02 Xiao Zhan, what the fu*k?!

How did you get into my life?
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The thick darkness of the pub they walked in was getting  rhythmically cut by  dizzying strobe lights, so Xiao Zhan grabbed WuXian's arm so as not to get lost from him.

A waiter or something like that, guided them to a free table and took their order.

"Hmm, that waiter has a weird outfit, for sure.",  Zhan shouted into his friend's ear, because of the loud music.

"What's so weird about it?
Wearing nothing, but a necktie on the upper body, it's a very common outfit for a gay pub waiter!
Look around ZhanZhan!", WuXian shouted back, laughing at his friend's suddenly scared  expression.

"What the fu*k, A-Xian, why did you bring me here?", Zhan screamed, widening at max his eyes at the  two guys from a nearby table,  who were french kissing with no restrain.




"It's a good method for finding answers to your questions, just look at those dancers, look at their bodies and ask yourself if you like what you see or not!", WuXian patted his friend's back, pointing where to look.

Xiao Zhan just gasped when his eyes landed on the group of dancers from the small stage, dressed only in tight leather pants and  waving seductively their half bodies. 
Yes, the dancers were very skillful in showing their perfectly worked out bodies and their dancing talents, but that image was slowly fading in his eyes, making room for another image: two piercing brown eyes and a pair of extremely luscious, pink lips.

WuXian smiled when he saw his friend his lips:
"As I see, you enjoy the show.
ZhanZhan my friend, don't worry, it's nothing wrong to like it, and the sooner you accept it in your conscience, the sooner you will feel okay with the new discovery of yourself.
I know, because I was  in your shoes at those beginning times."

"No, A-Xian, you don't understand, I feel nothing while looking at those dancers, at least not a carnal desire or something like that.
Maybe  admiration, like admiring a beautiful painting or landscape or even a beautiful human being, but not like having a ual desire towards them."

"Then, why were you your lips while watching them?", WuXian asked incredulously.

"I have just remembered a pair of lips that I would have wished to have a taste of.", Zhan smiled  dreamily, forgetting that he was revealing his inner thoughts.

"I suppose that you are talking about Yang Zi's lips, aren't you?",  his friend rolled his eyes.

Of course that I was talking about Andy's y lips!", he coughed awkwardly, straightening his posture in his seat.

"Yeah, yeah, about Andy's y lips or about one stranger guy's much  ier lips, huh?", his friend  laughed.


A scream sounding pretty familiar  brought their full attention to the commotion happening a few tables away from theirs.

"Hey, ZhanZhan, isn't that your y stranger's voice?", WuXian shouted, standing up and trying to see over the crowd's heads, making use of his  tall figure.

"Yes, I think that it's his voice, but why do you call him my stranger? My?
Jeez!", Zhan glared  at his friend, yet hastily walked towards the place from where it was coming the same 'HEEELP!' scream heard today at the elevator.

Xiao Zhan's blood climbed up to his head at the sight of the man pinning to the ground with his body another dude.
The same dude ghosting all of his thoughts from the first moment his eyes landed on him.

"Leave him alone, you disgusting animal!", Zhan shouted, tugging at one leg of the aggressor, who was holding the victim's arms above his head with a hand and with the other hand was sweeping his lips, groaning and panting.



"Do you want to die?", the beast sputtered  between his gritting teeth,  jumping up and grabbing Zhan by his collar.

Meanwhile WuXian  came back in running, accompanied by three buff security guards.
The man let go of Zhan's shirt, and was kicked out by the guardians. But not before  he managed to bark in a thunder voice:
"This is not over, yet!
You, stupid  kitten, just wait and see, I'll be back and make sure you'll double pay your debt!"


"Hello, Lao Xiao Zhan again! But who are you, are you my saving angel?", the  guy displayed a wide, bright smile, while shaking gratefully his savior's hand.

Zhan didn't have any time to reply, as their hands were harshly pulled apart by an agitated, skinny man who embraced frantically  his interlocutor, speaking fast and with no pause:
"I'm so sorry, BoBo, I was late!
Yan, the guardian who knows us, told me about what happened.
Oh my god, BoBo, are you hurt, did he do something to you?
But who are these two men watching us and what do they want?"

"JiJi, JiJi, calm down,  nothing  happened!
I'm perfectly alright, thanks to these two gentlemen who helped me not once, but twice!", Wang Yibo cupped the skinny guy's shoulders.

Zhan asked himself worryingly, why did he feel such a big relief when Wang Yibo introduced the new arrival as his older brother?...Why did he feel really bothered minutes ago with the intimate embrace between the two men?
Now really, why?   

