23 The feeling of being home

How did you get into my life?
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"JiJi GeGe, wake up, I got a boyfriend!"

Yibo's last sentence worked better than any clock alarm.
WangJi jumped off the bed, more awake than all the other three men together:
"What did you say?"


Xiao Zhan pulled Yibo aside and propped his hands on his puzzled brother's shoulders:
"Wang Ji Ge, I know that you are for Yibo, not only his older brother, but his mother, and his father. 
That's why I would ask from you for permission  to date him.
I am in love with your DiDi and that's why I asked him to be my boyfriend.
He accepted me, but I would like to have your blessing, too.
I love him, I really do, and I promise that I'll do anything in my power to make him happy!"

"I'm so glad that you are that special one for my TianTian. I like you, Xiao Zhan. I can see why my DiDi loves you, and I am sure that you will give him all the  happiness that he deserves.
Both of you have my blessing, be happy and love each other, at least  as much as me and my XianXian love each other!", JiJi spoke in a very emotional voice, hugging and kissing both Yibo and Zhan.

Very emotional, you have my blessing, too!
But I am forced to ask who will cook the breakfast now, because my stomach started to hurt! Really badly...", WuXian whined, flinching at the slap landing onto his disheveled head.

"You insensitive bastard!
We are all getting emotional here, and you!
Besides, I don't even understand how you can be hungry instead of having a terrible hangover after you've  drunk so much last evening.", Zhan slapped his best friend again.

"Don't worry, WuXian GeGe, I will cook the breakfast, in just a few minutes will be ready.", Yibo laughed at the sulky big kid, who was bending his head for his lover to kiss it where Zhan had slapped him.

"Ji baobei was right, you are the best chef I have ever seen...of course not better than my baby JiJi!", WuXian corrected himself quickly, his fingers in appreciation, at the delicious breakfast that Yibo cooked, just in a matter of minutes, indeed. 

"No need, XianXian baobei,  to butter me up, ha, ha, I love you. I told you that BoBo is a wizard in the kitchen.
If I would have afforded, I would have enrolled him for a cooking school or something, and I am sure that he would have become the most asked chef from Beijing.", JiJi smiled, opening his mouth at the bite prepared by WuXian for him.



"If Muffin wants to do this, it's not too late, we could look for a good cooking class and he could apply for it.
Money is not an issue, I could help...", Zhan said, kissing each of Yibo's talented hands.

"No need for your money.
I would like to do that, of course, but only from my own earned money.
By the way, that phone call in the morning was from the singer's assistant who announced to me that the filming will begin earlier than 14 February as it was settled before, meaning tomorrow.
I am very scared, what if I will not be up to their expectations?
Especially that I will have to go alone, ZhanBi you are working, JiJi Ge works as well."

"First of all, BoBi, please don't be so uptight about the money issue, my heart is yours, same is everything I have, now we will be one person. My money, my house, my life are yours too.
As for tomorrow,  I could take a free day from work.
I suppose that that beauty influencer will  be there, for filming, too.
But  it's not that...I just dislike the idea of leaving you alone, especially that it's the first day."

"ZhanBi, my love, don't be jealous, please.
I will not lie to you that Wang Yiduo is a talented, handsome man, but I already told you that it's you whom I love.
You don't have to worry!"



"I am not worried.
It's just that they might put you to sign papers and I must be there to make sure they are not trying to do who knows what tricks.  The world out there is not same innocent and pure like you are.
And I'm not jealous, but I saw his hungry eyes roaming all over your whole being.
The fact that he is gay and gorgeous, doesn't even count.
He is rich, famous and on top of that he likes you...nothing to worry about, though...",  Zhan pouted, running his fingers nervously through his hair.



But BoBi's sweet lips pressed on his mouth, chased away his whole anxiety.








They spent such a lovely day, all four of them, having much fun at the amusement park, taking long walks in the Beijing parks, shopping for food and drinks for the picnic.

From the whole day they enjoyed the picnic on the river's shore the most. 
Xiao Zhan never would have thought that eating outdoors would be such a pleasant experience...
Of course,  it was not all about eating and enjoying the fresh spring air.
But about the pair of eyes colored by the sunlight in a soft champagne color, looking at him with so much love...
It was about the soft hair framing like a holy aura that revoltingly beautiful face...
It was about the big, but dainty at the same time, hands, wiping carefully his mouth after feeding him...
It was about that flawless glowing skin...
It was about the enticing, plump, soft lips...
It was about the warm body cuddling and looking for protection from the gusts of wind, in his arms...

Everything was about the man he was deeply in love with!


Why did he waste all that time in admitting his overwhelming love for Muffin?




Zhan was the one to shower first, and now he was in the kitchen , drinking some milk while waiting for Yibo to finish his shower, too.

