01 Headache

How did you get into my life?
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 A/n 01: It's important to read the summary from the foreword first!

A/n 02: I know that I said  I will start this story only after finishing "Chongqing Pepper Incident", but as I am not in the  required mood for writing , I'm going to give you the first ch of "How did you get into my life?" 





~The four main characters:

1- Xiao Zhan - office worker
  -24 yrs old



2- Wang Yibo -  departed from the orphanage
  - 25 yrs old



3- Wei WuXian - Xiao Zhan's officemate
  -26 yrs old





4- Wang Ji - Wang Yibo's  brother ( here checking out his empty wallet)
26 yrs ols




Note: The other characters will be introduced to you along the way, as the story will  progress.








It was a hell of a busy Monday, same as any other Mondays, for the two friends and officemates, Wei WuXian and Xiao Zhan.

"There is a bright side of us being so overworked today, though!", Xiao Zhan forced a smile,  standing up  from his chair and trying to relieve the tension from his shoulders with a few arm stretches.

"Yes, the bright side is that we are still breathing, we are still alive!",  his friend mumbled, not taking his eyes away from his computer screen.

"I mean, at least I didn't have any spare time today to think... and think...and overthink... why my ZiZi doesn't like me and why...",  the suddenly saddened man sighed, wiping his specs with the hem of his sweater before getting back to his previous work.

WuXian sighed as well, wondering in his inner thoughts, why on earth such a handsome, smart, and kind-hearted man could be rejected by his childhood crush.


The thick silence of the  office was suddenly cut by  a string of sharp screams coming from the lobby.

They recognized only one from the voices, it was the vice president of the Company. He was known as the coldest man from the company, so how come he was screaming like that?
They looked questioningly at each other, before running outside, curious to see what was happening.

"You two, don't stand there like two dumb heads, just do something!", the boss yelled at WuXian and Zhan who were starring mouth-agape at the scene  unrolling before their eyes: the old vice president was pulling desperately a dude's arms who was screaming and kicking his pensile legs.
Pensile legs, because the back of his t-shirt was trapped in between the elevator's doors!
And the elevator has just been called from the  floor above.

WuXian ran to the elevator and tried to pull the guy by his waist, but his t-shirt was an oversized one, with a big amount of fabric trapped in between the doors.

Xiao Zhan instead ran back to the office and returned with a small, sharp knife used for the envelopes opening , and a chair in the other hand.

"What the fu*k are you doing with that, are you gonna kill me?!
All I wanted was a simple job in your fu*king company, heeelp!!!"., screamed the person whose head  was already dangerously getting tossed against the ceiling.

Zhan pushed away WuXian and the  old vice president, climbed up quickly the chair and grabbed a fist from the front of the suspended man's shirt:
"Stop screaming! Stop swearing!
And stay still, nobody will kill you, I will cut your shirt, don't move anymore if you don't want me to cut your stomach!"

Finally, the t-shirt was split on the guy's chest, and he hastily pulled  his arms out from the sleeves.

Luckily Zhan's arms were wrapped around him, one hand  tight the back of his  t-shirt and one hand clenched onto his , so he didn't fall down to the ground, but into his savior's embrace.




But the guy's body was a too heavy addition to Zhan's weight for the weak chair legs.
WuXian jumped to hold the balancing chair, but  too late, sadly. Therefore the two men fell to the ground with a loud thump, Zhan onto his back, hugging tightly in his arms the half stranger from atop of him.

Weird how Zhan could take the time to notice the y messy strands of hair framing the most flawless face he had ever seen in his whole life.
Two penetrating eyes with ice, but fire, too,  in them, anime character-like eyes, were staring at him with some kind of innocence mixed with something devilish in them. His puffy cheeks were colored  in a light pink shadow and his plump lips were strangely attracting Zhan's whole attention.



"Fortunately his astonishing lips didn't land onto my lips, like in those silly romantic comedies, A-Xian is always forcing me to watch...",  Zhan mused, involuntary his bottom lip, tickled by the hot air exhaled from between the stranger's half parted lips, only a few inches away from his mouth.



