26 Unexpected events

How did you get into my life?
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The whole evening Xiao Zhan tried all kinds of strategies to keep his boyfriend away from the  media star's annoying attention, for example by asking Yibo to act like the lovey-dovey Luna's boyfriend for Shia's eyes.

Yes, it was painful to watch him dancing lasciviously with that makeup stylist female in his arms, or shamelessly  flirting  with her. 
Hmm, why the hell was his innocent BoBi so good at flirting, though? 
Luckily Xiao Zhan remembered that Bobi was actually his flirting trainer. And not only that, but he remembered that this  was a fake flirting, before doing who knows what, when  Yibo inserted his straw in the girl’s glass and  pursed his lips around the straw, the juice  while locking his eyes with hers! Damn, it hurts!



Even so, Xiao Zhan was preferring to witness all this tormenting flirting, than to watch Yiduo drooling over his ( hopefully) still  boyfriend.

But of course Wang Yiduo was not at all the type to give up so easily.
He was always finding a reason to take Yibo with him: to show him all kinds of  sh!tty collections, to introduce him to some important people who might help him for a career in modeling or showbiz, and many other reasons.

Shia started to ask him questions, if Luna and his flatmate were in some kind of a fight, or if they were  really in love with each other.

Zhan was already getting annoyed with her constant nagging, like he was not troubled enough, now he had this girl driving him nuts, too, with all her questions.
Not talking anymore about her attempt to seduce him in all kinds of ways.

Hell, A-Xian was so right, it was a really bad idea this whole sh!t, dammit!

Xiao Zhan took advantage when Shia went to the restroom with Luna, and tried to part Yiduo away from Yibo, who was monopolized by the  influencer for the whole evening, the same way as himself was stuck with Shia.

He walked closer to the couch where the two were sitting to observe better what they were doing.
Yiduo was  flipping through the pages of a photobook, and making Yibo giggle from time to time.
Nothing to worry about...that only if their heads wouldn't have been almost glued together and Yiduo’'s free hand wouldn't have been resting casually on Yibo's thigh. 

Holy mother...this, this!
Too much, already!
Suddenly the  influencer cupped with his free hand Yibo's chin, turning his face to him...what the fu*k? Was he just whispering to him something, or...trying to kiss Muffin?



"Sorry for bothering.
BoBi, would you mind if I would take away the host from you for a few moments?"

"No bother Zhan Di, BoBi is too nice a sweetheart to mind about anything, especially tonight.
Don't you BoBi? 
So, how can I help you, do you need something?",  Wang Yiduo raised his eyes to look at the man standing before them, yet not bothering to remove his hand from Zhan's boyfriend's thigh.

"Ehm...nothing overly important...just that...I have a curiosity...I don't even know if I should ask you.", Xiao Zhan stuttered,  with his hands clenched into fists and his eyes plastered on that disturbing hand which seemed like applying a very subtle action over Yibo's firm thigh.

"Zhan Di, don't hesitate, just ask.
Didn't we already agree that we are friends?
Friends can ask anything.", the  influencer smiled...
Oh how badly Zhan would wish to wipe away that smile with a punch right into his handsome and famous face!

"Can I take a seat?
So, Yiduo Ge, did you invite your boyfriend to attend this party?
I would  like to meet him. Is he an artist, too?
I'm really curious about him.
Or at least show us a picture that you surely  have with him.
And what are you two watching here, having so much fun?", Zhan forced out a smile, too, while rudely removing Yiduo's hand from Yibo's leg and crumpling his on the couch between the two men.

"He was showing me some pictures with his friends.
I was laughing because he told me...
Yiduo Ge, can I tell ZhanBi how your friends are calling you?
They call him  Bear and  Beast, because of his outstanding strength. No wonder about that, he works out a lot, from what I saw in those pictures.
 Oh, and his artist name for the foreign fans is Yiddio.", Yibo explained  with too much enthusiasm for Zhan’s liking.

