10 Rainy day ~WangXian~

How did you get into my life?
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"It's raining so heavily...and I don't even think that you took the car.
Oh, ZhanBi,  how will  you get home? 
Did you take an umbrella? 
Should I call you?"

Yibo was anxiously embracing himself in front of the window, while  worriedly watching the black sky.
He was doubly worried, thinking about his brother's fear of thunder and lightning, too.
But he couldn't call him, because JiJi doesn't have a mobile phone yet, and WuXian Ge is still at the office with ZhanBi, for sure.

A loud  thundering  bang  got him startled. He flinched even harder when his phone started to vibrate on the coffee table:
"Hello, ZhanBi! I'm so happy that you called me!
I was so worried!
I didn't see you getting an umbrella this morning.
I understand, you will be late. No, nothing happened, it's just that I was getting ready to go to WuXian Ge's house because I'm  very worried about JiJi Ge.
Alright then, I'm waiting for you if you say that we will go together.
But, still, it would be great if WuXian Ge would somehow try to get home sooner than us, because my brother suffers from thunder and lightning phobia, I will tell you more when you get home.
Love you, I'm waiting for you, take care and come home safely!...My friend!"


"Love you, too...my friend..."









After Xiao Zhan informed his friend about what Yibo  had told him, Wei WuXian managed somehow to slip out from the boring meeting with their department's leadership, and hastily called for a cab.

Even though he was in a big hurry he still stopped by  a candy store, knowing how much the boy waiting at home loves sweets.



A strong scent of burnt hit WuXian's nostrils as soon as he  entered the lobby of his apartment.
JiJi, what's going on, where are you?", the man panicked, hurrying to the kitchen, from where the smell was coming.

He quickly removed the almost burned to ashes pot from the stove and dropped it in the sink under a cold jet of water.
After  shutting down the stove, he called Wang Ji's name again, panicking even more when there was no answer.

In the end he heard a weak  cat meow, coming from the bathroom direction.
WuXian found  Wang Ji's crouched form, crumpled on the tiled floor between the bathtub and sink, hugging tightly to his chest his squirming cat.

"What's going on JiJi, what happened?", WuXian whispered, kneeling  in front of the terrified boy and squeezing his hands after the cat bolted happily away.

Wang Ji threw himself into WuXian's arms, trembling like a leaf and soaking his shirt with rich, hot tears:
"I don't want you to die! 
Please, don't die and leave me like they did!"

"Shhh...I'm not gonna die and I'm definitely not gonna leave! 
I live here, remember? 
And you live here with me, so it's no way to leave you like...them.", he tried to  cheer up the still crying boy. 
"If you want, you can tell me who THEY are, who left you...", WuXian caressed the other's  messy locks of hair and wiped his wet cheeks, before pecking them lightly.

When he saw that the boy  couldn't stop from crying he whispered in his hair:
"I know what would cheer you up. I bought something sweet for you, let's go in the living room, this floor is too cold for our gorgeous  butts."

"Only if the lightning has stopped, the living room has those huge windows and I don't want to see the lightning!", Wang Ji uttered the gasped words with trembling lips.

"Even if the rain hasn't stopped yet, we can cover the windows with the curtains.", WuXian smiled  comfortingly at him,  while helping him to get up.  Then he tugged him into his protective embrace.

He sat the shuddering boy on the couch and hurried to pull the curtains together, anxiously watching the fearful and helpless expression from JiJi's face.

"Look, baobei, I found this funny box of chocolate bonbons, it's called POO-LAR BEAR, isn't this funny?", WuXian laughed, placing the box in JiJi's lap. 

Wang Ji wiped his red eyes and smiled at the silly white plastic bear pooping chocolate bonbons.

"Thank you XianXian, I really love chocolate bonbons and I love your sense of humor, too. 
But I really hate when it's lightning...Oh my god, now that I remember, what happened with my Huo Guo (A/n: Hot Pot in Chinese) ?", the boy stood up hastily,  intending to run to the kitchen.

"Too late, burnt!
But, don't worry, we can order something or maybe go out for dinner if the rain stops.
Just sit down, eat some bonbons and tell me why you are so scared of lightning, but only if you want to."




"I'm so sorry, XianXian, please forgive me!
I'm so useless! Because of my stupid fear I've almost put your kitchen on fire.
But don't feel any regret about the wasted meal, anyway I am a bad cook.
I was usually in charge of acquiring the food supply while my brother was taking care of  the cooking.
Zhan Ge is luckier than you are, BoBo knows how to cook all kinds of delicious dishes."

