05 Shocking the innocent TianTian

How did you get into my life?
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"ZhanBi, can I ask something from you?"

"What, what?
What do you want from me ?"

"Chill down, why are you so freaked out?
I'm not gonna ask you to give me your life, jeez!
I want to ask you to call your friend and ask him about my brother.
I need to know if he's okay, if he ate and where he did sleep, I need to see him!"

"Why don't you call him by yourself?"

"Do you think that we have ever had enough money to spend on cell phones?"

"You're right, I'm sorry!
Come here, I will video call A-Xian and you will be able to see your brother, because I'm sure that he slept with my friend...I mean, he slept in my friend's house."

Xiao Zhan sat on the couch and placed his laptop on the coffee table.

Yibo took a seat next to him, leaning against his shoulder and bending forward for a better view of the laptop screen.
His cheek was practically plastered onto Zhan's neck crook, to Zhan's major alarm...for some reason.


The Wang brothers don't possess a phone, but they were not strangers to the IT world or to anything related to the internet, because  a rich business man sponsored the orphanage with computers, paid teachers and everything needed for the kids to be  well prepared  to step into the outside world after graduating.

Yes, the kids got a good education about science, literature, math, and anything you want, less about the cruel and phobic world from outside the orphanage.

 "GeGe, I'm so happy to see you!", Yibo  shouted  excitedly. kneading and shaking Zhan's arm, substituting him with his brother.

"Hi, TianTian (A/n: Wang TianYian is one of Wang Yibo's nicknames irl, meaning Sweet Wang). I was just getting ready to come and get you.
I was terribly worried that you slept somewhere outside, and it was really cold yesterday.
Even though XianXian calmed me down a bit saying that his friend couldn't have the heart to kick you out in the middle of the night, I got worried again when Xiao Zhan laoshi was surprised at XianXian's question about you, then he abruptly ended the call! 
We can meet in the park at our place in about an hour."

"Wait, wait GeGe!
Is your leg okay, and where did you sleep?
And why are you calling ZhanBi's friend XianXian?
Did you sleep with him, I mean did you sleep in his house?"

"You will get all of your answers when we meet.
I will answer, now, only one of your questions: I suppose I call him XianXian for the same reason you call lao Xiao as ZhanBi."

"Because it's a short and cute name?"

Now, I need to take a shower and get ready.
Bye lao Xiao and thank you for taking care of my little brother.
See you baby TianTian in an hour, bye, I love you!"

On the screen popped up a still sleepy Wei WuXian, sitting next to Wang Ji and  casually wrapping an arm around his shoulder:
"Hello, Wang Yibo, glad to see you're alright.
And hi, ZhanZhan, I bet that you have a pretty nice hangover!
I have never seen you drinking so much, what's gotten into you?
I hope it was not again because of the , sorry, sorry!"



"ZhanBi's problem is like already resolved!
You and him can count on it!", Yibo butted in.

What is he talking about , ZHANBI?", WuXian smirked.

"Nothing important, really.
I could bring lao Wang Yibo to meet his brother at your house.
He is right, it's really cold outside for a park meeting.", Zhan changed the topic.

"No need to come here, we will come over and meet for  breakfast together at "BOJUNYIXIAO CAFE".
Bye now I really need to take my shower, see you in an hour!"



Xiao Zhan chuckled while shutting off the laptop:
"They definitely did it!"

"Did it?
What did they do?", the  confused TianTian asked.



"They slept together, yeah, it's obvious."

"Slept together?
Like sleeping together?
No way, JiJi would never do something like that, at least not so soon and not with a man about whom he told me that he thinks he might have fallen in love with!", Yibo protested, slapping Zhan's arm, a gesture  with which the taller had already gotten used.

"Of course they did it, just think about it.
Your brother said that he will take his shower and A-Xian said the same thing. 
Besides, A-Xian would never stop me from going to his home for no reason. He even gave me a spare key to his apartment if I would ever need it or if he wouldn't hear the alarm or my phone call in the morning and I would need to go to his home to wake him up.
He is the most heavy sleeper I've ever seen.

"This is just perfect!
Let's hurry and go to his house without telling them.
I am very curious!",  the agitated man grabbed Zhan's hand and dragged him to the lobby to get dressed their winter clothes.






As soon as  they arrived at the door of  Wei WuXian's apartment, the  little devil  demanded the key from Xiao Zhan.
Being taller he raised his hand holding the key, as up as he could.

He tried everything to convince Yibo to give up on barging into his friend's apartment and take the two men from inside unaware, but with no avail.

The shorter tiptoed and jumped like a cute frustrated rabbit, but when he concluded that he couldn't rich to the key, he started to dig his fingers onto Zhan's ribs and tickled him until he surrendered:
"Okay, okay, you won!
But I'll wait here, I don't want to see who knows what!"

Wang Yibo opened  the front door as silently as he could and tiptoed inside, like a thief.


Xiao Zhan panicked at his new friend's pale face, after coming back and closing carefully the door behind of him:
"What, what?
Do you feel sick or what?"



"Uh, I can't believe what I...I saw!", the man  gasped, rubbing his chest to calm his heart beats.

Zhan got really curious by now, therefore he decided to dismiss  the "politically correct" attitude and sneaked inside WuXian's apartment.

