07 The first day of training

How did you get into my life?
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Xiao Zhan has finally fallen asleep in the early hours of the morning with all those firm decisions stuck deep into his head.

Decisions that flew, all of them, out of the window, when he was woken up from his deep slumber by a weight constricting his lungs and a string of giggles  pricking his still torpid eardrums.

He  peeked through the curtain of lazy eyelashes and spotted  his flat mate who was climbed on top of him and was riding his stomach, while punching playfully his chest:
"ZhanBi, ZhanBi, wakey, wakey, rise and shine!
It's already 11PM and we've missed the morning jogging!
I will forgive you, but only for today, as it's the first day of your training, and also because it's  awful weather outside."

Then he bent, almost lying over Zhan's chest, and moistened the shell of his ear with the warm air exhaled and the light grazing of his hot lips:
"But don't you dare to hope that you could be pardoned for all!
We can train inside, though.
After eating, you will have to perform some push ups, squats, stretches and I'm going to decide what more.
So, good morning ZhanBi, even though the morning was many hours ago!"



"Good morning to you, too, but are you always so loud and annoying in the morning?
And do you wake up all people like that, by climbing on top of them?", Zhan mumbled, noticing that the man on top of him was dressed only in a worn out short sleeves hoodie and some old short pants, when he grabbed his bare legs and pushed him down from his stomach.



Before anything else, Xiao Zhan's concern was to chase away from his mind the awareness of those hairless, firm and pleasant to touch, bare thighs.

But his induced piece of mind was short-lived, as he figured out that he pushed the distracting man so hard that he fell down onto the floor, hurting his shoulder from the edge of the small table placed randomly near the bed.

"Oh my god, Yibo!
I'm sorry, BoBo, but I am usually grumpy for a few minutes after waking up from sleep.
Did you hurt badly?
Gah, it was such a bad idea to place on here that damn  table for my gaming stuff!", Zhan grumbled, kneeling by the lying man and smoothing comfortingly his aching shoulder.

"I like how you called me, only my brother calls me BoBo when he doesn't call me TianTian.
My brother, who loves me and forgives me for anything I do.
Should I understand that you are not mad at me anymore?
I promise that I will try to remember to not disturb you in the future, a  few minutes after you will wake up from your sleep.",  the big kid pouted, standing up with the help of an overly flustered Xiao Zhan.

Flustered, especially because of the acute need to bite that fleshy, pushed out, lower lip.



 Xiao Zhan was surprised to find on the kitchen table a vase filled with fresh flowers  and two plates of steaming food:
"Did my mother come again?"

"No, I cooked the food by myself.
It's nothing big, just an omelet with vegetables and cheese, you need vitamins for your fitness activities."

And from where did you get the flowers?"

"Yes, fitness, that woman will feel attracted like a magnet to your y body, not as it's not y already, but she must  notice a change, a change that you did only for her.
As for the flowers, I can explain. I found these pants and hoodie in the limber box, when I was looking for the vacuum cleaner.  I hope you don't mind that I borrowed them, just until I will get my belongings from the old homeless couple who watches over mine and GeGe's suitcases.
Anyway, when I got dressed], I found in the hoodie’s pocket 2  banknotes of 10 yuan each.
Yuppie, I was very happy! And I was thinking that you will not get mad at me for spending the money on flowers.
I noticed the flower shop  a few blocks from yours, when we came home, but these flowers are all I got for that money.
I don't know if you like them or not, my favorite are red roses, but those were too expensive, besides I don't know what your favorite flowers are, so..."

Zhan stopped him from rambling with an unexpected hug, and pressed his face onto his chest:
"I've already asked you, are you always so talkative and loud in the morning?
These clothes were prepared to be donated to poor people, they are old and worn out, but on you they look like the most fashionable clothes, of course that I'm not mad at you. I will buy new clothes for you on Monday, after work.
And thank you for the flowers, even though I have never had any favorite ones.
I always found flowers useless.
Buying flowers to somebody seems to me like a weird idea: Hey, these are for you, now watch them slowly die because I like you!"

Zhan smiled affectionately at the lips moving onto his chest, imagining  the pair of huge eyes widen in shock at his infamous statement:
"How can you say something like this!
Flowers can't be useless.
Did you never offer  your girlfriend flowers?
It's the most appropriate way to confess your love, without using words."

"No, I have never offered flowers, maybe because I was never in love with any  of my girlfriends."

"But what about ZiZi?
Oh, yes I remember, she was not your girlfriend.
At least not before meeting me.
But this will change!
Kneel down in front of me!"


"Just do it!
This is part of your training!
Now take the flowers in your hands and imagine that I am ZiZi.
That's right, now describe what you do see when looking at her, then ask me for a date.
So, what do you see when you're looking up?"

"I see the snot from your nostrils.",  Xiao Zhan replied, struggling hard to keep a straight face and to not  burst in laughter at those red cheeks puffing cutely.

Oh my god, where are you keeping the paper napkins?"

"Calm down, I was only joking."

"Come on, ZhanBi, this was supposed to be romantic."

"Sorry, sorry.
When I look up at you I see the snot from your nostrils, DARLING!", Zhan  finally burst into a hysterical laughter.

"So, you want to give your trainer a hard time, don't you?
Take care, I could take revenge on you at the physical training!
Eat quickly and let's begin the exercises!
Go, now!", the trainer screamed in frustration, grabbing   the annoying trainee's shoulders and pulling him up.

"Wait, wait, before eating I want to show you that I can be serious and I know how to confess!", Xiao Zhan said, cupping Yibo's face in his palms and staring profoundly into his shy eyes.
"I liked you, for the first time my eyes have landed on you, and I can't stop myself from thinking of you every single moment since then.
I dream to do cute sh!t with you, like hold your hand, cuddle on a narrow sofa , watching romantic movies, but at the same time I want to fu*k you so hard that all my neighbors  know my name, screamed by your lovely mouth!
So would you like to date me?"




A tense silence was floating in the air, while their eyes  were locked in a long and deep staring.

Yibo raised slowly his hands and removed Zhan's palms from his cheeks, coughing and swaying his weight from a leg to the other:
"This...this would be too much...too much for a first confession.
You could scare her, it's better to take things slower."

"Okay, you are the trainer.
Now, I will take a quick shower, then let's eat, the omelet might be already cold.",  Xiao Zhan snapped out of his trance, lowering his arms away , then started heading to the bathroom.





During their late breakfast, Yibo took his role of trainer on seriously, trying to  learn more  about the enigmatic personality of his trainee, by asking him all kind of questions:
"Tell me ZhanBi, what would you do to convince a girl to come home with you?"

"Option one: try to look handsome and y!
Option two: try to look wealthy!
Option three: a napkin imbued by chloroform!
Don't get angry with me, I'm only joking, because I love to see you pouting.",  Zhan raised his hand to protect himself from a possible attack.

"Sometimes I wish I was a bird!"

"Why that?"

"So I could fly over certain people and sh!t over their heads!",  a fuming Yibo replied.

"Touché! (A/n: French expression used as an acknowledgement during a discussion of a good or clever point)
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