22 A single red rose

How did you get into my life?
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Yibo was sleeping peacefully with his face buried in the pillow, when his hazy mind registered an annoying sound.
Eventually he realized that it was his phone.
Annoyed, he pulled the coverlet over his head, trying to ignore the insistent buzzing and to fall back asleep.
It was  only a wrong number, for sure, JiJi Ge was sleeping here, so he couldn't be the one calling, ZhanBi had no work today, so he was home, not the one calling him, either...

ZhanBi!!! Oh my god!!!

ZhanBi!!!...Yibo's sleep instantly flew away when that name crossed his fuzzy mind.

He shifted in the bed, rising himself onto an elbow and frowning at the other side of the bed, empty and cold.
Hmmm, ZhanBi has never woken up before him, especially today when it was Sunday!

ZhanBi must feel embarrassed to wake up next to him, or even disgusted!
Yibo started panicking at that thought...Yes, ZhanBi must feel disgusted with what his friend did to him. A friend whom he considered to be, at least  until now, an innocent muffin... And now he saw his true color, he saw that he was nothing but a ert , perfectly fitting to dance in a club called "Drinks and Drags"!

Why did I do something like that? Because of the alcohol I drank, maybe?

No, Wang Yibo must be honest, at least to himself, and admit that he madly enjoyed touching ZhanBi like that and crazily enjoyed ZhanBi's reaction to his touches!

Wang Yibo must admit that he had never had those kinds of feelings before, he must admit that he enjoys everything related to his flat mate...
He must simply admit that he might  have fallen in love with Xiao Zhan!

But now he ruined everything, now Xiao Zhan will never like him again, nor respect him, maybe he will even start hating him!

Wang Yibo shut his eyes tightly, trying to suppress the tears about to burst, when he heard the slight creak of the bedroom door.
He quickly pretended to sleep, especially when feeling the bed sinking.
He also tried to not inhale deeply the pleasant perfumed scent invading his nostrils.

It was hard to keep his eyes shut while letting himself drown in velvety lips pressed against his skin.
He tried hard to maintain his rhythmical breathing while ZhanBi was brushing gently wet, open mouth  kisses across his ear, down his neck, continuing with his exposed shoulder and collarbone.

His heart stopped from beating and his breath got stuck into his throat at the almost inaudible murmur against his shoulder: "Wo ai ni." ( A/n: "I love you" in Chinese)

Luckily ZhanBi stood up from the bed right after, and tiptoed out of the room, thus he didn't have time to notice the tears sliding through Yibo's tighten eyelids.

"Wo ye ai ni."( A/n: "I love you, too" in Chinese ), Yibo whispered, clutching at the now soaked from tears pillow.

When he finally opened his eyes he understood from where the perfumed scent was coming: on the bed sheet next to his pillow was lying a red rose.
A single, red rose.
He smiled widely when he remembered that he taught  his trainee to give a single rose to the person he will confess his love to. Actually he taught him to give a single rose to Yang Zi, but now he, Wang Yibo , is the one receiving the rose!

Was he hallucinating or Xiao Zhan has just confessed his love for him, and not for that woman?

The rose is not a hallucination, though!

It's there, very real and  for him only!



After a while he decided there was no way to escape from facing his flat mate sooner or later, so he sneaked to the bathroom to take his morning routine.

He heard from behind the closed bathroom door his phone buzzing again...Oh, he totally forgot to check it out.
So, Yibo hurried with the cleansing and ran outside wearing only a pair of boxers borrowed from ZhanBi's bedroom closet.

"Hello, no bother...of course!
I'm sorry for not answering sooner, I was...
Yes, I will be there tomorrow at 10PM , even though my manager will not be free at that hour, due to his working schedule.
Okay, thank you, good bye and have a nice day ahead!"

Yibo's mouth went dry from the emotions felt during the conversation with that famous singer's assistant...he badly needed a glass of water!
What if he will not be able to fulfill the high expectations of all those important people?    

He eavesdropped carefully but it seemed like nobody was yet moving around, so he sneaked in the kitchen wearing only the boxers, dying from thirst.

His half body was entirely shoved in the fridge, while rummaging for the lemon juice can he saw last evening, JiJi Ge put it in there.
His head jerked hitting hard  the upper shelf, startled at the pair of arms wrapping around his bare waist.

"Oh, I'm sorry for startling you, does it hurt?
Let me kiss the boo-boo away.",  Zhan whispered, rubbing gently the already formed, slight lump and pecking his head crown.

