How did you get into my life?
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"BoBo, what was that?", Wang Ji grabbed  his brother's arm  the moment the dinner party got to an end and they were heading to the restaurant's exit door.

"Don't worry, and be patient, Ge, I will explain everything when we'll get home, now let me, I need to talk to somebody.
Yang Zi Jie, please wait a bit, I want to tell you something!"



Meng Meiqi and Missis Xiao were walking together to the car, Yibo stopped with Yang Zi at the edge of the restaurant outdoor stairs, and WuXian was heading to his car, so Wang Ji took the opportunity to approach the birthday man alone:
"Lao Xiao Zhan, we have never had the chance to know each other closer.
I would like to ask you something, if it's alright with you."

"Of course, you can ask anything.
Also we will have enough time to know each other better, this evening, after getting at my home.
I mean, our home, it's BoBi's home, too."

"Exactly what I was wanting to ask you, I mean about my brother. What's going on between you two?
Like I said I don't know much about you, but XianXian insisted  to promise him that I will trust you.
He said that you would never take advantage of an innocent soul, probably pretty gullible too ,  as my DiDi  is.
Did XianXian tell the truth?"

"I would never take advantage of him, you have nothing to worry about!
But if you are hinting to that kiss, I am as puzzled as you are, don't know what could have gotten into him.", Xiao Zhan replied, blushing  at the memory of that unexpected, yet so sweet, kiss.

"Why did you look so shocked, as far as I know, it was not the first time you two have kissed?
Besides  that drunken first kiss you have shared, BoBo  told me about the so-called kissing lesson..."

Zhan sighed in relief, when ascertained that  Muffin's older brother only knows about  the lesser problematic from all of their kisses:
"As I said I would never..."

Their conversation was cut off by Yang Zi, who hooked her arm onto Zhan's one:
"ZhanZhan, me and my cousin would like to invite you and your flat mate at my house, for continuing your birthday party."

"Thank you, but I am forced to reject your tempting offer, I have something to do...hmm... work related.
It's something urgent my boss gave me to finish for Monday morning, and XianXian will come over for working together.", Zhan stuttered, not really knowing how to be a great liar.

"Work for weekend, on top of that on your birthday's evening?
What kind of a boss would do such an evil thing?", the girl grimaced.

"You're right, but we can do nothing about it.
Thank you anyway, maybe some other time."

"Yeah, Valentines is coming in a few days, so my invitation is still on, for that day.
We could have a double date, Meiqi is staying for two more weeks, though.", the girl fluttered  her eyelashes, in the most flirting way Zhan had ever seen her acting towards him.

"I'm sorry, but I am forced to turn you down again.
We are both busy on that day.
It's the first day Muf..., I mean Yibo will shoot some scenes for that singer's video he signed for.", he replied , to ZiZi's huge dissatisfaction.

"But why do you have to go, too, after all  BoBo will be needed, not you.", JiJi butted in, sensing something suspicious about all those lies and that whole Zhan's rejection towards the woman of his dreams, as XianXian told him that she would be.

"Lao Wang Ji, you should thank me, that I'm willing to take care of your didi, he might not be one hundred percent safe with that...playboy singer.
Besides I am his manager, so it's my duty to be me the first to read  whatever papers they might give him to sign."

"What are you all doing there, let's go!", Meiqi called them, same as WuXian from the other car.



When they arrived at Missis Xiao's residence, she asked her son to come inside, for giving him the birthday present she left at home.

Yibo grabbed the chance and moved on the front seat, telling the girls:
"I'm going to seat here, I don't want for my boyfriend to get jealous with me sitting so close to two beautiful ladies."

"How could he be jealous over females, if  both of you are gay?!", Meiqi scoffed.

"Hmm, never know, I heard stories that some women were skillful enough to steal a gay man's hearth, not like I would believe that it's possible, but who knows...If the woman would be such a perfection, who knows..."

Yang Zi grinned, elbowing  her cousin:
"Exactly what I was telling you about!
Besides I think that Lao Wang Yibo is biual not gay, as he had a girlfriend before XianXian, her name was ZhuoCheng, a very beautiful girl I may say."


