlights the experience such as eating a delicious cake at a birthday party.

Gluttony is linked with the colour Orange

Hoseok x Mijoo

Sin of Wrath meets Sense of Hearing

Do you want to die?! Don't you ever dare to make me angry!

Cursed with the sin of wrath,Hoseok will seek revenge on anyone who dares to spoil his mood and is often seen showing signs of anger like glaring and beating anyone who has angered him which eases him when he fights back and shows people who is boss whereas Mijoo is incapable of hearing different level of sounds even if someone is speaking right next to her,making her to feel left out in situations where music can enhance the atmosphere such as dancing when hearing music at a party.

Wrath is linked with the colour Red

Namjoon x Soojung

Sin of Greed meets Sense of Emotions

Why settle for anything less than the best? I want more and more of everything that I want!

Cursed with the sin of greed,Namjoon enjoys getting everything that is the talks of the town whether he actually uses it or not(that's another question) and is often seen showing off possessions like the latest technology and his money that he loves to get more and more of whereas Soojung isn't able to express or show any emotions even if someone does something nice for her,making her to feel left out in situations where emotions increases the quality of the relationship such as comforting someone when they're down.

Greed is linked with the colour Yellow

Suga x Jiae

Sin of Sloth meets Sense of Smell

Why are you disturbing me again?! Yeah yeah I'll do it later!

Cursed with the sin of sloth,Suga loves to procrastinate any type of work even if it could be done in a second and is often seen sleeping at the corner of the room which he could do for the whole day whether someone disturbs him or not whereas Jiae can't smell anything the world has to offer even if it's something good like perfume or something bad like smelly socks,making her to feel left out in situations where smell enlightens the mood such as smelling the beautiful scent of flowers.

Sloth is linked with the colour Blue

Jin x Myungeun

Sin of Pride meets Sense of Sight

Can there be anything more beautiful than my face? I'm definitely the best thing God could ever create!

Cursed with the sin of pride,Jin is too focused with himself,especially his looks,to bother about anything or anyone and is often seen with a mirror the guy can go through the whole day,just staring at his face through the reflection of the glass whereas Myungeun is not able to see the world in colour and sees life through her basic black and white vision,making her to feel left out in situations where the colour intensifies the scene such as seeing the sunset go down.

Pride is linked with the colour Purple

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