Yibo nested against the warm chest plastered on his , slightly flinching  at the hardness pressed against his :
"ZhanBi, why are you ?"

"I could ask you the same question, he, he. Besides, I am not , I wear boxers, just like you.
I entered the bedroom  to get some clothes, after showering, but I didn't want to get too noisy and wake you up.",  Zhan smiled, pulling Yibo closer by pressing a spread out palm on his stomach, while sniffing onto his nape.



"I have just finished showering when my phone buzzed, so I didn't have time to get dressed, I just borrowed a pair of boxers from your closet, I hope you don't mind.
As I went thirsty because of that phone I came to drink some water, so..."

"Oh my, you never fail to amaze me how voluble you can be right after waking up.
Allow me to shut you up with a good morning kiss.
Did you like my good morning rose?", Zhan whispered, turning him around and cupping his flustered cheeks between his palms.

His eyes fluttered  closed at  ZhanBi's lips, lightly sweeping his own.
No matter how many times they have already kissed before, at every new lips lock his heart was drumming like crazy in his chest and his legs were always going jelly.

He welcomed with a muffled sigh the velvet tongue sliding on his teeth and gums before penetrating his inner mouth, , poking, swirling and tasting everything inside.

The innocent good morning kiss converted in no time into a wild, hungry  making out, with lips and tongues , with hands roaming all over each other's   backs, even with an unconscious ing.

Xiao Zhan backed a bit his head to stare into Yibo's glazed eyes, panting heavily while sweeping a thumb over his humid and swollen bottom lip:
"Oh, my sweet Muffin, I swear that I have never planned this, but I need to finally admit...that...I might ha...ve fallen in love with you... 
My head is filled with you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 
I am an intelligent man and I suppose that I understood this from the very first moment. It's just that I tried hard to resist. Why? Because of various reasons. 
Not only because I badly wanted to honor my father's memory and fulfill what I have always thought that it was his wish to see me married to ZiZi, no, not only for that.
But mostly because before you came into my life, I was like a programmed robot, a seemingly heteroual man with a perfect wife in the offing and my whole life ahead planned carefully. 
Then I met you! 
I might have had homoual thoughts before, maybe in my high school, but always kept them away, reasoning that probably everybody has them without having a meaning behind them. 
But when I laid my eyes on you, in that very moment, my heart knew, even though my brain refused to accept. 
I was gay! 
Indisputably, irrefutably, overwhelmingly gay! 
I had never wanted  anyone the way I wanted you , and instinctively, I knew that no woman, not even my dream woman ZiZi, would ever make me feel that way.
What was the highlight of my admission was my extreme jealousy, the way I was feeling angry with any person touching, looking at you, or just breathing around you, even though I had no right to feel  that way.
I never had these kinds of feelings for anyone in my whole life!
BoBi, I love you, No, wait, not BoBi, but Wang Yibo, I love you! I hope I didn't scare you.
Wang Yibo, would you be my boyfriend, please? 
And please, promise me that if you don't feel the same for me, promise me that we could still remain best friends.
I could never live again without you in my life. I could never live, again, my black and white life before you coloring my pathetic, empty existence."

Xiao Zhan held his breath, waiting anxiously for Muffin's response, while rubbing gently his thumbs over his soft cheeks.

Yibo raised his hands to run his fingers in Zhan's soft hair he loves so much:
"I never knew if I am gay or straight, because I was never in love before. Besides, JiJi Ge always tried to do everything in his power to  protect me from anything that could  hurt me, as he told me. 
That's why I promised to myself that I would never fall in love with you, mostly for the same reason as yours, especially for not wanting to put our precious friendship at risk. 
But then you played with my hair while watching your favorite tv show  or my favorite romantic comedy, you kissed my lips in the middle of the sentence like wanting to taste my words, you rubbed my back and sang to me when I felt sad for no reason, you held my hand while grocery shopping without caring about the judging eyes, you taught me to play games, you held me tight while sleeping...
And I felt so happy in all those moments that I knew I was screwed!
Smiling for no reason at only listening to your voice, reading your texts over and over again, my heart drumming like crazy when ever thinking of you, your smell getting me high, seeing your beautiful face in all the main characters from the romantic movies I watched or books I read...
All these signs... I knew \the meaning behind them.
I knew I was screwed! 
I was screwed and very much in love with you...
I love you ZhanBi! No, no, wait, you're right, Xiao Zhan, I love you! Besides loving my sweet ZhanBi,  I love the exceptional, extraordinary and wonderful man that you are, Xiao Zhan!  I want to be your boyfriend and I

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