03 How did you get into my house?

How did you get into my life?
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Every time Yibo's stomach is overly stuffed with food, he is always getting sleepy.
Same happened to him after the plentiful and expensive dinner the two gentlemen paid for him and his brother, at that fancy restaurant.
His head was already lolling at the time the waiter started pouring  the red, old wine in their glasses.

Xiao Zhan's eyes were plastered onto the sleepy man's enticing face, while having all kinds of inappropriate thoughts.
He was drinking one glass after another, trying to figure out what the heck was happening to him.

When his hand went unwittingly to the head resting on the table and caressed gently the soft mop of hair, he understood in his clouded brain that he was dead drunk.

And when a pair of innocent, due eyes looked up at him in surprise, he had the major shock to hear his own voice whispering:
"You are so, so beau...tiful..."



The mesmerized man's reverie was harshly cut off by an obscure hand  that yanked away his fingers   playing with a  curled tuft of hair.
Right after that the hand clenched around Yibo's throat, and pulled him up violently...What the?!!!

Zhan didn't have too much time to process what was happening, as a strong punch in his shoulder sent him flat to the ground and his consciousness went blank.

Blurred images of the two brothers fighting with some undistinguished characters and his friend's voice shouting Wang Ji's name, were playing in his intoxicated brain.

He could vaguely hear A-Xian's voice telling the man  named Wang Yibo something about Zhan's wallet (?), while the said  man was lightly slapping his cheek.

His friend started to run, dragging someone by his hand, probably that man whose name he was shouting so desperately!



"Wei WuXian, thanks for worrying about a stranger's safety, not about your friend's!", Zhan mumbled.
"And now you teach the other stranger how to rob me? Thanks again, Wei WuXian!"...Then he passed out.





After a while he felt like in a dream, his body  crumpled by two strong arms inside a yellow car that  might have been a cab.
Then the same two arms  pushed him in an elevator, then carried him inside his apartment.

"Wei WuXian! So, you remembered in the end, that you do have a friend?", he shouted
"Aah!", he gasped when his head hit the arm of his couch.

"I would never have thought that you  could be so heavy!", the exhausted carrier huffed, dropping  on the couch his drunk load like a sack of potatoes.

The  inebriated man didn't let go of the only stable thing from his waving world,  thus Yibo couldn't remove the hands  clenching tightly onto his t-shirt, so he  fell down on top of the lying man.

The drunkard started to sing sang between his silly laughter and loud hiccups:
"Who are you and ha, ha, who am I?!
I don't know me but I know  you!
You are...you are... so drunk, hic, that you fell down over me, ha, ha!"




Wang Yibo didn't get upset with his words.
Actually he found his hiccups and silliness  funny and cute.

"And why are you always falling on top of me?", Zhan kept laughing, his laughter fading slowly in a husky whisper: "...and why are you so damn beautiful?
I love your muffin cheeks.
But the most I love the devil from your angel eyes and the sin from your heavenly lips..."



"And you, why are you so damn drunk?", Yibo tried  to take the other's disturbing words like nonsense delivered by a mind saturated with alcohol, even though his heart fluttered a bit.
Not only at those cheesy drunk words, but also at the warm fingers tracing the outline of his quivering lips.

"Yes I'm drunk, but you are so, so beautiful, even though I am drunk.
Tomorrow morning I will be sober, but you will still be beautiful.
I yearned to taste these lips of yours from the first moment I saw  you, so I suggest you give me a kiss!", Xiao Zhan said, his hiccups magically stopping.

But...but... I am not sure if I'd like kissing a man.
I know that we met in a gay bar, but me and my brother got there only because we knew one of the club's guardians.
I actually have no idea if I am gay or not, because I have never...Anyways!
Besides it's not even proper to kiss so soon...", the man kept blubbering, while holding himself not to laugh at the drunkard's hilarious pursed lips.
But also holding himself from fulfilling his wish,  and simply giving the kiss to the man.



"Ha, ha, same here!
I am not sure anymore if I am still straight, like I have always been.
Actually I am in love with the sweetest girl from the entire  planet, but ZiZi doesn't care about me!
Anyway, I wish so badly to kiss you, that my stomach hurts, so you have two choices!
One: stop being so fu*king attractive, or two: make out with me!
It's your choice!",  Xiao Zhan shouted, pulling the man from atop of him, towards his face, pursing again his lips and staring deeply at those two enticing pieces of pinkish flesh.




"Alright, I will do it, but only under one condition!", the other laughed  with a  funny, yet cute duck-like quacking, which intoxicated even more Zhan's last drop of sanity.

"Anything...consider it already done, and now let's just kiss already!
Other parts of me are in pain already , not just my stomach, ha, ha.", Xiao Zhan laughed, as well.

Wang Yibo let himself be carried by his own strange desire to have a taste from those inviting, plush lips.
So he timidly swept his bottom lip between the other's half parted ones, startling a bit at the  husky moan accompanied by the gust of hot air exhaled jerkily.

But Zhan  didn't feel fully satisfied  just with that delicate brushing.

He pressed their lips together almost aggressively, poking repeatedly with the tip of his tongue the hot inside of Yibo's mouth, and with sloppy sounds, his soft lips

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