"BoBi DiDi, you gave me inspiration for a new makeup tutoring video THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!
You could easily figure out who the beast is and who might be the beauty.
Maybe our managers should already begin the talks about a new contract, because I feel so inspired that I'm sure the story script will be created in only a few days, and the filming for the video will start right after.
BoBi DiDi, you are so beautiful! Like really ing beautiful... and sweet and cute and innocent... I need you to stick more often with me, I feel like you are my perfect muse for many future big hits.", Yiduo smiled, reaching out a hand to touch Yibo's cheek on behind Zhan's back, who was bent forward to guard the safety of Muffin's thigh.

"So, Yiduo Ge, you didn't reply to my question, do you or do you not have a boyfriend?
I bet he was your muse for your previous tutoring videos, so why not use him for your future projects, too?", Xiao Zhan asked, hitting hard on the couch backrest with his back, almost breaking Yiduo's stretched out arm, and trying hard to hide the desperation from his cracked voice.

"I can't answer your question, just not yet.", Yiduo chuckled, rubbing his aching arm.

"Why not?",  Zhan smiled back, but his smile faded curtly at the  influencer's reply:
"Because I am just working at it...hopefully I will be able to answer your question till the end of this party."

Xiao Zhan grabbed harshly Yibo's arm and stood up from the couch, pulling his boyfriend with him:
"Come on Muffin, you promised to help me, Miss Shia is already getting suspicious about your relationship with Luna, so you need to stick with her more!
Please excuse us Yiduo Ge, but he made me a promise, and real friends should always keep their promises.

Zhan pulled Yibo,  for walking away from the couch, so harshly that he tripped onto the coffee table.
Of course Wang Yiduo was like a prince saving the princess, when reached out his arms to grab in time Yibo's waist, pulling him in his lap.

"Thank you, GeGe, Yibo crooked an embarrassed smile, standing up quickly and covering his flustered cheeks, after the  influencer planted a quick peck on the tip of his nose.

"I'd be honored to be your forever savior, if you'd accept me.", Wang Yiduo murmured, stopping him from walking away by holding his hand between his palms.

Xiao Zhan pulled again Yibo's hand from  his rival's grip, hissing at the influencer like a snake ready to attack:
"He is not a helpless person, and he is not in any kind of danger to need you to save him.
I am not his manager for nothing, I can take care of him very well, me and Muffin don't need any help from anyone!
Come Muffin, the girls are waiting for us!"



On their way to the table where Shia and Luna were having a drink, Yibo pulled away his arm from Zhan's strong grip:
"Let me go, you're hurting me...MISTER MANAGER!"

"So, that's why you were all flirty with that...?!
Because I didn't shout to the entire world that I am gay and in love with you?!
I can do that, if you want me to, just watch me!
Please, everybody, can I have your attention, please!", Xiao Zhan shouted, grabbing Yibo's glass of wine and clinking noisily both glasses against each other .

"ZhanBi, what the fu*k are you trying to do?
Are you drunk or something?
Cut it off, you're embarrassing both of us!"

"Ladies and gentlemen!
Can I have your attention, please?! 
I have an important announcement to make! 
My name is Xiao Zhan and I am..."




A sharp female shriek cut Zhan's voice, drawing everybody's attention to the woman who was screaming hysterically.

Yibo ran quickly to their table where Luna was winding her arms, screaming and crying.
He understood what happened at the sight of fainted Shia's head  dropped on the table and Luna's elegant dress full of disgusting vomit trails:
"ZhanBi! Come help me out!
Call 120 (A/n: The Chinese standard emergency call number for the ambulance service), Miss Shia lost consciousness!"

"Let's take her to my car and bring her to the nearest hospital.", Yiduo said, lifting the girl in his arms and carrying her towards the door.

"I don't think that she is drunk, though, she ate a lot and might be allergic to something she ate.", Luna spoke, already calmer.

"I still think we should better call 120!
it's pity for your expensive car to get dirty and smelly, after all the girl is my responsibility.", said a very agitated Zhan, wiping the girl's dirty mouth and face with a wet napkin a random guest had handed to him.

"No time for that! BoBi, take off my car key from my left pocket and open the back door.", Yiduo spoke in a voice showing that he was used to people around him being obeyed to him.

