14 Green-eyed monster

How did you get into my life?
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A/n: Introducing three new characters


1)~ Wang Yiduo 28 years old~
A famous social media beauty influencer with millions of fans in our story

( The real Wang Yiduo is Wang Yibo's long time makeup and hair stylist in the real life)

2~Sunny Yin 35 years old~
Zhou Xun's manager

(The real Sunny Yin is Wang Yibo's stylist in the real life)



3)~Zhou Xun 48 years old~
A famous Hong Kong  singer who wants to promote worldwide, in the USA and  in China, too.

(The real Zhou Xun is the top rated Ch actress acting with Wang Yibo in the short mv for Vogue Magazine ) 








Xiao Zhan jumped up from the armchair especially when Yibo was starting to go from shocked to scared.
He slapped away the hand touching his flat mate, shouting at the intruder:
"Pretty bad that you want him! Well, you're not gonna have him!
No matter what you were thinking about doing to him!
And who the hell are you?!"

He got even more outraged when the man ignored him and just ran his hand through Yibo's hair, while a woman brought her face extremely close to Yibo's face, mumbling:
"Yes, you're right!
He will be perfect!"



The other man blocked Zhan's arms whose fingers has already been clenched  in the guy's collar:
"Hey, hey, chill!
He is the famous super star of social media, Wang Yiduo! Lots of famous brands are in business with him, to promote their products,
I am sure that you watched at least one of his lots of TV commercials, or of his huge banners displayed all over, if not some of his internet tutorials!
Allow me to introduce myself, too. I am Sunny Yin, Zhou Xun Nǚshì's (Nǚshì means Lady in Chinese) manager, and I am now his manager, too, for this project time. I will explain everything to you if you will calm down."

"I don't care who you all are!
So what if he is a super star of whatever?!
That doesn't give him the right to claim a person just because he simply wants him!
For who knows on what purpose he would want him!
As I already said he can't have him, because he is already taken!",  Xiao Zhan shouted again, almost spitting the super star and the manager in their faces while speaking, while ignoring Yibo who was trying, as well, to calm him down.



Wang ZhuoCheng remembered his role and came into the picture, back hugging Yibo, but not before squeezing Zhan's shoulder comfortingly.

Then the so called manager talked especially to Xiao Zhan who seemed to be the most problematic from  the whole group:
"Okay, we need everybody to calm down!
I get it, he has a girlfriend... Hmm, that might  be quite a problem and Mister Wang Yiduo might not want him anymore, nor Missis Zhou Xun actually!
Now, may I know who you might be, for you to speak on behalf of this quiet  cutie here, whatever his name is?"

"Oh my god, you, you!
How can you just admit that your arrogant super star lands his eyes on a random guy, he decides that he wants him and puff, he will have it, without knowing if he would agree or if he's involved in a relationship!
So it is a problem that he has a girlfriend, huh?

This is outrageous!
As for who I am, well, I am his manager, sane as you are for this, this, this...
What star is he, what can he do anyway?
Wrestling or what?"

 The woman seeming to be with the two men and who was quietly watching from aside the quarrel, reacted for the first time, reaching his both arms and pressing her hands over the mouths of the two loud managers, shouting in surprisingly  thunder voice:
"Shut up, both of you, my head started to  ache!"



She then walked to Yibo who was pulled aside by ZhuoCheng at a safe distance from the two angry men, and reached out her hand:
"I'm so sorry for the whole misunderstanding, it's only my own fault.
I would like to  talk first with you, without our managers if you agree.
Please give me the chance to have a proper start, and let me introduce myself.
I am Zhou Xun, and I am from Taiwan.
I am a pop singer and occasional actress, and I have a project to film a short movie to promote a new song of mine on social media platforms. My target is the worldwide  internet users, that's why I signed a contract with Mister Wang Yiduo, who is a very famous internet influencer in the makeup and hairstyle fields, and whose followers and fans could be a great audience to my new song.  But as you know, in China it is not an easy task, because of the extreme censorship control.
I want for my movie only Chinese native artists, for a more genuine result.
The thing is that the plot of the movie it's maybe too risky for the actors, dancers or models whom  I've tried to hire. Besides that, I didn't even find the perfect man for the main role.
This until I saw you!
Shortly, I would like to hire you for acting the main role in my video!
Before giving me your answer, can I know your name and for which model agency you are working?"

"Hello, Missis Zhou Xun, nice to meet you,  my name is Wang Yibo, and I am not a model, I am only a..." 

Yibo was quickly cut by Xiao Zhan who propped himself between the two and spoke to the female singer, but this time with no anger, just smiling and shaking hands with her:
"Let me apologize for my hasty behavior and for getting to the wrong conclusion.
I am Xiao Zhan, his manager, and no he is not a model, YET!
Not yet because with his unique beauty he can be that, whenever he wants, but he chose  to be a dancer instead.
As his manager, can I know what's the risk about the  plot,  that everybody has turned you  off?"

Yibo's ears were on fire and he was swaying his weight from one leg to another, overly embarrassed at what the two  were talking about, especially when ZhanBi praised his beauty.
While  Xiao Zhan was saying those words, he was running a hand through Yibo's messy hair like trying to wipe away  the  traces of the social media influencer's fingers. Zhan was also pulling BoBi's head against his shoulder, in a protective gesture, but possessive, too, while speaking.