"Who cares about food?
I feel very lucky and blessed!
I wouldn't say that ZhanZhan is the luckiest among us, with the whole confusion he is going through. The poor thing  is not even aware of what is happening to him or what his real feelings are. 
Unlike me, who knows who I am and whom I like!
But let's talk about something else, I'm listening if you're ready to tell me about your lightning fear.", WuXian smiled, wrapping an arm around the  other man's shoulder and encouraging him to speak, with a light squeeze.

"Yes, I feel like telling you.", Wang Ji inhaled deeply, nesting himself in the other's warmness, before continuing.
"Me and BoBo loved  our adoptive parents and they loved us very much.
They were such caring and loving parents.
That cursed Sunday started with a very beautiful, sunny morning, so  our parents decided for all of us to spend the day on a lake shore.
Our father was an enthusiast fisherman, he owned all kinds of expensive fishing tools, such as a carbon fiber rod, which he used that day for fishing in the lake.
At some point the little TianTian needed to pee, so our mother took him to some bushes nearby.
It was only me with dad when it happened...
Out of the blue, the sun was gone and black clouds were gathering in the sky.
Even though the rain has already started, our father said that he wanted to launch the rod one more time because the rainy time is the most favorable for catching that certain type of fish.
He balanced back the rod ready to launch, but when the rod was straight up in the air, a lightning hit through the top of the rod and traveled to the man from the edge, who fell down to the ground, instantly carbonized.
Mother, who saw the scene from the bushes, ran towards us, and acted irrationally.
She threw herself on top of her beloved husband, maybe trying to save him somehow.
Touching a man stricken by lightning, had her killed instantly.
I will always be thankful to God that I was quick enough to block my DiDi in time, who was running to them..."

JiJi's words faded into WuXian's clothed chest.

Wei WuXian stood up, trying to restrain his own tears, and took the emotional man with him to the limber box from the lobby :
"Shhh, baobei, I know, I know! 
But let me build for you some new memories related to rain. 
Just come with me."

Wang Ji watched  in bewilderment how WuXian stretched out on the floor  a colorful inflatable mattress and inflated it with a foot pump, then took for both of them two pairs of rubber boots, two raincoats  and two thick beanies.

The confused boy understood the meaning of all those preparations when they got outside in the street.

The rain had already stopped, but because  it was an intense rain, the street was partly flooded.

The passer byers  halted from their rush to their homes to watch or to take pictures of the weird adult, lying onto his stomach over the inflatable mattress, pretending to swim in the middle of a big puddle, and yelling:
"Come JiJi next to me, don't be afraid! 
The mattress is solid enough for both of us! 
We can enjoy the swimming, not a chance for drowning!"



"You're crazy! 
Do you want us to get arrested?",  Wang Ji laughed, but nevertheless climbed up on the mattress, next to the noisy and cheerful man.

They played like two little children, tickling and pushing each other till they fell in the water, with the mattress on top of them, laughing their aSses off.

They were still laughing when they stepped inside the elevator cage, earning  some annoyed and judging looks from the old couple of neighbors.

Luckily the elders were living  on the first floor, so the two drenched men remained, soon, alone in the elevator.

"Thank you XianXian, for giving me these crazy and happy memories. 
I will always treasure them."

"You're always welcomed.
And thank you for giving me so much happiness.
Since I met you, you have turned my sordid existence into a real, happy life.", WuXian whispered, pinning Wang Ji's body against the elevator wall and cupping his soft lips in a languorous and sensual kiss.




WuXian gasped in surprise (a delightful surprise, though) when JiJi grabbed his chin and pushed it up almost aggressively, then he cupped his Adam Apple with hot, ardent lips.

"Mmm, you're so tasty...", JiJi moaned.

"Good heavens, you are so hot...", WuXian groaned when his skin was , and bitten so unexpectedly skillfully.




Their making  out session was becoming dangerously hotter and hotter with lots of saliva, with hands grabbing everything in the way...Luckily the elevator bell snapped  them out from the highs,  when the elevator cage stopped at their floor, so they parted quickly. 



But they parted only for running hand in hand toward the apartment's door which they left  unlocked.

The door got slammed to the wall, the inflatable mattress  dropped in a corner of the lobby, the rubber boots were thrown in the north, south, west and east of the living room.
Wet clothes were flying all over, JiJi's soaked shirt plastering onto the tv screen with a loud slapping sound.

Their hands were exploring feverishly each other's bared half bodies while their lips were , teeth were biting, and feet were walking clumsily towards the bedroom.

WyXian grabbed JiJi's thighs, lifting impatiently his legs around his waist...he was dying for more physical contact, even though they were still wearing the heavy soaked jeans.

They couldn't stop from kissing, not even while WuXian was carrying the other like that, not when his knees hit the edge of the bed, not even when they fell onto the bed, gasping in the kiss.

"JiJi, I need and I want you!
I know that you said we should take things slowly and we never passed by the BJ stage, but I need more, because..

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