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How did you get into my life?
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"BoBi, don't start without me!", Xiao Zhan shouted from the kitchen, where he went to open a bottle of wine and to get glasses.

He jumped in surprise when a well known sweet voice whispered against his nape:
"Of course that I would not start without you, after all you are the man of the day, today.
Now, I just came to see if I can help with anything, if you need something."

"Actually I do need something!
Besides some explanations which you have promised to give to all of us, I need you to greet me properly, now that we are here in our home, not at the restaurant."

"Happy birthday ZhanBi and may all your wishes come true!
I didn't get yet to give you my present, it's in my bedroom, I'm going to bring it, now!", Yibo turned  onto his heels ready to walk out the kitchen.

"Not so fast!", Zhan grabbed him  by his waist, pulling him flashed against his chest.
"I want my greeting, first of all..."

Yibo replied with a weak protest when his lips were cupped by the birthday man's feverish mouth, murmuring in the kiss: "Ahh, but, nobody is watching us now...mnha."

His arms wrapped unwillingly the taller man's neck, pulling him closer, like asking for a harder lips connection.
He eagerly at the tongue slipped inside his warm mouth, not being able to suppress his vocal moans.

A discreet coughing got them startled:
"Ahem...sorry...don't mind me, I just...JiJi baby sent me to see if you need some help. 
Nothing,  baobei, everything is just alright!", WuXian shouted, exiting the kitchen in a big haste.

"ZhanBi, you did it again.", BoBi whispered, tapping his heated cheeks in embarrassment, in guilt as well.

"I could say the same, Muffin.
You were the one kissing me there at the restaurant and calling me your boyfriend.", Zhan replied, holding the other's cheeks in his palms and staring deep into his eyes.

"That I can explain. But,  we should go now, my brother is waiting for an answer, too."

When all of them were gathered in the living room, Yibo started his telling:
"Ji Gege, you do remember when we were  inside the restaurant restroom, and you entered a cubicle!
I was just washing my hands when a man opened the door to exit the restroom. Somebody's voice coming from outside captured my attention, as I heard my name and Xiao Zhan's name.
I cracked the door a bit and eavesdropped.
It was Yang Zi Jiejie's voice, possibly talking to her cousin, maybe while waiting in line for entering the ladies restroom or  while fixing their look in the big wall mirror from the lobby.
Anyway, ZiZi Jijie was recounting to her cousin, about a conversation that she had with her high life group of friends about this childhood friend of hers about whom she always thought that he was in love with her. And about how she found out that he was gay and living in his house with his biual partner.
Don't look at me, Ji Gege, like that, it was her who said that, not me!
So, her friends aroused her ambition to conquer ZhanBi's heart, daring her to make a gay man to fall in love with her.
She said that it would be a supreme pride for a woman to make a gay man fall for her, that would be the greatest appreciation for a woman's charm. 
Besides that,  she would be like a savior, saving her childhood friend from a sinful life, she said."

"So, BoBo Didi, it's that how you see me, too, like a sinner living my life in sin, because I love XianXian and live with him?",  Wang Ji asked in disbelief.

"No way, Gege!
I told you that it's what she said, not me. I'm only narrating what she said, it's not like I approve of what she said or something!", Yibo jumped from his chair to hug his brother.

"Then why are you so excited about it?"

"Don't you all see?
This is the easiest way for ZhanBi to finally get his woman!
If ZhanBi and I will pretend that we are lovers, she will be more ambitious to steal him away from me and his sinful gay life! 
Now, ZhanBi will not need anymore to chase her, but it will be the other way around, she will be the one fighting for his heart!
You all saw her reactions when I acted like ZhanBi's boyfriend!
ZhanBi, ZhanBi! You saw how my great plan started to work perfectly, you saw how she kissed you in front of her house, and..."

