15 Inside the car (ZhanBo)

How did you get into my life?
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The two flat mates were in Xiao Zhan's  car, on their way  home, after dropping ZhuoCheng and ZiZi at their own homes.

"ZhanBi, do you have a paper napkin or something, to wipe away some residues that I still feel onto my lips or my eyelids, even though Yiduo Ge removed my makeup after the shooting session?", Yibo asked while  checking himself out in the phone screen and wiping his lips with the back of his palm.

"So, Yiduo Ge, huh? Not Lao Wang Yiduo or something? I'm glad that you two are already so close in  such a short time...But how come a such a great expert as he is, didn't remove your makeup in a more professional way?", Xiao Zhan mumbled with a trace of bitterness close to anger, in  his tone of voice.

"Oh, actually he initially didn't intend to remove it at all, as he said that I look  too good with makeup and I should always wear some. But I asked him to remove at least the foundation and the lipstick. He was just about to remove the eyeshadow, too, but you called me to leave.", Yibo explained while wiping his lips with the paper napkins handed to him by the  driver that looked angry for some reason.

"That bastard was right to tell you that you look stunning with makeup, I agree with him on that. But, don't get me wrong, I still like your natural beauty more, uncontaminated by any artificial additions.
Your innocent beauty, early in the morning, for example,  is too precious, but that dude could never understand. Because he didn't see you and never will see you right after waking up, am I right?", Xiao Zhan ended his question in a slightly raised voice.
"ZhanBi, I can feel that you are annoyed with my presence, and I'm really sorry about that.
I kept thinking about a solution, but believe me that I found none.
Thus, I am forced to ask you for a big favor, but please don't get angry with me.", Yibo stammered  in obvious embarrassment.  



You talk nonsense , why should I be annoyed with your presence?
And why do you sound so hesitating and formal?
Aren't we good friends?
You can ask or tell me anything and anytime.", Xiao Zhan smiled, patting comfortingly Yibo's thigh.

"I am aware that you don't need me anymore , now that she is already your girlfriend, but...I have nowhere to go, at least not until I will get any money from that weird contract that I have just signed.
Contract for which I am very thankful to you, by the way. I would have never gotten it if it wasn't for you!
Anyway, I have no one to talk with about a place to live, because if I would tell JiJi Ge, he would want to come with me, and leave your friend's safe place.
I want at least for him to be safe, with a bed to sleep in and a warm meal to eat.
He told me that he will have tomorrow an audition for a modern dancing school, where they need trainers for primary school kids. That's why I will tell him after the audition, who knows, maybe we will be lucky and he will get a job there and we will be able to rent a room together somewhere.
In conclusion, my request to you is to allow me  to live in your apartment. But only for a short time, until I can afford to pay rent somewhere else, I promise."

"Oh my god! He will throw me off the car!", Wang Yibo  freaked out when the driver pulled over the car with a harsh scraping of the abrupt wheel brake.

"Muffin, why are you talking stupid things like these?!
What girlfriend?
What foolishness is this 'you don't need me anymore'?", Zhan yelled at him, but continued in a calmer voice after pulling his head and planting a warm kiss onto his forehead:
"Firstly, ZiZi is not my girlfriend, yet. Thus, I still need your advice and your tutoring in matters of kissing and so on!
Secondly, I need you more than ever! I'm not sure if I would not starve to death from now on without the tasty food that you cook for us.
Or if I could wake up in the morning without your annoying awakening.
Do you want me to be late from work and lose my job, because of you?"

"Oh, it's that why...
Well, your mom can cook for you, like she did before.
As for the waking you up, you said it by yourself that I am annoying. Wei WuXian Ge could call you in the morning and make sure you would be up.
But how come you were hugging Yang Zi Jiějiě like that, if she is not your girlfriend...yet?

"You talk too much, like always!
You caught me! I like to call you Muffin, only because of  those fluffy, pillowy cheeks of yours.
And I will tell you the truth, why I hugged ZiZi, only because you and I are good friends, and friends can't keep secrets away from each other.
For incomprehensible reasons, I felt the urge to get lovey-dovey with somebody, after watching that bastard's eyes fluttering closed when your and his cheek got plastered together.
So I asked my childhood friend if I could hug her. Actually it surprised me that she didn't deny my request, same as she always did in the past.
Muffin, I really don't want you to leave me, I need you in my lonely life and I love you, yes I love you my wonderful friend!", Zhan murmured, pulling his BoBi in a tight embrace and kissing again his forehead and his soft hair.

"Now, you made me  remember a quote from Marilyn Monroe's wisdom.
She said that the real lover is the man who can thrill you only by kissing your forehead.
Not as you are my lover or anything, but I could adapt her words from a lover to a real friend.
Because, I love you, too, my wonderful friend, and I need you even more than you need me, in my life!", Yibo sighed, stretching out his neck to kiss back Zhan's forehead.

"Muffin, it's my turn to ask you for a favor...I feel the urge now, right at this moment, for you to give me one from your training lessons.
What should I say to her when I would badly feel like kissing her, and I wouldn't be sure what  would be her reaction?", Zhan mumbled in a hoarse voice, cupping BoBi 's face in his palms and staring intensely at his seductive mouth.

"You could pull a joke:
You have lips.
And I have lips.
Interesting...", Yibo whispered, slowly shortening the distance between their faces.

Too slowly for Zhan's liking, so he hastily pressed his heated lips against the subject of his intense desire's lips.

The kiss felt like a heaven spiced with sins. A perfect mix of feelings given by Yibo's sinful fingers  massaging lightly the scalp of his "wonderful friend", with Zhan's thumbs  rubbing gently the soft skin of the  muffin's fluffy cheeks.

The silence of the car inside was cut only by erratic breaths and muffled moans, while their lips were crushed together in a high pressure.

When Yibo's tongue sneaked between his parted lips, Zhan savored its taste in rounded sensual of his own smooth tongue, before  it with ardor.

Sharp teeth  were biting and tugging at the meaty lips from time to time, and tongues were feasting with  the sweetness of each other's inner mouths, in an extremely arousing tango.




"Mnha, why,  ZhanBi?
Why, mnh?",  Yibo heavily panted, not detaching his lips entirely from the kiss.

"Don't ask...I'm sorry, but I have no answer...", Zhan whispered, breathing out  hot air against Yibo's neck, while grazing his jugular vein with his teeth and stamping a purple mark with his strong ling.


The phone buzz brought them down from the 520'th cloud they were floating on:
"Yes, mom, thank you, but my birthday is not today. Yes, tomorrow.
I was thinking about a small party at home.
Okay, a restaurant dinner, then, if that is what you wish for...
My only guests will be XianXian, Wang Yibo, my apartment mate, and his brother Wang Ji.
Yes, of course you can invite ZiZi, too.
No, I have no problem with you inviting her personally,  because you told me that you'll meet her anyway in the morning at the aerobic class.
Okay mom, I'll call you tomorrow to tell you the restaurant and the reservation hour, bye mom!"

"ZhanBi! What the hell, why didn't you tell me it's your birthday? Drive me back to ChengC

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