"Did you see?",  Wang Yibo asked erratically,  when Zhan came back.



"I'm not sure what  you saw, in the first place, to get scared  like that, ha, ha.", Zhan laughed at the pair of outraged,  shocked eyes.
"We should go now and wait for them at the cafe."

"I will go, only if you phone call your friend!", the troubled man replied, refusing stubbornly  to move away from  the door's front.



"Alright, you stubborn little..., you really love to make people's lives hard, huh?", Xiao Zhan mumbled  while phone calling Wei WuXian. 

Wang Yibo was making everyone's life hard, indeed. Zhan's life, too, not only his brother's and A-Xian's lives.
That warm breath, tickling his cheek while Yibo was trying to eavesdrop on the phone conversation, was tickling Zhan's inner stomach, too, not only his cheek.

"Hi, ZhanZhan, just wait for us at the Cafe, we are in the cab, but we are stuck in the traffic, so we might be a bit late.", WuXian's voice was heard through the phone's speakers.

"Why are you so stubborn?
Let's go and wait for them inside the Cafe, they will come soon, too...
Well, maybe one of them hasn't taken his shower yet.
Why are you so upset, though?"

But Yibo didn't reply, just took a seat on the floor with his back propped against the wall and his eyes fixed on WuXian's door. 

After more than 20 minutes of waiting, Xiao Zhan startled at Yibo's loud:
But then he burst into a hysterical laughter at the two busted men freezing in the door's frame.

Wang Yibol ran at his brother and wrapped his arm around his shoulder, whining in his neck crook:
"Wang JiJi, do you love him more than me, now?
You never lied to me for another person!
Will you leave me for him?
I don't want to lose you, please GeGe!
You are everything I have, please don't leave me!"



Wang Ji hugged tightly his didi, wiping his wet cheeks and kissing his eyelids:
"What nonsense are you talking about?
Why would I leave you?
And when did I lie to you?
It was XianXian who lied to his friend, not me!
Only because he had something to do, and he didn't want to give a detailed explanation to his friend.
No offense Xiao laoshi!"

"No problem, and don't call me  laoshi, Zhan would be okay, I'm your didi, though.
Now it's all clear , I didn't understand at all your brother's weird behavior.
He was just a cute jealous and possessive BoBi over his brother's love.
As for you, mister liar, we will talk later about your reason to lie to me like that.
So you had something to do, huh?", Xiao Zhan smirked  at his friend's flustered face.

"I...I...I", WuXian stammered, but was cut off by Ji, who tried to find a legit excuse for both of them:
"It was only my own fault.
After we talked in the morning. I exercised my usual push ups and suddenly I had a painful cramp!
And the time flew so fast while XianXian massaged my muscles to kill the pain..."

"Yes, yes, that's why we were late, and I didn't want to give you all these details.", WuXian smiled in relief at his still smirking friend.

"Bull sh!t!
GeGe, you are lying again!
I was there in the bedroom door and ZhanBi saw it, too!", the upset DiDi shouted, pushing  his brother's arms away from him.

"Xiao laoshi, I mean Zhan, what exactly did my brother see?",  JiJi asked  with worry in his voice.

"We both saw the same thing. 
Four soles sticking out from under the coverlet.", Zhan smiled.

"Oh, that's all?", sighed in relief, both of the guilty men.

"GeGe, you know very well that I would recognize any part of your body, including your soles!
JiJi Ge, your soles were with the toes upward, and the other pair of soles were with the toes against the sheets, between your soles!", Yibo yelled , tears filling his eyes again.



"That is what he was telling you about, I was massaging his abdomen muscles for calming his cramps away."', Wei WuXian gave it a last try.

A thick tension clouded the air over the four men standing in the hall, until Xiao Zhan cut the silence:
"I suggest talking about anything you want while having breakfast.
My stomach started to cramp, and I don't think A-Xian or anybody else could massage my hunger away, so let's just go!"



Nobody talked on the way to the Cafe, keeping the silence while eating, too.

"So, what if your brother slept with my friend?
What's so big a deal for you to get upset like that, even to cry about?
I don't get it!
You  act like a  spoiled little rascal!", Zhan said, taking note of the sad eyes and  pouting  lips, then wiping with his thumb the spot of marmalade spread onto the big kid's fluffy cheek.

"Because I dislike being treated  like a stupid little kid whom adults have to lie to!
JiJi Ge, I don't mind you being intimate or even in love with anyone you want, just don't lie to me and don't stop from loving me, too! 
And you, Xiao Zhan laoshi, you must respect me, don't forget that I am older than you, and your trainer on top of that!", Yibo replied, slapping  Zhan's hand away from his cheek.

"What did I do?", Zhan laughed  at the cutie's tantrum.

"Trainer?",  WuXian and Ji asked in the same voice.

"You can't call your trainer a spoiled rascal!
And I am not a rascal, period!
Yes I will be his trainer!", and Yibo told his brother about his deal with Zhan.

"This is perfect!
So JiJi can live in my house without worrying anymore about his brother who will live in your house!
ZhanZhan, everything is perfect...and forgive me for lying to you. I didn't mean to!",  WuXian gave a c

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