28 More unexpected events

How did you get into my life?
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A/n: I chose to publish a YiZhan chapter, before uploading the promised WangXian chapter, just because the evil author wants to  give her readers some hard times.






So, before proceeding to the present update, let's remember where we were with the quote of the ending of the previous chapter:


Zhan couldn’t believe his eyes and ears what was happening, especially while watching that potent business man begging him with teary eyes.

He felt pity on that poor man, but when his eyes caught the pain from Yibo's eyes, he found the strength to speak up:
"But, Mr Jung, I am in love with somebody, and I don't want..."

"I know, I found out from my driver in a casual chat that you have a fiance, but it's no problem.
You can bring her with you tomorrow morning to my office and I will explain everything to her. 
I said already that you don't have to marry Shia, actually I will pay everything needed for your wedding and honeymoon with your fiance, Yang Zi is her name I think. And I said the truth that I will make you the vice president of the company, Mr Song will be retiring anyway in a few months.
All we need is your signature in the baby's birth certificate on the father's case, nothing more.
I don't know much about you, but from what I've  researched and heard about you, you are a very intelligent man, so I'm sure you realize that it's a great opportunity for your career and a very good deal for your whole life.
I'm sure you are in love with a smart woman who will understand and approve if you will agree.
I say, go home now, make a decision only tomorrow morning after taking a good rest.
I'm waiting for you tomorrow with Miss Yang Zi, at any hour you'll be ready, no need to hurry.
One more thing, I hope I can count on your friend's discretion, too!"

"Of course, Mr Jung, I am his friend and flat mate, I will take care of him to make the right decision: tomorrow morning he will be there with ZiZi jie.", Yibo  stood up and shook hands with the man who, after taking goodbye from both of them, headed to his daughter's ward.



A heavy silence floated between the two men for the whole car riding from the hospital to their apartment.

When the cab stopped at their home address, Yibo got confused why  did Xiao Zhan tell the cab driver to wait for him.

"Muffin, you do have the spare key, don't you?
I'm gonna go  pick up my car from where I left it, don't wait for me, go to sleep.
Take with you,  this wine bottle that Yiduo gifted to me, I don't want to give ZiZi who knows what false signals with bringing a wine bottle, though.",  Zhan told his flat mate while pressing the elevator calling button.

"Wait, wait, you said you're gonna pick up your car, what does Yang Zi jie have to do with that? 
If you are thinking about going to her place, for talking about tomorrow morning, I want to go with you.
I need to be there and make sure that you will make the right decision!
Please, ZhanBi, take me with you, remember that I am your trainer!", Yibo begged, resisting the other's intention to shove him inside the lift cage. 

But Xiao Zhan managed to push him inside, speaking in a very determined voice, almost angry:
No, Wang Yibo, no!
This time I will do it in my own way! 
I will not take any risks again, I've almost lost you today, and not only once! 
I learned today that the mighty, holy TRUTH is the only safe way.
Please, go, eat something if you're hungry and go to sleep.
I promise you, everything will be okay, and Muffin, don't forget what I've told you: I am yours only and you are my only one!
I love you Wang Yibo, I really do!
Go now!"

Yibo placed his foot between the elevator's doors:
"Wait, ZhanBi, before going, at least let me tell you my reply.", then he came out from the lift cage and s his arms around Zhan's waist, pressing his cheek against his loud beating heart.
"ZhanBi, I love you more, you are my life, you are my only one and I am yours only!
Never forget, Xiao Zhan!"

A long and emotional kiss sealed their confession before parting away, a kiss that made Zhan to almost give up at his planned visit to ZiZi's place and just go home together with the man from his arms.


 A/n: Please ignore the headphones!        







"It was such an exhausting day, in only a few minutes I will finally hold you in my arms, I love you so much...", Xiao Zhan whispered to himself while stepping inside their neighborhood flower shop, after almost two hours spent at Yang Zi's house.

Two hours at ZiZi's place because he tried his best to not offend his childhood friend by harshly rejecting all of her attempts in seducing him.

Muffin was right when saying that conquering a gay man's heart and body it's like a supreme trophy for an ambitious straight woman like ZiZi is.

Yang Zi was never interested in having a relationship with Xiao Zhan, yet the attention she always got from him was very much welcomed to her vanity.
Learning that Zhan was in love with somebody, was like losing an important part of her self-importance, and Yang Zi profoundly disliked that!