"I see! So, Wang Yibo, everything you said or did, before, was just a great performance!
My congrats, you are a hell of a great actor!
That Yiduo dude and his crew will be thrilled to have you in their team!
We need some more wine, I'm going out to buy some!", Xiao Zhan shouted, getting up hastily, grabbing his jacket and slamming the front door behind him.

"What got into him?
There are plenty of bottles of wine in the fridge!", Yibo mumbled, confused at his flat mate's sudden and weird reaction.

"I'm going after him!
I don't know why, but I feel that he is angry with me!", Yibo jumped  to put on his coat, but was stopped by his brother who said that it would be better for A-Xian to go look for him.

 Yibo had no idea about what ZhanBi and his friend could have talked about during a whole hour they'd missed, but he was happy to notice that they came back in  a good mood.

The evening went pretty smoothly, nobody talked anymore about the topic of Yibo's plan.
They drank wine, danced, played poker cards and played the kissing cards game, at WuXian's and Jiji's request.



All that time Yibo tried everything he could to bring himself into favor with ZhanBi who was displaying an excessive cheerfulness smelling at some point like a fake happiness.
That smile stretching his lips was not really reaching his beautiful, sad eyes, and Yibo didn't like that.

He didn't like it at all!

Especially when they played the kissing cards game and ZhanBi avoided meeting his eyes while focusing hard on the card to not slip down from between their lips...
A thing which somehow bothered Yibo, because he was hoping for the other to let the card down by mistake and to link their mouths in the oh-so desired kiss...desired at least by him, Wang Yibo!



"JiJi baby, we should call for a cab and go home, I can't drive  because  I drank.
I'm also starting to feel sleepy.", WuXian  yawned, hanging himself lazily from  his boyfriend's neck and buckling his knees cutely.

"You are feeling drunk, not only sleepy, A-Xian.", Zhan laughed.
"You shouldn't go home, you two can sleep in BoBi's bedroom, his teddy bed is big enough for both of you."

"And what about Didi?
BoBo, where would you sleep?', Wang Ji asked his brother.

"Don't worry about me, I could sleep on the couch, or with ZhanBi, his bed is even larger than mine.
I know, because I slept in his bed on my first night here, do you remember ZhanBi?", Yibo chuckled.

"How can I not remember?
Ji Ge, you have a TV there, and you can take the DVD player in your room and watch some movies if you want.
A-Xian left at my place an entire collection of stupid romantic comedies, maybe you will find something to watch."

"Yes, yes, a great idea, we can watch Superman! 
I'm gonna watch SuperMan with my SuperMad Ji baobei!"yelled a SuperDrunk WuXian.

"ZhanBi, I still didn't  give you my present!
It's in my room, wait here!",  Yibo said, jumping to help his brother to carry the DVD player and the box with DVD-s.

"Happy birthday ZhanBi!!!", Yibo shouted against his back, deafening him, but increasing his heart thumps too at the feeling of warm hands turning him around and soft lips landing on both of his flustered cheeks.

"Thanks, but you already greeted me many times today."

"Yes, but I couldn't have handed you my present without greeting you.
I hope you like it!", Yibo smiled happily, handing the birthday boy a rare PS game, he heard that Zhan  was yearning for it and didn't find it anywhere to buy it. 

"Oh my goodness, Muffin, where did you find this?"

"So, I suppose that you like my present, because you call me Muffin again, not Wang Yibo like minutes ago. So happy! 
I found the game with ChengCheng's help, whose friend is a professional gamer with many international prizes. ChengCheng brought me to his place and told him about how he met me and Ji Gege.
Then he told him about you, too, about how much you did for me.  Shortly he agreed to help me  get the game. Don't know what he did, but at the end of the show we performed at the club, he waited for me with the game in his hands. He even sold it to me for a lower price than I had  expected.
He said that he caught the last half an hour from our performance and watching me dancing was worth the rest of the money he payed to the game's seller.", BoBi giggled.