Besides his obvious physical strength shown in the ease he was carrying the girl, Wang Yiduo has a leader personality, another good reason to be admired by Muffin, Zhan couldn't help himself not to ascertain. 

Xiao Zhan admitted to himself that the  influencer was right this time, so he climbed in the car on the back seat, placing Shia's head in his lap and massaging her cold hand...
God help for only an alcohol intoxication to be the reason for her faint, and nothing else more serious.

Yibo's worried eyes locked in the rearview mirror with Zhan's ones, who was no lesser worried:
"ZhanBi, calm down, don't worry so much.
Luna said Miss Shia mixed a few types of alcohol, so she might be only drunk.
Yiduo Ge, I need you to leave right after she will be taken by the hospital staff, please.
You are a known celebrity,  we can't risk any reporters spotting you, and that way to find out about the patient's identity."  

"But why?
Only because she is the daughter of Zhan DiDi's boss?
Is this boss such a big shot guy?"

"Sorry, GeGe, all I can say it's that the media can't find out about her, but I can't tell you why.
Anyway, you did too much already, and we are very thankful for everything, I mean me and ZhanBi.”








Xiao Zhan and Yibo were led by a nurse to the waiting room, telling them that the doctor will come and explain to them about the patient's condition after checking her out.

"I wonder, should I announce her father?
I bet I will be fired in the first hour of the morning, and I can't blame Mr Jung for doing so.
He trusted me to take care of his daughter, instead all I did was to bring her unconscious to the hospital.", Zhan mumbled, while taking his phone from his pocket.

Yibo grabbed his hand, stopping him from searching for his boss's number:
"I’d say we should wait first for the doctor, you don't even know what to tell her father.
And ZhanBi, don't blame yourself, you didn't do anything wrong, after all she is an adult, capable of making her own decisions. It's not like you forced her or anything.
You can count on me to testify if it would be needed, and I'm sure Yiduo Ge would do the same, especially that his name weighs more than mine."

"You just can't stop yourself from not thinking and talking about that , do you?
Do you like him?
Of course you do, good looking, famous, rich, and very interested in you, why shouldn't you like him, though?
Muffin, you can be honest with me, I could never blame you, and I assure you I can take it, just tell me the truth!", Zhan spoke in an almost inaudible, cracked voice, while  kneading nervously Yibo's hands.

Yibo opened his mouth to reply, but didn't  get to speak, as the nurse from before came to them followed by a doctor.

"How is she?
Is she alright?",  both men asked at the same time.

The doctor sent away the nurse, before speaking to the two worried men:
"Miss Li Queen Alicia...I know the patient's name from her health ID card we found in the pocket of her purse.
Anyway she  will be alright, she is already conscious, but she  must remain under medical attention over the night, just in case.
Thus  she will be discharged only in the morning.
As for her identity, nobody should be worried, nor her, nor you. We are a serious hospital, and the privacy of our patients is safe here. I mean when I asked for some needed information for the registration she told me who she is and asked me to keep the information secret.
She gave me  her father's phone number. Mr Jung should be here by any minute.
Now, tell me which one of you two is the baby's father?"

Yibo and Zhan didn't have too much time to collect themselves from the shock, that a man has butted in their conversation:
"Good evening, doctor, I am the person you talked to on the phone, Alicia's father, Mr Jung!
Thank you for taking care of my daughter. Let me show you my appreciation for your care and especially for your discretion about her identity, by signing a sponsorship contract from my company to your hospital.
Now let me introduce you to the father of my unborn grandson,  and the future  vice president of my company, Mister Xiao Zhan!"

After a few good minutes of heavy silence, especially when Zhan saw Yibo's body dropping like a sack of potatoes, in a chair, with a loud thud, he finally spoke in a  trembling voice:
"Doctor, could you give us a few moments alone?"

Then he turned to his boss, but he was stopped from speaking:
"I know Mr Xiao Zhan, it's shocking for you, but I assure you that..."

Zhan cut his words:
"Mr Jung, please forgive me if I sound disrespectful, but with all my consideration for you or your daughter

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