27 ~ A WangXian chapter ~The Force Is With You!

How did you get into my life?
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Author note: As I said before, I will publish the content of "How did you get into my life?" in a separated book, as to keep the main story as a non-MRated story for the readers who are underaged or simply don't read

You can find the said story by looking for the similar cover as this one, with the difference that it has the sign applied somewhere in the cover's frame.



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A/n: As for this chapter, I will insert here the first part that is mostly an introductive non-MRated part, except a few spicy words… And I will publish the whole chapter completed with the content in  the separate book I was talking about above.
The completed chapter is coming in a few days. I apologize,  as usual for the long wait!







Wei WuXian was terribly worried that his baobei was lying a bit saying that he was awfully tired lately.
Yes, he was aware that JiJi is going through a stressful period with his new job, afraid that he would not be up to the employee's expectations, or he would not be good enough to be respected by his young pupils, but still...
They haven't made love for a few days already!
What if his orange d!ck was actually the reason? What if his baobei was disgusted with him? He doesn't even kiss him  anymore, out of the blue like he always did in the past!
That cursed tanning ointment had faded from his palms, but a slight tint of orange was still refusing to entirely fade away from his pen!s. dammit!

These were Wei WuXian's tormenting thoughts while sneaking out of the apartment after JiJi entered the bathroom to take a shower.

He hurried to the drugstore around the corner, as a brilliant idea popped up into his mind while they watched together, JiJi's favorite movie, The Star Wars series!

"Do you by any chance have condoms? Glow-in-the-dark condoms?", he exasperatedly whispered  the third time already, as the old drugstore cashier was not understanding at all the customer's words, mumbled between lots of coughs.

"Oh, I get it now!
ChenChen darling! Bring me a pack from  those glowing condoms, please!", he shouted to, probably his wife, while  the flustered customer was trying everything to shush him,  but to no avail.

WuXian exited the drugstore on the run, trying to ignore the other customers' smirks or  thumbs up. 







"I'm taking a longer time than usual for this shower.
Why? Because I must pay attention to all the details as I want to be perfect for him.
I'm kinda disappointed that he is not even aware that today we have something important to celebrate. Hmm, I hope that it is not because he is still mad at me. Maybe he is just simply not the type to remember all kinds of dates, yeah, that might be the reason.
I'm sorry, baby that I kept pretending to be tired these last days. But I did it only because I wanted to inflame your hunger for me and make from this celebration day an unforgettable memory.", Wang Ji sighed, aggressively scrubbing his skin that was already purple from the too hot water and the too much rubbing.

After he was finally satisfied with  his body's cleanliness, he chose to not apply any  perfumed  products, as XianXian told him once that his natural scent arouses him the same like he read about in some gay omegaverse fanfictions.

“I hope he will like  them and it was worth the trouble I went through to purchase this bunny outfit. I bought it not because I was jealous at the sight of XianXian in awe when Zhan Ge’ showed us his present for my brother, a rabbit toy hat with moving ears that simply  fascinated my XianXian.

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