17 Muffin's sleepover

How did you get into my life?
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Xiao Zhan was so deeply immersed in trying to find an answer to his inner disturbing questions, that he hardly noticed the flashing of his phone resting on the dashboard.

The message displayed on the phone screen instantly angered him:
"ZhanBi, I will come home only in the morning. ChengCheng's husband is away for tonight, and he asked me to have a sleepover.
So, don't wait for me anymore... I have the spare key!
And don't worry, I will get in time  to wake you up, have a good night, a  peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams!
Love you my dearest friend, see you in the morning! 👬😴💞😘"



"You love me, my !
If you would love me, you wouldn't sleep somewhere else, with someone else!
Will you really gonna sleep, I mean, sleep, SLEEP, with that male ?
I saw how much he enjoyed grabbing your muffin !
And are you mocking me with those four emojis?
I get it who are the two men holding hands, you and the Cheng character.
The sleeping idiot it would be me...sleeping while the two of you would make love like  two revolving hearts.
And the throwing kiss? 
Probably a goodbye kiss thrown to the imbecile me: good bye, have a good night , a peaceful sleep, and beautiful dreams about me being fu*ked by the Cheng guy, you stupid!", Zhan shouted in the silence of the car , clutching  tightly the wheel, and  furiously stepping onto the throttle pedal.








"Thank God, the lunch break is here at last, I was getting damn hungry!
What's going on, birthday boy?
You are a dynamite ball of anger since morning.", Wei WuXian mumbled with  mouth full, while watching his friend stabbing his beef stake with the eating utensils, like the piece of meat would be his biggest enemy.

"I'm not angry, only tired.
I had  from a few minutes of sleep to none!", Xiao Zhan replied, yet the latent anger surfacing in his voice.

"Why didn't you sleep?
Did you have a taste from Muffin, finally?
But, then, why are you angry about?
You didn't like his taste, smell, skills, or something?
Tell me all the juicy stuff!
By the way, I watched with Jibaobei before the sleep, a documentary on Discovery Channel, and what it was said at some point reminded me of you.
Did you know that studies have found that the smell of donuts increases the likelihood of an er€ction?", WuXian grinned , displaying his teeth spotted with food residues.

He almost choked when Zhan  jumped up from his chair and grabbed him by his collar, drawing the whole cafeteria's attention over them:
"God dammit A-Xian, what kind of a friend are you, actually?
Mocking and laughing at my misery!"

"Chill, man!
I was only trying to let you know that if you get hard in a baked goods aisle, you're not the only one!", WuXian raised his hands in sign of surrender.

"Wei WuXian, you are such an !
I know, I know that I am not the only one, I'm not blind, to not see all those looks, those touches, all those hot guys, Wang Yiduo, Wang ZhuoCheng and who knows whom else...And why the are they all Wang, including Muffin, it is  a cult or something?"

"What on earth are you mumbling there about?
Now seriously, what's troubling you?", WuXian got serious, registering his friend's bitter smile.

"He slept last night with a former male e.
It's not like I was hurt or something, just worried about his safety..."

"What, what?
That cutie innocent pie?
Are you sure, cause I don't believe he would do something like that, especially without his brother's acknowledgement.
Tell me more!"



Xiao Zhan told his friend the Wang brothers' whole story about the house, also he related in detail all the events happened the day before, sighing deeply at the end of his exposure:

"He didn't even bother to come home, in time to wake me up for work, I was already in the shower when he got home in the morning.
He looked dead tired and too exhausted after a normal sleepover  with a simple friend.
I'm sure that he slept with that Cheng guy!"

"I don't think he did, as I already said.
But, even  if he did, why are you angry about it?
You can't blame him, he is not a child, but a healthy adult with normal needs.
You said that you didn't feel hurt, just worried.
He came home safely and unharmed, didn't he, so, what seems to be the problem?"

"He knows that today is my birthday, but he didn't say anything.
Not even 'have a good day at work!', when I walked out the door, like he usually does."

"My sweet ZhanZhan, my dear friend, your life would be so much easier if you would just admit it, at least to yourself!"

"What to admit?"

"That you are deeply in love with that Donut of yours.
You should hurry my friend, and make a move, until someone will not steal him away from right under your hesitating nose.", WuXian patted emphatically on his friend's back.

"I have nothing to admit!
I might find him a beautiful human being, I might enjoy the sight of a nice work of nature or enjoy the company of another soul in my house, but you know whom I have loved ever since!
My heart couldn't have changed just like that!
I loved and still love ZiZi, and that's it!










Luckily they had plenty of work, so Zhan's mind was busy with being focused on balance sheets. That way he was  spared from keeping imagining his  flat mate being touched and d all over by that Cheng guy,  a former e who is supposedly very skillful in matters of .

But now that the working hours got to an end, his mind started to get filled again with those damn disturbing images.