Did he just call the guy's lips in his thoughts as ASTONISHING?
What the fu*k, Xiao Zhan?!
And why the fu*k are you swearing?

Suddenly he ascertained that his hands were placed onto the man's , so he quickly climbed his hands up... wrong move, though!
He was feeling now under his palms the soft velvety skin of the man's , and the well toned muscles.
Of course that he has back muscles, he is a GUY, for god's sake!
So, why on earth was he feeling the urge to knead those muscles instead of pushing the guy down from atop of him?

He abruptly withdrew his hand like pulling it out from a burning fire, and to  camouflage his nervousness, he reached out his hand to the man's cheekbone:
"You got some nice bruises here and here. Probably when you were tossed to the ceiling. Jesus, how did you even get in that situation?"

It looks like your sweater was damaged, I am sorry.", the stranger smiled apologetically, while trying to fix Zhan's sweater that slipped down from his shoulder.

They both flinched when the stranger's fingers grazed Zhan's bared shoulder, before freezing  into two  lifeless statues...for some strange reason.

WuXian and the vice president asking them if they were alright, woke Zhan up, the stranger, too, who seemed to be in the same trance like Zhan.



"Thank you, mister,  I'm so sorry that you fell down because of me.
Did you badly hurt your back and your head?",  the man asked while  trying to cover his bare chest with WuXian's jacket that he handed to him.

"Don't worry about me, I'm okay, but what about you?
Besides those bruises from your cheek, did you hurt your back at the elevator doors or your head by the ceiling?",  Zhan spoke, trying hard to ignore the incomprehensible pain from his stomach when his eyes landed again on those seductive  plushie lips, speaking to him. And that tongue the said lips while those baby cheeks getting all rosy at his intense stare!



"You two, it's no time to chat, give the man some clothes and go back to work!", the boss coldly addressed WuXian and  Zhan, before turning around onto his heels and heading to the elevator.

"Yes, of course, sir!
Come with me, I have some spare shirts in the office, what's your name, I am Wei WuXian!",  the jovial man smiled at the still embarrassed half guy, guiding him towards his and Zhan's office.

"Nice to meet you mister, and thank you both of you for helping me there, I am Wang Yibo, and you are?",  the stranger  reached out a hand from behind the jacket to the taller man, walking beside him.

"I am Xiao Zhan, nice to meet you, too, but what happened there, how did you trap yourself in the elevator door?"

The  man was buttoning up the shirt given to him by Wei WuXian, while Zhan was fascinatedly following  his lips moving while talking:
"Well, I am looking for a job, so I gave it a try to your company, too.
But that stupid old man said that I have no chance to get a job here, not even as a janitor, for the reason I was raised in an orphanage.
So I called him a discriminating crinkled , and he kicked me out of his office, of course. He even followed me to the elevator, yelling insults at me.
When I turned around to reply to him, the bastard pushed me to the half opened elevator doors, so while the doors were getting closed, my t-shirt was trapped on there.
That was it!"

Zhan's reverie was cut off by the vice president's angry voice, furiously shouting from the slightly cracked office door:
"What did I tell you, two?
Do you want to lose your jobs?
Let that insolent, uneducated little sh!t leave our reputable Company building, and you two go back to work!"

The two employees intended to protest, but the stranger muttered to them to let it go, and exited the office haughtily. Not before sticking out his tongue at the angry boss, like an unruly little kid...a very cute little kid, according to Zhan's inner thoughts.


Thank goodness that Zhan's work task was almost finished, because he lost all his focus, and his head started to ache from all the disturbing thoughts and the questions spinning in his brain.

WuXian noticed his friend's turmoil:
"ZhanZhan, what's going on?
Don't tell me that you are thinking again about that b!tch... sorry, sorry, I wanted to say, about Yang Zi!"

"A-Xian, what's happening to me?", Zhan sighed, getting his friend worried about the rough way he was massaging his temples.

WuXian walked behind Zhan and pulled him up from the chair:
"Let me finish this for you, and after that you will tell me what's wrong while having a drink and relaxing a bit."





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