13 Clothes shopping

How did you get into my life?
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"So, you are a fitness trainer?
Wow, I imagined a massive Hulk with scary muscles, not a cute little boy with baby fat onto his cheeks.
No wonder that ZhanZhan's mom fell in love with you, she always said that she would have liked to have a daughter, too.", Yang Zi chuckled, shaking hands with the boy introduced to her by Xiao Zhan as his flat mate and personal trainer.

"Actually it happened to me pretty much the same.
I imagined ZhanBi's childhood friend as a cute, innocent, delicate little girl, not the  imposing, stylish and noble lady that you are.
I don't know why I assumed that he  is fond of cute things, though.",  Yibo grinned, paying back with a classy fineness, the arrogant woman's snakebite.
He has gotten an instant dislike over her, actually.



But his liking or disliking has no value to anyone, he needed to remember why he was there: to help Xiao Zhan to get that woman as his!

"Allow me to introduce to you my girlfriend, Wang ZhuoCheng.
I must ask you to excuse her for not talking to you or to anyone, though.
ChengCheng went recently through a surgery of tonsils removal, therefore she is not allowed yet to speak.", Yibo smiled again, interlacing his fingers with his supposed girlfriend's fingers, earning a slight eyebrow raise from Xiao Zhan.

"Hello, Wang ZhuoCheng Xiǎojiě (A/n: Young lady in Chinese) , glad to meet you.", the woman spoke, while shaking ZhuoCheng's free hand.
"Hmm, Wang, too? Are you two somehow related, God forbid?
But anyway, you two look very good together, you are both pretty and cute,  really made for each other, don't you agree ZhanZhan?
Let me take a selfie of this perfectly matched couple.
But why didn't you tell me that your flat mate has a girlfriend who probably is able to choose the clothes for him?", Yang Zi playfully punched Xiao Zhan's shoulder, after taking a picture of the two Wangs on her phone.




A few moments later it was Yibo's eyebrow turn to climb up to his hairline when ZhanBi plastered his spread out palm on the small of  the woman's  back, while guiding her to a couch from the branded fashion store that all of them have entered:
"ZiZi, you should wait here with Wang ZhuoCheng Xiǎojiě until I will explain to the staff what we are looking for.
Come with me BoBi!
They will need to take some of your measures."

" ZhanBi, BoBi? What the hell is that? Do you have any idea why they call each other with those weird nicknames?", Yang Zi asked Wang ZhuoCheng, who just shrugged.
"Oh, yeah, I forgot that you are mute. So pity, because it would have been a great opportunity  for me to find out more about this...this...flat mate.", she rolled her eyes.

After Xiao Zhan handed his debit card to an employee for checking it out, the two men were led to a special room for VIP customers, as the sellers sniffed the good money sell.
They invited the gentleman owner of the card  to take a seat in an armchair, and served him with coffee and cookies,  while two women led Yibo to a huge mirror.
They took all kinds of measurements  of his body.

Zhan was enjoying with amusement, but endearment, too, how his little Muffin got all flustered to the tip of his ears, at the women praising his beauty and his perfect, standard body measures.




After a few minutes the women brought dozens of clothes, from shirts, trousers, coats, to jeans, fedoras, sweaters, everything that Xiao Zhan had asked for.

 He had a big sum of money on the  card a long time ago, coming from a summer villa that his mother  sold after his father had passed away. She gave the whole sum of  money to him.
Xiao Zhan smiled at the memory of his mother's words: "ZhanZhan Zi (A/n: Zi means son in  Chinese), I don't need this money, keep it for the times you will decide to build your own family with somebody you'll love as much as your father has loved me. Girls are not anymore like in my old times, they are more demanding. Look, for example, at Yang Zi, if she were to become your wife, you would need serious money for keeping up to the high life her parents have accustomed her with."

His smile froze onto his lips at the ual way BoBi was rolling up that t-shirt  over his torso, over his toned shoulders, then over his messy-haired head...
And that provoking way BoBi was glancing at him while putting his necktie!

Then he tried a Hawaiian shirt, leaving it completely ed, while  locking his eyes with  Xiao Zhan's eyes through the mirror.
Jesus, almighty,  those six packs!
But Xiao Zhan was just the trainee admiring his trainer, nothing more, all trainees use to admire their trainer, right? 






But, but...was BoBi doing it on purpose?
Was he trying to seduce ZhanBi?

Xiao Zhan muttered  the questions in the void, again, when one of the women handed Yibo the white silk jacket from a classy suit to try it, and Yibo dressed up the piece of clothes on his bare half body, with nothing underneath.

Even though he buttoned up two buttons, the low-cut was exposing his well built chest...A very enticing chest!





"Can you leave us alone for a few minutes, please?
And please shut the door.",  Zhan spoke in a husky voice, to the two sellers, not taking away his dark eyes from that fascinating low-cut.

"ZhanBi, I'm so glad that we are finally alone!
All these things look very expensive, and I don't want you to spend so much money!
All I need is a pair of jeans and maybe a shirt my size, now that I already have a job and I don't need anymore to dress all up for job interviews.
ZhanBi, what are you do...doi...ng?!", Yibo choked in his own words at the hot breath tickling his neck from behind and at the fingertip  tracing downward,  slowly, the middle line of his chest.

He gasped in shock, not an unpleasant shock though,   when a trembling hand cupped an squeezed gently one from his plump moobs.

"I have no idea what I'm doing...mnhhs...",  Zhan  buried his moan in the messy mop of hair.
He brushed his half parted humid lips on the enticing spot from behind Yibo's ear, heavily breathing into his enticing scent.

"Ahh!", Yibo flinched, at the hungry vampire  onto his pulsing jugular vein and at the hand kneading frantically his meaty moob.

Same as Zhan,  Yibo had no idea what was happening to him, all that he needed right then was to prop his palms against the huge mirror before him, to support his buckling legs.

A hissed escaped from between his parted lips when sharp teeth sank onto his denuded shoulder and fingertips rolled and pinched his perked .

Yibo's head fell back on Zhan's shoulder  overwhelmed with the devastating sensations he has never experienced before, when the hand ed the  jacket and a fingertip  started drawing butterfly patterns over his sensitive navel, sliding lower and lower... Until the whole hand got enclosed over his clothed  bulge, pressing it and squeezing it lightly.



Like a bucket of cold ice water dropped over their heated heads and bodies, Yang Zi's voice brought them down from the highs:
"Boys, what are you two doing  there for such a long time?
We want to see Lao Wang wearing the clothes that you picked for him!
The female expert jury is waiting!"

"Just a minute, don't come in, he is getting dressed!",  Zhan managed to shout in  a hoarse voice, turning around the dizzy  man from his embrace and pecking his red cheek while whispering:
"I'm so sorry, BoBi, please forgive me...I really don't understand what the hell has gotten into me.
I just can't wrap my head around what I had just done to you, I'm so sorry!
I will go ahead and send the two employees to help you to get dressed and you will come out wearing different outfits for the girls to

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