09 Physical contact lesson

How did you get into my life?
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 Zhan sat on the bench and let himself get carried away by memories of the physical contact lesson.


~Xiao Zhan's flashback~


BoBi asked me to sit next to him.
He would teach me how to initiate the most awaited kiss of my beloved ZiZi's lips.
We supposedly had dinner at a restaurant on Valentine's day, where we ate, danced and I gifted her with chocolate and a single red rose.
After that, we would be in her living room, as she invited me in, for a coffee.

"Pity it's not Christmas or New Year Eve and there wouldn't be any mistletoe hanging over your heads.
It would have been much easier.
Is she the romantic type, a funny type or the cold one as you are?", Yibo asked with much interest.

"Firstly, how would a mistletoe help in our kissing process?
There's nothing romantic about it, it's only a parasite that sinks its roots in a host plant and steals food and water from it.
Secondly, I am not cold at all, I'm just realistic and down to earth.
But that doesn't mean I don't like people who are unalike."

"Like Yang Zi Xiǎojie (Miss in Chinese)?"

"Yes, like her...", I replied in a smooth voice. 

"Tell me more, what is your favorite feeling toward a person?"

"Let me think... did it happen to you to have fun and laugh with someone, and realizing half way through, how much you enjoy them and their existence in your life?"

"I understand what you mean.
Yes it happened to me, too.
Actually it happens to me right in these very moments, even though we are not laughing, and even though you are a mistletoe hater."

I gulped and acted like I didn't hear what  he has just said, actually I was  not even sure if I heard it for real or it was just  ,y brain  playing tricks on me:
"So, now that we know that there is no mistletoe in ZiZi's living room, what were you saying that I should do?"

"Yes, you're right, let's get back to our training.
So, you two are sitting on the couch next to each other, same as we are sitting now. 
Both of you feel the inevitable kiss is on its way. Wanted and needed!
You can see in her big eyes the anticipation as your heads slowly move towards each other.
Both of your hearts are drumming like crazy from the emotional tension that it builds before contact..."

"Ahhh...why are you doing this to me?", I gasped  for air, watching through  fluttering eyelashes the flawless face stopped only a few inches away from  mine.




"Ermmm, yes, it's a good idea to ask  her this question, it sounds good, ahem, ahem...", Yibo cleared  his throat while backing a bit his head and tapping cutely his rosy cheeks.

I flinched at the soft palms plastered onto my burning skin, trying hard to focus  on the trainer's words whispered so close to  my lips.
I was  breathing erratically while listening to his words.



"You cup her face in your hands and wait for a few moments, for increasing even more the excitement both of you  would feel when your lips would finally meet.
Kiss her slowly, take your time, there is no other place you'd rather be.
Kiss her, but not like you are waiting for something else, like your hands beneath her shirt, or skirt, nothing like that.
Kiss her like you forgot any other mouth that your lips have ever touched.
Kiss her with an innocent, childish delight.
Smile into , inhale her sighs.
Kiss her until she moans.
Move your hands from her face to her hair, then to her waist.
Pull her closer like you want to take her dancing.
Like you want to spin her into an open arena and watch her looking at you like you are the brightest thing she's ever seen.
Take your time, kiss her like she is the first and the last piece from your favorite chocolate you'll ever  taste.
Kiss her like she forgets how to count.
Ask her what two plus two is, and listen to her saying your name in answer.
Kiss her stupidly , kiss her silently, kiss her..."

The trainer was stopped abruptly from his lecture by a hand entangled into his hair and a pair of fervid lips moving against his mouth.




I had not faced any resistance, that mouth's only reaction  being just a muffled moan.

I heard like in a blurry dream  my name sighed into the kiss, as  my lips smiled into Yibo's mouth, exactly the same as the trainer was explaining  to  me what I should do, a few seconds ago.

I would have pulled him closer by his waist even if he wouldn't have lectured  me before.

When the kiss  was getting hotter and hotter,  Yibo had suddenly pulled away, speaking in heavy breathed, hoarse voice:
"Oh god, please forgive me ZhanBi.
I got too immersed in my training job.
I know that your lips are only meant for her. Never tell her what we have just done, I'm sorry.
But, on the bright side, at least you've practiced, and I can tell you that you've learned well. 
I'm sure you will do a good job there and make your trainer proud."

 "No, you don't have to apologize, it was only my own fault.
I don't know why I did that!"

"You must have imagined that it was Yang Zi  Xiǎojie whom you were kissing, the woman that you are deeply in love with!"

"Yes, that is what might have happened...you're right..."

~End of flashback~









It was getting dark outside by the time Xiao Zhan stood up from the bench and hurried his steps towards his home.

Yibo might be worried by now...
Oh god! 
Why are his thoughts like  thoughts of a married man waited at home by a worried wife?

Right after Xiao Zhan unlocked the front door and stepped inside the lobby, his nostrils got besieged by a very enticing food aroma.

He barged into the kitchen, uncovered the steaming saucepan from the stove and sniffed the content:
"Ahhhm, this smells so good!
Where are you BoBi?"

"Here, in the guest bedroom, just a second!"

Zhan took a sip with a spoon from the boiling content, before heading to the room indicated by his flat mate.

He opened the door and leaned his back against the wall, silently enjoying  Yibo's  struggle to put on a pair of jeans that seemed  to be too small and tight for his  body.
He was grabbing the belt loops like his life was depending on it, jumping around like a bunny, ing his hips and shaking his bum.

He was just lunging his legs one after the other when he noticed that he was being watched:
"Oh, you're here?
Hi, I didn't hear you coming hither. 
Welcome home, ZhanBi!
Go, take a shower, and the food will be ready by then, I hope you'll like what I cooked.
I learned this recipe from a chef when we worked as  dishwashers for a big restaurant. 
Do you always work so late?
I assume that you are exhausted, if you want I can give you a relaxing massage after dinner.
Let me quickly fold these clothes and I'm all yours after that."




"Hi to you, too. I almost forgot how talkative you are.
Why do you call this room a guest bedroom? You should have told me that you are in your room, because this is your room and you are not a guest in this house.
But what were you doing, why are you trying to wear some pants, obviously a smaller size than your size?
And why are you dressing you up, isn't it too late to go somewhere?"

"I went today and picked up my clothes from the uncle and auntie I've told you about.
It was hard to find them, because they moved away from the homeless people shelter.
Some young rascals  tried to steal their things, thus they left.
They had nothing to eat till they found another shelter to accept them, so they were forced to sell some of my and Ji Ge's clothes to survive.
These are the only jeans I have now,  an old pair from the times I was as skinny as a stick.
But it's alright, I finally managed to crumple my inside.
Actually, I am happy that my clothes fed two poor souls, there were old clothes anyway, nothing special."

"You said that your documents, birth certificate, school diploma and all, are in the suitcase they were keeping.
Are those safe?"

"Yes, I got them back, they are reliable people, but this time they were forced to take this extreme decision.
I don't blame them, I've been there many times.
I know the feeling of an empty stomach and a weak body because of not feeding it.

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