04 The deal

How did you get into my life?
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A/n: I didn't forget about the other two on-going stories waiting to be updated, but I simply didn't have the necessary time, nor the proper inspiration for those plots.
Yet I wanted to give you something to read, so here it is!




Zhan almost dropped the phone when a cheerful voice greeted him from behind his bedroom's ajar door.



He somehow managed to control his dizziness and stood up hastily from the couch...


"What the...?!
How did you get into my house?!
And why was I sleeping on the couch and you in my bed?!"

"Because I was too tired to drag your heavy to the bedroom, but don't worry, starting with the next night it will be me sleeping on  the couch, or maybe you have a guest room for me?
I didn't get to entirely see our apartment as a whole. I got to see only the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen.
By the way, we don't need to cook today, as mom brought something for us to eat, she said it's your favorite..."

EXPLAIN!!!", Xiao Zhan screamed  hysterically, his temple vein ready to explode. 

"Hey, hey, calm down!
Hangovers and anger it's not a good combination for your health.
Besides, mom told me to be careful with your blood pressure, this being the cause  of your dad's death, God rest his soul, and mom is afraid for you not to inherit this weakness from him, God forbid...But..."

"I said stop!!!
This is not happening, I am still sleeping and this is a nightmare!", Zhan screamed again, slapping hard on his cheeks until his wrists were grabbed by the intruder from his house.


He was casually standing there, propped onto the door frame, wearing nothing but Zhan's worn-out, oversized sleeping shirt, with no pants...Warming the whole room with his sunny smile and bright, cheerful eyes.    

God dammit Xiao Zhan, how could  your brain notice that the weird, noisy creature was looking overly cute in that clothe, too big and large for him, reaching to his knees and showing only his hairless, appealing legs and his enticing collarbones?



The 'creature' braced himself defensively, like trying to protect himself from that piercing stare and talked in a shy, honey voice.:
"Don't be angry with me, please, I don't want you to hate me.
As I see you don't remember, but it's okay, I will recount everything to you
But first I wanted to take a bath, as I didn't have time to clean myself, as mom arrived  too soon after we talked on the phone."

I assume that you talk about my mom, not yours, as I know that you're an orphan...MY MOM?!
How did you talk with my mother on the phone and why do you call her MOM?"

"Well, your phone kept buzzing and you were too deep asleep to hear it...
And it was getting really annoying, so I answered and talked with your mother, who said that she would be happy to know her son's partner, and that she is happy that finally there is somebody in his life.
She also said  that the coffee I made for her is the best coffee she has ever tasted, and asked me to call her mom, not Missis."

"Oh my god, now mom believes that I have a male lover, she might even tell ZiZi that I am homoual, and my chances will really go down to zero!
What the fu*k did you do?!"

"I thought that you hate swearing, you kept preaching to me to stop swearing when I was trapped in the elevator doors.
And I didn't tell mom that we are lovers, but neither denied that I am into your life, because this is the truth, I AM into your life!
I'm going to take a bath now."


Xiao Zhan collapsed onto the carpeted floor  with his pulsing head into his palms.

What was going on?
He understood nothing!

All he was remembering was that his stupid friend brought him to a gay club, where they met the two dangerous brothers...well, at least one of  them is for sure dangerous.
After that they had dinner and he got drunk.
Some bullies attacked them, then...then...his memory film got  broken starting with that moment.

His train of thoughts was interrupted  by the same voice that constantly assaulted his senses since he woke up:
You can come in, I am already inside the foamed water.
I will tell you about me and my brother and what happened last night while taking the bath.
I know that you are impatient to know everything, and I hope that you don't mind me  calling you ZhanBi, it's short and cute. Did you know that I used to be called BoBi because of a children's book that  someone donated to the orphanage? Well, that character BoBi's bestie was Zhanbi. Besides you are my DiDi, I am allowed to call you sweet names... So ZhanBi, come here!"

Xiao Zhan pondered for a long second if he should walk inside the bathroom or not, but the weirdo was right, he was impatient to find out what was happening suddenly with his quiet, peaceful and patriarchal life.

"Are you always so noisy and talkative?", he asked, opening the door and stepping inside with his back.
He sat down on the small mat from the  floor , with his back propped onto the tiled bathtub...




"Where should I begin?
Me and JiJi..."

"I don't care about that, tell me  why are you in my house and why do you think that you will still be here tomorrow, too?", Zhan cut him  in a cold tone, with the intention to intimidate the little minx who invaded his house and life.