How dares Xiao Zhan to love someone else but her, it's like he is challenging her!
And what was even a bigger challenge was that her rival was not another woman, but a male! 
Yang Zi needed to prove her power over this new obsession of her former worshiper, because that was Wang Yibo to him, just a wrong obsession...but Yang Zi is a good Samaritan who will sacrifice herself for saving her friend from a possible sinful life, even if she will need to sacrifice her body for that!


"ZhanZhan, would you excuse me for a few moments?
I had just entered the house when you called me and didn't get to change my clothes.
I bought this dress today and I don't know why but it feels itchy all over my skin.
It will take just a few minutes to change myself into something more comfortable.",  Yang Zi said, after Zhan had finally ended exposing the whole happening with the daughter of his boss and his plan with what ZiZi would have to say tomorrow morning.

"Of course, I apologize one more time for intruding at such a late hour, I'm sorry.",  Zhan stood up from the armchair and bowed.

After only a few minutes indeed, Xiao Zhan startled like hell at the woman's high pitched shriek coming from another room, sounding like she was attacked by a burglar or something:
"ZhanZhan, Ah-Zhan,  ZhanZhan, help, help! I need help!"

He ran to the room from where the scream was coming and slammed open the door to the wall.

"What the hell, ZiZi?", Zhan cried out, covering his eyes with a palm at the sight of the woman standing in front of a huge  mirror with the dress pulled down around her waist and her bra unclasped at her .

"I didn't want to bother Meiqi for helping me, as she is already asleep. Please ZhanZhan can you help me? The zipper of the dress is stuck and I simply can't stand it anymore, my whole skin is itching.
Besides I didn't think that you could be bothered to see me like this, after all you are my childhood friend. And on top of that you are supposedly not  attracted to a female body.
So, please, try to unblock this damn zipper, the itching drives me nuts! ", Yang Zi grinned, turning around to face Xiao Zhan while nonchalantly removing the black lacy bra with one hand  and ruffling her long hair with the other hand.
Zhan slipped behind her with his eyes to the ground and shuffled her dress upside before pulling easily down the zipper.

"Oh, you made it!
Like always, everything is too simple for a genius like you, thanks ZhanZhan.", the woman meowed, grabbing  the man's hands and wrapping his arms around her bare by now waist, while shaking down the dress and stepping out from it.

"No need to be a genius to understand what you are trying to do!
ZiZi, you know how much I have always admired you, that's why I hate watching you humiliating yourself like this!
ZiZi, you will always have a special place in my heart, you will be forever my sweetest memory, my first crush, my first love, but please, understand that now I am deeply in love with a person about whom I have no doubts that he is my fated one, my soulmate, my life.
I really love Yibo with all my heart and nothing can change that, not even a beautiful woman like you!
It's as much inexplicable for me as  it might  be for you.
I can't tell how or why, all I know is that I can't live anymore without him, I love him very much, I'm so sorry ZiZi.", Zhan said, taking the woman's hand and kissing it, before undressing his jacket and covering her front.

"No need to say sorry, it's me who needs to apologize...so this is how real love looks!
Wow ZhanZhan I have never imagined...
I really envy that cutie of yours, I hope he loves you back as much as you love him.
I was not so lucky like you two are, because I fell in love with an from my working place whose lies I believed, but he broke my heart.
No, I didn't fall in love with you, sadly!
But I have always admired you and cared about you, even though I acted sometimes like a spoiled little b!tch.
Also I love your mom very much.
That's why I will help you with anything I can, just tell me how."


It was again much later after the closing hour, so the florist could give him only a few ugly flowers with unknown names and broken stems, but at least he found on the shop's shelters  a plushie holding a heart in its hands.
He bought the plushy which was not a teddy but a squashed ugly rabbit, but it didn't matter. At least the rabbit was wearing a green vest, Yibo's favorite color.
Muffin will understand the message Zhan was trying to give him through the flowers and the heart from the plush's paws...

Xiao Zhan, love really made you a soft hearted, cheesy guy, huh?!



"Hmm, BoBi must have been really tired and sleepy to forget locking the door...", Zhan thought to himself  while  trying to shove the key in the front door keyhole, but the door pushed itself open.

His breath stuck into his throat when stepped inside, at the creak of broken glass coming from under his feet...he quickly reached out the hand for the light switch...
What the!...
"Yibo, Muffin, BoBi, are you alright?!"

The lobby floor was full of scattered pieces of broken glass and red liquid, probably red wine from Yiduo's bottle of wine which Muffin might have dropped it...and maybe he was too sleepy to clean up the mess?...


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