"Of course that was worth it!
Don't forget about your promise, that you will never dance there again!
My blood is rising to my head when I picture all those bastards having wet dreams about you, god dammit Muffin, never do that again!"

"Okay, I promise, just don't get angry with me again!
Please, ZhanBi, I apologize if my plan got you upset, I thought that I was helping your dream to come true and make Miss Yang Zi fall in love with you.
I didn't mean to ruin your happy mood, especially for your birthday!
I'm so sorry, ZhanBi...", he sobbed, his last words getting choked while big tears were sliding down his smooth muffin cheeks.

Xiao Zhan pulled him into his embrace and kissed his tears away, whispering fondly:
"Shhh, don't cry, my big sweet baby.
Do you want to ruin my happy mood with your tears?
I apologize to you, too, for throwing a tantrum back then. I was not upset with you, just surprised and maybe a bit disappointed for some reason. 
Now I have an idea, let's forget about anything and everything and just have a good time for the rest of my birthday party. 
Let's play the game together, I always wished to play with a friend, but A-Xian doesn't know how to play..."

"I'm gonna let you down again , for your birthday.
Because I have never played games, I didn't  have an occasion or money for something like that, sorry for disappointing you again!"

"Of course that you don't know how to play, I'm sorry for being such a thoughtless . But I can teach you!
Come, my PS is in my bedroom!
Happy to see you smiling, are you  excited because you will learn to play?",  Zhan asked  when he noticed the wide smile spread onto Muffin's face.

"I was smiling at the memory of what Da Ge said, I don't remember the exact context, though."

"Who's Da Ge?"

"The professional gamer. His name is Da Zhangwei.
He said that you know that a gamer loves you when he offers to teach you how to play.
I hope he's right!"

"Did this Da Ge  dude offer himself to teach you how to play?", Xiao Zhan asked, pretending to not understand what the other was implying.

"You sound like a jealous boyfriend, ha, ha. No need for acting,  Zi Jiejie  is not here  to watch you acting!", Yibo said, punching him in the arm.

"We didn't even begin to play and you already became violent?
I hope that you are aware that I will beat the out of you.
After all I am a champ and you are only a beginner!", Zhan laughed heartily at Yibo's pouting lips and furrowed brows.

"Didn't you hear about the beginner's luck?", Muffin stuck out his tongue, causing the other to pinch hard his cheek.

"We'll see about that!
Anyway, before teaching you, we should set out a prize for the winner, and a punishment for the loser, don't you agree?", Xiao Zhan said, sitting down on the floor next to  his flat mate, and giving him one of the joysticks.

"Agree, but first teach me, then will establish the rules, the prizes and the punishments, before starting the real game."

Zhan smiled in satisfaction, seeing that his apprentice was a very fast learner and that he caught the gaming virus from the very beginning.

When both of them decided that BoBi is ready for the real game, Zhan leant his back against the wall and whispered, closing his eyes:
"Okay, so if I'm going to be the winner, I want a birthday dancing prize, and your punishment will be to dance only for me, like you danced for the club's customers. But this time only for me!
No need for woman clothes, I want my sweet Muffin to dance for me, not that red-haired female.
What would be your prize and my punishment, if you would win?"

Yibo leant his back next to his  gaming partner, squirming a bit in his spot:
"I don't know how to say it, but I was thinking to grab this one in a million chance and fulfill a fantasy that I used to have when I was much younger.
But I don't know, I am kind of embarrassed."

"Ha, ha, when you were younger, like now you are old, you innocent little baby pup...
Tell me,  I meant it when I said that you can tell me anything!
Don't ever feel any kind of embarrassment, not with me!"

"Well, I was imagining a person laying on a bed, sleeping profoundly and not feeling anything, while I would explore their body however I want. I mean I was always curious to see how a human body looks closer, other than mine. Without someone to watch or supervise me.
I told you that I used to work in a massage spa and I saw many bodies, but I never had the

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