He was just exiting the company's building together with WuXian, and heading to the parking lot, when his friend's cheerful voice startled him:
"Look, ZhanZhan, my JiJi and his brother, Yibo,  are waiting for us!"



Why the hell his heart was racing like crazy, only by hearing that name, and why his heart was almost leaping out from his chest at the sight of that beautiful sunshine face?

Xiao Zhan's lips stretched out into an involuntary smile as a response at the two Wang's greetings, against his plan to give Yibo a cold shoulder for today, or even for more days to come.

"Hi, baby, what's with you, here?", WuXian asked, pulling Wang Ji in a tight embrace and a long, deep kiss.

"Hey, hey, what the hell, refrain yourself, people are watching!", Zhan exclaimed, yanking off his friend's arms from around his lover , when some of their working mates passed by them, shaking their heads in disapproval.

"Well, my friend, this is the main problem of your life, besides your hesitations.
The world would always judge you no matter what you would do, so better live your life the way you wish to, and simply follow your fu*king feelings!"

"That's my baby I'm in love with!", JiJi shouted, kissing proudly the hell out of his boyfriend, and earning from the two other men, worried glances slightly dotted with tints of envy.

"We are here, for inviting you guys to celebrate!", Yibo said , giving Zhan, for a moment, the hope that he actually didn't forget about his birthday.

But his hope was quickly shattered by Wang Ji's enthusiastic little dance:
"Yes, yes, we need to celebrate, and it will be everything on me!
Gentlemen, you are looking now at the brand new modern dancing coach! Coaching kids for now, but with high possibilities to be promoted as a dancing trainer for a big entertaining company!"

"Congrats, baby, so proud of you!
Tell me everything!",  WuXian high fived JiJi's palm.

"Let's drive somewhere nice to eat and I will tell you.
They even gave me a paycheck in advance, for buying cool clothes, they said.
Thus, I want to treat you guys, from my first serious paycheck since a long time ago!", JiJi shouted happily, and climbed WuXian's car.

"Come, Yibo,  in my car, we'll follow them.
Don't you still feel tired, after your nocturne escapade?",  Xiao Zhan casually  asked, climbing in the driver seat,  trying to sound as detached as he could.

"Why are you calling me Yibo again, and not BoBi or...Muffin?
Actually, I am still feeling a bit tired and sore, even though I took a few hours nap, after you left for the office.
But it was worth it!",  Yibo smiled widely, reaching  out a hand on the driver's headrest and playing with the driver's locks of hair.

Zhan jerked his head aside, startling the other boy, who quickly withdrew his hand, especially at the ice-cold voice:
"Sorry to hear that you are sore, but glad to hear that was worth it.
But did you two think about what his husband would do if he found out?
Aren't you afraid?"

"Why should I be afraid?
Of course that his husband knew, I couldn't do it without his approval, anyway.
Besides, his husband was the one providing my protection... such a fine, nice man!
Anyway, please call WuXian Ge and tell them that we will be a bit late, because we need to have a short halt at home on our way."

"Wang! Yi! Bo!
How  could you be so thick-skinned?!
How can you say all these words so calmly and shamelessly?!",  Xiao Zhan screamed, startling the out of his flat mate, whose eyes got filled with tears.



"I'm sorry, ZhanBi, I mean Zhan Ge, if I sounded rude and demanding. I only wanted to be the first one  to congratulate you for your birthday, and I left my present for you, at home, in the big hurry.
But, you're right, my present can wait, probably you wish for  Yang Zi jiě to be the first...I apologize for my stupidity, sorry...", the disturbed boy started to sob softly.

Xiao Zhan pulled aside the car, anger still boiling in his veins, but nevertheless reaching out a hand to wipe the big tears rolling down Muffin's fluffy cheeks:
"Yeah, you should be sorry alright, but not for stupid thoughts related to ZiZi.  Instead,  you should be sorry for fu*king with a married man!
What a hell BoBi, he is a married man, on top of that, his husband seemed to me like a dangerous  mobster, who could take revenge on you by hurting you badly, even killing you!
Was it such a terribly good fu*k, to make you say that was worth it?"



"ZhanBi, ZhanBi! Wait! What on earth are you...?!
God, now I understand why you were angry with me!
Don't think that I'm not aware that it was somehow a mistake, especially because of that contract I've signed. I know for sure that Miss Zhou Xun, Yiduo Ge, the manager, also the producer,  wouldn't be glad to know that I danced for one night in a  Drinks & Drags nightclub.
But, as I said, it was worth it, because I earned  the money I needed, even more than I hoped for.
I was able to buy for you the present that I wished so badly to buy for you, without asking more money from ChengCheng, who said that he will lend me his safes, to complete the whole necessary sum.
And before scolding me, I promise that I did nothing bad. I only danced, nobody touched me, or god forbids sleeping with me, as you were accusing me!"

Xiao Zhan shocked the still sniff

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