When Xiao Zhan parked the car in front of ZiZi's house, Yibo shocked him with his saying:
"ZhanBi, you should show the ladies in, and thank properly for their presence to your birthday dinner. Especially to your childhood friend, you may even kiss her for goodbye, I will not mind.
After all, today is your birthday and you told me that you have always had a crush on her."

"Really, XianXian, you had a crush on me even though you're gay?", Yang Zi giggled, climbing down the car after the driver held the door for her.

"I'm not g...", Zhan tried to speak, but was cut quickly by the muffin boy who also climbed down the car for greeting goodbye to the two girls.


Wang Yibo was congratulating himself in his mind while watching through the car window the couple standing at the house front door.
He watched how Yang Zi wrapped her arms around the surprised ZhanBo's neck and was kissing the hell out of him...

Yes, the love trainer's smart plan was working perfectly!

Then why was his heart  clenched in thousands of painful claws?


"Wang fu*king Yibo, can you fu*king explain to me what a fu*king game you played  the whole fu*king evening?", Xiao Zhan yelled, after slamming closed the car door from inside.

"Wow, you're really angry, you said the F word four times in one sentence, and you're calling me again Wang Yibo!
Why are you even so angry about?
Didn't you enjoy that goodbye kiss?
Didn't I train you well, wasn't my training fruitfully?"

"Yi! Bo!
Cut the bull, will you?!
Why did you insist for me to kiss her, and what was all that boyfriend thingy about?"

"Oh, that!
I will explain everything after getting home, my brother asked me, too, so I'm not gonna tell the same story twice.
But, don't worry, everything was just a brilliant plan, which I think that it worked perfectly!"

"So, everything you said and did, was just a planned acting?", Zhan asked, his voice going  from a high pitched angry tone, down to a gloomy, whispering one.

"Of course that it was, you have nothing to worry about.
Now pay attention to the road, you'll understand everything when we'll get home."



"A-Xian's car is not here, they should have been arrived before us, we had two stopping by, in our way.",  Zhan said looking around after climbing down the car.

"Call him! God, I hope that nothing bad has happened!", Yibo started  to freak out.
He panicked for real, at Zhan shouting in the phone: "POLICE?! You're joking, right? We are coming!"

Ziao Zhan didn't know how to calm down the agitated man sitting next to him and  continuously shouting FASTER ZHANBI, SPEED IT OUT!
The only idea he got for defusing the tensed man was to pull a lame joke:
"I would like to hear you screaming those words and follow your orders in other circumstances and without the danger to be caught by the police radar."

"Come on ZhanBi, this is not the right time to joke around!
This time it's not about a fictional police story like the one JiJi Ge tried to sell to you when you met him that  first time.
This time he is at police for real, oh my god,  what could have happened?!", Yibo whined, kneading his fingers in distress.

Both of them startled when the phone buzzed.
Yibo grabbed the device from the driver's hand, deafening WuXian for sure with his screamed out WHAT, WHERE, WHY?!

"Turn the car, ZhanBi, thanks god they are safe.
They are already in the car, WuXian Ge said that we'll meet at your home.
I didn't ask what happened, all it's matter is that they are safe.", Yibo sighed in relief, finally relaxing in his seat.

"Thanks god for that!
You love your brother much!", Zhan  his still ice-cold hand.

"Of course that I love him, he is everything I have, the only family I have, he is the only one who loved me unconditionally and always protected me since I remember myself."

"Not anymore, Muffin, now he's not the only one giving you all that.", Zhan murmured, but the meaning of his words got lost in the void, because Yibo's attention was captured by the two men sitting on the steps leading to Zhan's block entrance.

Actually JiJi was sitting and XianXian was bent in front of him, keep repeating: "I'm sorry, baby, please forgive me!"
In that way, Yibo and Zhan had found them.

Wang Ji  refused to talk to anyone, not even to his baby brother, throwing a tantrum and a killer glare especially toward his boyfriend who was trying hard to curry favor with him, but with no results.

Right after Zhan unlocked the apartment front door, Wang Ji asked where the bathroom was, ran  there and locked himself inside, refusing any kind of dialog.

"What a hell did you do to him, and how did you get to the police?", Xiao Zhan dragged his friend away from the bathroom door where he was begging to be forgiven.