"How can I thank you, Lao Wei WuXian and Lao Xiao Zhan for taking care of my baby brother?", the guy reached out his hand to the two officemates.

Zhan noticed with intrigue his friend's idiotic smile while shaking hands with Wang Yibo's older brother.

"No need to thank us, it would have been so great if we could have made it possible for your DiDi to be hired at our company.
We better sit at our table till it will not be taken by other customers.
And drop the formalities, we look the same age, so you can call me WuXian or simply Xian. And my friend is two years younger than me, so you can call him by his name, dropping the formal Lao, too.", WuXian blubbered, placing his palm onto the back of the man called Wang Ji while guiding him through the crowd.

"And you, how old are you, are you even allowed to enter bars?",  Zhan asked the youngest of the two brothers.

"I am only one year younger than JiJi who is 26, and you, Lao Xiao Zhan, how old are you?"

"A-Xian was right that your brother is the same age as him, so that makes me 24...Woah, I can't believe that you actually are older than me!
Wow, you look like a cute high school boy, to me!
So, of course you can simply call me Zhan, or even ZhanZhan, same as my friend,  if you want. And I should call you Yibo Ge, only if you would agree."

Xiao Fu*king Zhan!
What the fu*k did you say?
Did you just call him CUTE?

Lucky with the multi-colored strobe lights that were covering the flaming red from both men' cheeks.


Wei WuXian took advantage that the music was extremely loud, so he needed to lean into Wang Ji's neck crook, for asking him:
"What would you like to drink?"

Wang Ji instantly understood the signals coming from the man called WuXian...after all they were in a gay pub.
"Put your hand onto my stomach!", Ji smiled cheekily at the confused guy, who complied himself, nevertheless. 

Ji pressed his palm over the hand from his stomach, making sure the guy was feeling his hard rock six pack:
"I can't drink, at least not before eating something.
Do you feel how empty my stomach is? 
My  baby brother was almost molested while waiting for me to take dinner together.
And the stupid me was late because I had to go to the police!"

Yibo knew what his  older brother was doing, so he helped by asking him worryingly:
"Oh my god, why did you go to the police, GeGe?"

"You know how we said that we will rent a room at that small motel, so I was talking to the receptionist with my wallet in my hands, ready to pay, when the front door was slammed to the wall, and a person jumped on me...I was so surprised that I didn't react at once!
What I am trying to say is that he snatched my wallet and ran, yes BoBo, we got robbed of the last money we had!
I have no idea what we will eat and where we will sleep until one of us will get a job!
I'm sorry, DiDi!
I need to wash my face, BoBo can you show me where the bathroom is if you know?", Wang Ji stood up, subtly winking at his younger brother.



"Poor guys, like living in an orphanage wasn't enough for them! Jobless, hungry, homeless, and now they were robbed, too!
We should at least take them to a restaurant, anyway we didn't have dinner yet and I'm starting to feel hungry.",  WuXian told his pensive friend.

"I don't mind feeding them, but I hope that you don't think about offering them your home for sleeping!
A-Xian, we don't know them, they might be some murderers, thieves or who knows what!
Don't let your crush on that weirdo, smirky guy take over your brain!"

"Look who's talking about crushes!
You couldn't take your eyes away from that high school cutie pie! I heard you, you know?
Do you really think that that innocent baby-like guy could be a murderer, or something evil?",  Xian laughed.

"So, you have really decided to take them home?",  Zhan asked incredulously.

"Not them, but him.
I take one, you take one, fair enough!
Telling the truth I wouldn't mind to feel those abs rolling under my fingers, this time with no fabric barrier.", WuXian grinned.

"Oh, I have never known that my friend is so erted."

"What can I say, it's been a long time since I got laid for the last time. Besides, I like everything about this guy: his fascinating smile, his well worked body, I even like the fact that he needs me!"

"But how do you know that he likes men and not women?"

"Oh my god ZhanZhan, sometimes you forget to be the smart genius that you really are!
Of course that he likes men, after all he  fixed a meeting with his brother in a gay pub, hello!"

"That means that his little brother is not gay, it's not a common thing for two brothers to be both gay.",  Zhan speculated with a mix of relief and regret in his voice.

"Hmmm, you do have a point here!
At least one of them is gay, we will see which one from us will be the lucky one.",  WuXian patted Zhan's back when he protested at his remark.


The club's MC introduced to the audience the next stage performances consisting of a professional travesti models parade, a  street dancing number, and a ChippenDales inspired number.

"Lao Xiao Zhan, I mean ZhanZhan, which one from those dancers  do you like the most?",  Yibo asked, burning Zhan's cheek with the hot air exhaled while talking...leaning too close to his face for his comfort.

"I don't know, they are all good

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