"I feel exhausted even though it was the shortest day of my life, ending too soon.
Good night my celebrated baby and happy birthday once again.", Yibo smiled, yawning and pecking Zhan's milk mustache, before trying to head for his bedroom.

"Hey, hey, where do you think you're going?
From now on we will sleep both in my bedroom,  in OUR bedroom.
I could never sleep alone again. I mean, alone without you!", Zhan pulled the sleepy boy in his lap and made his point by giving him a sensual, slow, long kiss.

"Okay, but just sleep...",  Yibo panted out, trying to regain his normal breathing.

"I swear!

The shortest day of Wang Yibo's life was followed by the most peaceful night and the most restful sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

The feeling of being home was never so meaningful as in that simple act of sleeping in each other's arms, with no ual connotation, but just feeling loved, protected and completed.



They could hardly wake up in the morning.

Xiao Zhan  was almost late from work, not getting enough from Yibo's goodbye sweet kisses shared in the car, when he dropped him at the filming place:
"Don't worry, baby you will do great, everybody will love you...
And please, Muffin, take care with that  beauty influencer guy, I know for sure that he already has a thing for you."

"How  could you even tell that he likes me? Anyways I could care less if he likes me or not.
But, as I already told you, you don't have to be worried, you are the only one whom I like...no, the only one I love! 
Go, now, you will be late, bye ZhanbI and have a light day at work!"

"I know, because I saw his lusty eyes eating you alive, bye my sweet Muffin. 
Call me for any small problem! And call me when you are done...Oh, and don't sign anything!"

"Okay, I promise, go now! I don’t want a nagging manager.",  Yibo pretended to be annoyed, then laughed, slapping the car like spurring a horse.







Zhan startled at XianXian's warrior shout when he stepped inside their office:
"What the hell, ZhanZhan, I thought that you lost your mind and quit this job!
I thought that you went insane because of that donut of yours and eloped somewhere in the world with him!"

"Hey, hey, calm down, you broke my ear drums!
What's the fuss?
I was  only five minutes late, besides it's my first time being late, unlike yourself...",  Zhan replied,  undressing his coat.

WuXian stopped him from undressing, while speaking in a very agitated manner:
"The big boss looked for you, ten minutes ago. I lied  that you are in the restroom.
He said that he is busy and wants to send you to the airport for picking somebody, don't know whom.
Then he asked me if it's true your English is good, and I said it is.
Then he said it's urgent and doesn't have time to wait for you , so he asked me if I speak English, too.
He sounded angry, so I panicked and said yes I do.
He said his driver is waiting for me and asked me to hurry...please my dearest best friend, save my life! Now hurry, go quickly, the driver is waiting for you!"

"Okay, calm down, I will go.
But you do speak English, too, not as good as myself, but still, why are you so scared to go?", Zhan laughed  at his friend's distress while heading to the door.

WuXian went with him to the elevator, looking carefully around if they were alone and began to explain him his problem, while waiting for the elevator:
"Promise not to laugh!

I swear that if you laugh at me, I will stop being your friend!
I will take out my hand slowly from the pants pocket, look fast and I will shove it back...ready?"

Zhan's puzzled face converted in no time into a laughing mess:
"What the hell XianXian! I am so sorry, but I just can’t hold myself from laughing, ha, ha, ha! What the hell did you do? Did you give a to a carrot or why the heck is your palm so orange?"

"You guessed it right...somehow...
Now you see why I couldn't go to the airport and pick that person? I suppose that I would have to shake hands with them!",  WuXian sighed.

"Go with me to the parking lot and tell me what do you mean I guessed it right, did you really pleasure a carrot?",  Xiao Zhan choked from the hard laughing.

XianXian shoved harder his right hand into his pants pocket and started his telling:
"Yesterday was an awesome day, we enjoyed everything to the max.
I don't know why, but  my baobei got really tired and sleepy  by the time we got home. You saw it by yourself  when we parted last evening.
Unlike him, I felt really because I couldn't take off  my mind...you know when he stretches and you get to see his boxers and that damn y V line!"

"Okay, XianXian, spare me from  these kinds of unnecessary details and get straight to the point!", his friend cut him off, pretending to pull out his orange hand from his pocket, while walking together to the black car of the company's highest president.

"ZhanZhan, please don't!
There are people around here!
Alright, we showered together, but he felt too tired and not in a mood  for you know what, so I let him go to bed, after telling him the truth, that I needed to remain for a while in the shower.
He understood and apologized, but I told  him there's no need to feel sorry because I will ask him to pay me back in the next few days...
Anyway, I was so desperate that I didn't even wait to wash away the foam from my face, and I ran to the small cosmetic cupboard where I knew I could find the lube tube. 
I rummaged blindly with the foam still covering my eyelids, and I picked out the tube, knowing the shape and the size of it.
You asked me to spare you from details, all I can say is that I was finally getting my release.
I  must tell you one more thing, when JiJi baby was in the waiting room for that job audition, some

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