"Yes, come on, let's sit and tell us everything, WuXian Ge.
Let him calm down.
He is not doing this very often, but when my brother is angry or upset about something, he needs to be by himself for awhile.
Don't worry, whatever you did, he will forgive you, he always does it with people he loves, and I know that he loves you very much.
Now tell us what happened.", Yibo pulled a chair closer to WuXian, impatient to hear his story.

Wei WuXian took his eyes away from the lobby leading to the bathroom and sighed deeply:
"It's only my own fault!
I knew that you will arrive later, so I suggested to wait for you inside the coffee shop around the corner.
I don't know why at some point I lost my focus at what Ji baobei was relating.
Actually I know why...my mind was getting filled with hot images of us making love, every time I was looking at his lips moving. I understood nothing from what he was saying, but only could think about how badly I was wishing to kiss those lips.
It happens to me all the time, I just can't help it!"

Xiao Zhan's eyes lingered involuntary over Muffin's luscious lips, understanding perfectly what his friend was talking about.



"And?", Yibo urged him to get to the point.

"So, all I did while he was talking, was staring at his mouth and nodding.
After some time two or three policemen, I can't remember exactly, because I freaked out too badly, stormed into the coffee shop, and pushed both of us to the ground, handcuffing us and reciting our legal rights."

"But why, what did you do?", Yibo screamed, like he was there being arrested along with them.

"We figured out only after more minutes of interrogation.
So, what really happened was that when your brother noticed that I was not paying attention at his telling, he decided to try me if I was listening or not.
He started to make up this huge gruesome story about a murderers cult he was part of it, and he was asking me to join them.
Of course that I was nodding in approval at everything he was saying.
What he didn't think about, was that the coffee shop's customers from the tables around of us, had eyes and ears to hear his aberrations.
Imagine their horrified faces while listening to his words and watching my calm acceptance to join the murderers cult!
They called the police and from there you know what happened.
It happened that baobei is pissed off with me and doesn't want to talk to me, and allow me to explain him why I was not listening to his telling.
Not because he is not important to me like he is accusing me.", WuXian closed his story, standing up and walking again to the bathroom's door.

"Let my try!", Yibo smiled, pulling the distressed XianXian away and knocking to the bathroom door. "Come on GeGe, come out!
Aren't you curious about my answer to your question?
Besides ZhanBi told me a few minutes ago that he needs to use the bathroom, so open the door and come out!"

"Number one or number two?", asked the man from behind the still locked door.

"ZhanBi, he wants to know if you need to pee or other way around.", Yibo shook his flat mate's arm who was staring at the other two men, drown in a clueless silence.

"Why does this matter to him?
Okay, number one, please hurry!", Zhan mumbled.
"BoBi, your brother is weird."

The door was finally unlocked, but WuXian got happy for nothing, because his upset lover only popped his head a bit in the crack of the door:
"Come Xiao Zhan, you can come in, but only you!"

With you still inside?", but his bladder was urging him, so Zhan didn't protest anymore, just let his arm to be pulled inside by JiJi's stretched out hand.

Zhan walked towards the toilet bowl, trying to ignore the other presence from his proximity, his pressing need for release becoming really extreme.

He ped quickly, but even though he felt like exploding, couldn't pee, sensing the man's presence,  who was standing with his back propped against the door.

"Problems with your installation?", he heard Wang Ji's suspicious voice.

"I can't pee with you looking at me!", Zhan yelled  in frustration.

"You're right, I should give you some privacy, sorry!"

"Thank you very much!", Zhan sighed, finally allowing the liquid jet to unfetter.

But his relief didn't last too long...he watched in  horror the  intruder walking past him and stepping up in the bathtub.
At least he pulled closed the plastic curtain!

"Here is your privacy!
Now, that we are alone and nobody can bother us, you can tell me!", said the man from the bathtub.

"What do you want me to tell you, besides that I finally got to empty my bladder?", Zhan gasped in  relief, flushing the toilet and walking to the sink for washing his hands.

"I want you to tell me about how do you feel about my brother.
And I want the crystal truth!"

"I feel happy to share my house with him, I now realize how empty and lonely it felt before, when I was the only one living here.
And I've already told you that I will take care of him, you don't have to worry!
I'm going to be his protector, not only his manager, I will pay attention for nothing bad to happen to him, especially during this contract he signed for it, I will help him to open a bank account for  keeping safe the money he will earn, and..."


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