06 Firm decisions

How did you get into my life?
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That evening Zhan went to bed early, yet fell asleep only around dawn.
Each time he was closing his eyes, trying to sleep, images of his  apartment mate were running behind his closed eyes. His heart shaped smile, his  innocent, yet sinful eyes, his snowy soft skin, his cheerful voice, his funny duckling laughter, his...kissable lips...his y body hidden in the oversized pajamas...

Xiao Zhan's mother gave him, last year, as a birthday present, a green cotton pajamas with a playful print of yellow bananas on pink skateboards, motivating that she misses the child trapped inside her too serious and too matured son for his young age.
Of course  he never wore that stupid piece of clothes, but kept it in the closet nevertheless, for not upsetting his mom.

He smiled in the darkness of the night, remembering BoBi's surprise and excitement when he gave him to wear that pj and told him that he could keep it.



"Thank you, thank you ! This is the most precious gift I've ever been given!
I love it so much, I love bananas, I love skateboards, I love green, yellow, pink and I love you!
Errm, I mean I love you for giving me this lovely gift! "

Zhan's heart skipped a bit at that last "I love you", even though he figured out the meaningless message from behind.
His heart skipped again, stronger this time, at the messy mop of  hair, tickling his neck when his new friend, trainer, or whatever he is, snuggled into his chest and hugged him tightly with his arms sneaked underneath his still undressed jacket.


Zhan ran slowly his hands up and down the surprisingly sinewy back and kissed automatically the tousled crown head:
"It's nothing, I would have never used it anyway, but I'm glad that you like it.
It might be a bit  too big for you, at least the sleeves and pants legs are too long, for sure."



"Doesn't matter, I like to sleep with no pants anyway.
I will use only the shirt and the sleeves will not bother me while sleeping.", the boy showed his  perfect teeth in a wide smile, melting Zhan's heart even more.

Yibo tiptoed and planted an innocent, quick peck onto Zhan's surprised lips:
"Thank you once again!
Now, we should go to bed, tomorrow I need you to be well rested because I intend to begin your physical training.
So, show me where I would sleep?"



"This will be a bit of problematic, but only for now. 
Yes I have one more bedroom, but last week it  was my cousin's birthday and I gave a party..."

"Happy belated birthday to your cousin!", Zhan was interrupted by the  cheerful boy,  who excitedly kissed his both cheeks and hugged him tightly again.

"Thank you on behalf of me and my cousin!
As I was saying, this stupid cousin of mine got drunk and I don't know how it happened, but he broke the bed from the other room.
I was very busy and stressed this week, that's why I omitted to call a carpenter or to buy another bed. "

"Don't worry, I can sleep on the couch, and we can take care of that bed on Monday."

"But the couch is very uncomfortable.
I know, because my whole body was in pain after last night."

"Because you're not used to it.
The couch will feel like heaven compared with the narrow and hard bench from the park , with snow falling all over me."

"I'm so sorry..."

"You don't have to feel sorry.
Yes, my life was pretty tough, but I always took into consideration the beautiful side of what life is offering me.
And right now fate brought you into my life and I thank her for that. 
Good night ZhanBi, sleep well and thank you for everything!"






After hours of sleepless squirming in his bed, Zhan got up and went to the kitchen to drink some water.

But to reach from his bedroom to the kitchen , he had to pass by the living room.

Oh, my god...Zhan pressed his hands onto his chest,  trying to calm down his erratic heart that was twitching at the fairy tale scene displayed under his mesmerized eyes...
So, so beautiful...

The boy sleeping on the couch, bathed in the moonlight radiated from between the curtains, was like an ethereal creature descending from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale he read in his childhood.

Zhan sat on the floor with his heels gathered under his , and his chin propped on  the couch's mattress, and feasted his eyes with the magical view.

He was sleeping with his fluffy cheek pressed onto the unusual big, yet dol-like hand.
His long eyelashes were drawing dark shadows on the porcelain skin glowing in the moonlight, and his lips...
His lips...those pink, fleshy lips were giving Zhan an incomprehensible heart ache and a very strong urge to touch them.



Zhan reached out a hand, but he changed the route, not daring to touch the lips, but gently instead the soft strands of hair caressing the Sleeping Beauty's forehead.

His hand froze in the air when the boy switched his sleeping position, the partly ed pj shirt slipping down from his shoulder and exposing the creamy, alluring arm, shoulder and collarbone.

Zhan ran, lightly and carefully, his fingertips over the soft skin, amazed at how flawless it could be. 
He had a few short relationships with girls, at his age, and he was not still a for sure, but he has never seen or touched such a...soft...velvety...warm...perfect skin...body...lips...



He was so engrossed in his admiration that he didn't even notice how and when his face got only a few inches apart from the sleeping man's face.
He could feel Yibo's peaceful breath, ghosting  his skin like butterfly wings, dangerously close to his own lips.

His eyes shut closed slowly, same did the space from between their lips.
Lips that got united into a gentle, soft touch, but filled with  such an intense feeling that Zhan couldn't restrain the vocal moan escaped from his throat.



He distanced quickly his face when the sleeping boy  slightly moved, gasping in panic when the two huge  eyes looked at him question

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