"A dancer?
Even better!
Wow, I can't believe we hit the jackpot, this only if Mister Wang Yibo would agree with the contract terms.
I think it would be better for my manager to talk to you, Mister Xiao Zhan.
And while you two will talk business I would ask permission from Mister Wang Yibo for taking a few sample pictures, to show them to my producer.
So if you'd agree to that, Mister Wang Yiduo would start to put the makeup and style his hair to prepare him for the shooting.", the singer smiled, especially that the dancer and his manager nodded in approval.

While waiting for the makeup artist's preparations, Yibo and Zhan apologized to the two women waiting for them, Yang Zi and Wang ZhuoCheng and promised to have a nice dinner together after the photo shoot was over.

Of course, the employees were more than willing to offer their space for the exciting event happening in their store.
Thus, one of the sellers led the makeup artist and his model to the dressing room, while the other two were helping the photographer who was probably waiting in the car outside until then, to arrange the ad hoc photo studio.
Even ZiZi and ChenCheng got special attention from another employee who guided them between the store shelves, explaining to them details about the dresses, shoes and other women's stuff.

The two managers, accompanied by the singer took a seat at a table arranged for them in the waiting room of the store with three coffees and a folder, from where the singer's manager took out the contract and explained it to Zhan, before reading the terms:
"Miss Zhou Xun's song is the story of a female celebrity cheated by her lover who is her makeup artist.. Nothing extraordinary, so what's the risk about it, you could ask.
The movie will have a problematic side story, meaning the romance between two same gender lovers. The woman would catch her lover cheating on her with one of her fans, a male.
So the three characters of the movie story will be a female idol and two men, her lover and her fan.
Miss Zhou Xun will play the female celebrity's role of course. Mister Wang Yiduo will be perfect in her lover's role, not only because he is a makeup artist, but he is a handsome makeup artist on top of that.
Anyways, your cutie dancer would play the role of her fan, who will become the makeup artist's lover.
You can figure out why Miss Zhou Xun's offer for this job was refused by actors or models. Pretending to be gay in our homophobic country would be risky for their career, if not for even their life safety.
The producer has a few demands for sponsoring this whole risky project, the video costs, the promotions, the album production, the distribution, everything!
One of his requests is that the role of the fan be played by a professional actor or not, but who would be gay in his real life, too.
You know how the fans are.
But he said that not only the fans, but some media agents will dig  for any news related to this album release, being a sensational, hot topic, so it could look fake if the actor playing the character in love with Mister Wang Yiduo's character would be caught by paparazzi dating a woman. It would be negative publicity and that would mean a money loss for the production agency.
That is why I've said that having a girlfriend would be a big problem for Mister Wang Yibo to get accepted by the producer."



"But, what about Mister Wang Yiduo, the producer didn't ask the same condition from him?", Zhan asked, listening with much interest to the manager's explanations, even though his eyes were plastered onto the door of the changing room, where he was dying of curiosity about what was happening on there.

"Oh, that is not a problem.
You really don't know anything about him, do you?
He is one of the very few Chinese celebrities who had the balls to publicly admit that he is homoual. He recently came out to his fanbase as a homoual and his fans received the news with much acceptance and love.
He is also known as a fervent supporter for the Chinese LGBTQ movements.
This album will be released in the same concept to fight  for all our country's citizens to have equal rights.
He is not only a talented  makeup and hairstylist artist, but a brave and a great character, I am very proud about  Miss Zhou Xun's choice, because she was the one choosing him.
Before showing you the terms, this would be Mister Wang Yibo's payment.",  the manager smiled, writing on a paper a number with a long string of zeros.

"If he is such a great guy, what if my Muffin would fall with him for real?", Zhan mumbled  in his chin, luckily not heard by  Miss Zhou Xun and her manager. 

His heart leaped out from his chest when the door had finally opened and an unknown super photo model stepped outside from the changing room.
The way the navy trousers were wrapping his  y legs and perky, bubbly , the way the tight vest was emphasizing his slim waist, the way the snowy white shirt was ed loosely from two buttons, the dramatic makeup consisting from a heavy black eyeliner and sparkling lip gloss, his stylishly disheveled hair... everything  was giving Zhan shivers along his spine.




"Wow, utterly amazing!
The producer will be ecstatic when he sees the pictures!
Same as I am, and the same Miss Zhou Xun is, too!
And look at mister Wang Yiduo's face, ha, ha! He looks like he is already in the character, in love with Mister Wang Yibo's character, ha, ha!
You were so right, he is an unique beauty, one of a kind!",  the manager screamed like a real fanboy, worrying Zhan even more than he already was, especially at that damn influencer's hungry eyes and his evil hands keeping touching Bobi with their faces close enough to almost kiss his cheek, god dammit!
"Wait, I missed a spot here!
Let me put more  lipstick here!"...Yeah, right,  Xiao Zhan rolled his eyes at the annoying Wang Yiduo.

After  a few shots of Yibo with Miss Zhou Xun,  it was the turn for the two men to be photographed together.

"So, what do you think we could do about that girlfriend of his?",  the manager asked, trying to bring his interlocutor back into the business field.

"What girlfriend?", asked a lost Xiao Zhan, his attention being all focused on the way the influencer was holding his flat mate in his arms for one of the shots, and the way Yibo was wrapping his arms around his shoulders, and, and...what the?!

Yibo glued his cheek on Yiduo's cheek, it's true that the photographer asked him to do so, but still!
And the way  the influencer's eyes fluttered closed when their cheeks met!
Ahh, Zhan didn't like it! Not at all!



"You know, the girl he is in a relationship

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