"It was exactly what I was trying to tell you, but if you would keep interrupting me like that, I might omit important parts.
So, just shut up and listen, and you can ask me whatever questions you want when I will finish, alright?
As I've already told you last night,  JiJi and I have lived at the orphanage since we were 7 and 8 years old.
When he was 18, they let us live there one year more until I would be 18, too.
Then we got lucky with the new orphanage headmaster who offered us jobs there and a room to live in.
We were content , even though the wages were extremely low, but at least we had a roof over our heads and a warm meal  in our stomachs on a daily basis.
This happened till last year when the headmaster passed away and somebody else replaced her. That somebody kicked us out and since then we managed to get a few jobs here and there, but nothing stable. The label of orphans was not helping us at all, even though we got a pretty high education there.
But we didn't have money for college, and you know how important  a diploma is these days,  to any employer. 
Between the happy times when we had something to work, we often remained with no money for renting a room to sleep, and no money for buying food.
You may get disgusted to hear that we sometimes ate food given to us by an old married couple of homeless people, food they were getting from street dumpsters or collected from the fast-food cafes' tables at closing time.
Someday, when we were working for a new opened hair salon, who hired us to share advertising flyers to the passersby, two elegant Nǚshì (A/n: Missis in Chinese) took us at their home. 
No, don't think  of something ert, I suppose that  they just liked us for who knows what reason, like liking a pet or something.
All they wanted from us was to let them admire us, as they've said.
They bought us food and fancy clothes, and pampered us for a few weeks, till their husbands came home from the long business trip they were gone for. 
So we were  kicked out again, but it was a good part of this experience we have lived: JiJi had this survival idea to take advantage of our enticing look as the two ladies  told us that we own. Meaning, to hook up with rich women or rich men and make them give us money for a place to sleep and to make them pay for our dinner.
Because we usually ate once a day, at dinner time."

"Like me and WuXian did", Zhan whispered  bitterly.

"Yes, I admit, but I assure you that you two are not the same as our previous targets.
I swear!
Not you, neither your friend!"

"What makes us different?
Maybe the fact that we are not rich enough?
You don't have to lie to me."

I never told my life story, the bare truth,  to anybody else, but you.
I feel like you are a special person, completely different from any person I have ever met before.
As for your friend, the fact that my brother fell in love with him makes him a special person, too, because my brother is a very special guy, you will agree with that when you get to know him better."

"Okay, so those attackers were some jealous husbands or what?"

"No, those were hired by the man who threatened me in the club."

"I remember that he said something about you paying a debt.
Did he give you a loan or something, do you have a money debt from him?"

"No, nothing like that.
It was not long after we were kicked out from the orphanage.
That day,  we were really desperate. We slept for two nights in the waiting room from the train station courtesy of a kind employee who almost lost his job because of us, so we had to sleep in the park on a bench the next night.
It was awfully cold, the snow covered us almost entirely when this man walked past us and felt pity on us.
At least so we have thought.
He brought us to a building which he said it's a pension owned by him, fed us and let us  sleep in a warm bed.
But when we woke up, he tried to force us to sign something like an engagement for paying back the money he spent with us. Shortly he tried to force us to become male es.
That was not a pension, but an illegal brothel!
We managed somehow to run away, but he always tracks us and tries to scare us.
Luckily we learned at the orphanage how to fight and to protect ourselves from bullies.
Till now we managed to beat up all the animals he sent to get us. 
It was new from him to appear in person last night, usually he sent his bullies after us, but last night he proposed to me to become his lover, not his employee, he said he fell in love with my beauty...I know it's just one from his tricks to get us in his trap."

"He might have been telling the truth, I don't blame him, though.", Zhan murmured, mostly to himself  to hear.

"How can you say that you don't blame him?
He is a fu*king pimp! Pardon my language!",  the man from the tub got upset, and slapped Zhan's nape with his wet palm.

"I was not talking about what he tried to do to you and your brother, but I was just saying that he might have been telling the truth that he fell in love with your beauty, because...ermmm...nothing...just tell me what happened next.
I only remember A-Xian telling you something about my wallet.", Zhan stuttered while wiping the wet trace of that soft palm from his nape.

"JiJi was sent to the ground by one of the animals and his leg was almost broken.
I was busy fighting with the other bully, so your friend had to help my GeGe.
By the time both bullies were annihilated, you were unconscious and my brother was hardly able to walk because of his injured leg, therefore your friend said he will take care of JiJi while I would be taking care of you.
He said to take a cab and take you home.
As for the wallet, don't worry, I didn't steal anything, I just needed your ID for finding your address, and money for the cab."

"I am not worried about you stealing from me.
Just explain to me why you would still be here tomorrow."

"You agreed with my condition!"

"I was drunk!
What condition, and for what?"

"Excuses, excuses!
So what if you were drunk?
You said that today you will be sober, but I will still be beautiful!
You agreed with my condition, for letting you kiss me!"

I didn't!"

"Oh, yes, you did!
At least ha, ha, till you fell asleep!"

"What the hell are you talking about?
I asked you to kiss you and I fell asleep right after asking that?
It w

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