08 Little bear bed

How did you get into my life?
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It was an even  busier Monday than the usual other busy Mondays, at Xiao Zhan's working place!
Because starting with last Monday their floor was renovated, their whole department was sent home for the rest of the days from that week, thus the work got piled  up to the sky.

The whole week,  Xiao Zhan and Wei WuXian, like all the other employees, worked on their computers from home.
The two friends worked together at WuXian's place one day, and at Zhan's place on the next day.




"What do you find so funny in those balance sheets?
You can't stop  smiling since morning.
Tell me, so I could feel happy, too.",  WuXian chuckled at his office mate's silly smiling face. 

You need to focus! 
Focus Xiao Zhan!
And stop daydreaming!
Stop thinking about the past days spent together with A-Xian and the two Wang brothers, and stop thinking  about how happy you felt  these past days...you have never felt so happy and content in your entire life!
You forgot completely about the cold, lonely evenings spent only in the company of your PS or dreaming at ZiZi...
By the way of ZiZi, you forgot completely to dedicate not even one slight thought to her.
Stop, Xiao Zhan!
Stop thinking of...HIM!

"Nothing A-Xian, I was smiling at the memory of Wang Ji's face when you bought  that cat for him.
And at his brother's shock and excitement at the same time, when he found in his jacket pocket the cell phone that I bought for him.
He was like a small kid on Christmas morning, finding the gifts from Santa under the tree."




"Oh, my, my!
A small kid who succeeded to catch in his love nets the cold, genius , almighty Xiao Zhan!
Admit it ZhanZhan, just admit it! You fell in love with your flat mate!",  WuXian laughed, standing up from his desk and ruffling his friend's mop of hair.

"What kind of stupid things are you blabbering, A-Xian?
And stop messing my hair!
You know very well  who I am in love with!", Zhan slapped WuXian's hand in annoyance, even though his friend's words tormented him a bit, or ...a lot.

The simple fact that he enjoys another soul's presence in his flat, in his life, that doesn't mean that he is in love!
Yibo is actually pissing him off, especially when he wakes him up early in the morning with his loud giggling and forces him to do all those tiring exercises.

Yes, he can't deny that he likes to play dumb and ask his trainer to show him how to exercise properly.
Damn, all that flexibility and elegance, any simple movement oozing appeal!
He damn much enjoys  watching that well worked body flexing, stretching and sweating.
Oh boy, oh boy! Those supple, but hard thighs! That small, but perky, firm , sticking up in the air!
And of course that Zhan was forced sometimes to place his hands on that ...only for helping the trainer to perform optimally the demonstration, duh!

Besides, nothing is wrong with watching his trainer's demonstration, isn't it?!




His favorite was an exercise which reminded him of Wei WuXian's favorite  Korean drama, Secret Garden or something like that.
Each time their faces were coming close, he had to shut his eyes tightly .
Not because of the pain from his overworked muscles, but for not succumbing to those panting half parted lips, "screaming" (metaphorically) to be kissed.

And those pearls of sweat sliding on Yibo's smooth skin were not helping Zhan either.

His heart  started thumping like crazy at the memory of that "accident"  when their noses rubbed to each other at a too abrupt sit-up...and...and...their lips brushed slightly.



Xiao Zhan's fingertips were working fast on the keyboard , but his mind was divided between the balance sheets from the computer screen and image cuts from the past days.

Yesterday was a sunny day, so Yibo decided that they could jog outside.
Zhan expected to be easier than the indoor training, but his trainer pushed him over his limits, shouting at him continuously:
"Run, run, ZhanBi!
Run, like you stole something and an entire squad of policemen are chasing you!"

He couldn't understand how could  this boy have the energy to even enjoy everything, the surroundings, the flowers, the passersby, even the air inhaled in his lungs, while running like that:
"Can you feel it, ZhanBi?
Love is already in the air!
Valentine's day is near!"

Not love is in the air, but nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide is in the air!
And this combination is about to kill me any minute!", Xiao Zhan panted hard ,  bending with a hand propped onto his knee and wiping with the back of the other hand his sweaty forehead.

Yibo took out from the big pockets of the old training pants Zhan has been given to him, a bottle of water and stuck it into  his trainee's panting mouth:
"Drink this, and don't tell me the water formula or else  I'm going to kill you!
You, you,  joy killer!
How can you have hopes for  your woman to like you with this kind of attitude?
Love is like air or wind. You can't see it, but you can feel it.
You should know that much, if you say that you are in love with that woman!
You can take a short break now, let's sit on that bench!"

"Speaking of her, in a week or so it will be Valentine's day.
That's why we have to work harder, we have only 10 more days till your first exam.", Wang Yibo said, kneeling to massage Zhan's exhausted legs.

"Exam?", Xiao Zhan mumbled in a faint voice, very distracted by the  hands climbing slowly, but surely, with the massaging act from his calves to his spasmodic thighs.

"You know, your first attempt to get your crush on liking you.
Today is Sunday, so you and WuXian Ge have no work.
After resting a bit, we will have the first lesson about physical contact."

"Physical contact?", Zhan widened his eyes.

"Stop repeating my words, you sound like a silly parrot!
Physical contact, meaning you will learn how to approach her during your Valentine's Day dating.
How you would ask her for a dance, how you would  gently hold her hand, and of course when and how you would kiss her lips."

Yibo was forced to end their jogging session and return home, because  his trainee's last drop of strength was taken away by the kissing lessons images spinning in his head.



"Now, really, ZhanZhan, I wanna know why are you smiling like an idiot at your phone screen?",  WuXian asked again , him being an innate curious man.

"Nothing, A-Xian, it's only a message sent by..."

"By Wang Yibo, I suppose!
Ha, ha, my friend is so in luuuuv!
Show me, show me!
I'm curious what made you smile like that, did he confess,  maybe the cutie sent you nudes, or even something ?"

"Cut it off Wei WuXian! Nothing like that!
BoBi is too innocent for your erted imagination! Besides I'm not in love with him...I just enjoy the feeling of not being alone anymore in my apartment.
As for the message he sent me, I gave him  my credit card yesterday and asked him to take care of the bed my cousin had broken , you know about it.
I asked him to go today and buy another bed, and he sent me  pictures from the furniture store.", Zhan smiled affectionately.

BoBi, you say...hmmm..."

"Yes, this was his nickname at the orphanage, because  he loved a cartoon character with this name.
That's why he calls me ZhanBi, because the name of BoBi's character's friend was ZhanBi... So, please don't start to 'hmm' me when you will hear him calling me ZhanBi.", Xiao Zhan explained, while showing his friend the pictures of Wang Yibo sitting next to  a  teddy shaped  bed, or with a sm

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