25 Never forget!

How did you get into my life?
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Xiao Zhan flashed a mortal glare at Yiduo's hand grabbing Yibo's wrist when they were already outside the studio:
"Just a moment BoBi DiDi, at the end of the week it will be my birthday, but because I will be abroad on that day, I will throw, today,  a small party at my mansion, for the filming crew, and you can't miss it of course.
After all, you're the most important piece of this whole movie."



Zhan harshly yanked Yibo's arm, striving to pull out a forced smile to the makeup artist while emphasizing strongly the BOBI word.
Nobody is allowed to call him that but him, what the hell!
And why the hell did Muffin tell this dude  about  his nickname, about that nickname?
"Thank you on  behalf of  BOBI, I'm sure that he feels honored  that you invited him, but he already has another commitment.
Come on, Muffin, go take your girlfriend and let's go!"


While Xiao Zhan was translating for Shia  what they had talked about, his ears were perked at the other two men's conversation.

I thought that our managers had reached an agreement about this issue.", the influencer frowned.

"Oh, there is no girlfriend, it's just a favor I'm doing for a friend, who asked me to act like I'd have a girlfriend...long, complicated story.
Anyway I asked Miss Luna, the stylist from your makeup team, to act as my girlfriend for this evening. 
That woman with whom my manager is talking is the American daughter of his boss, and I promised to spend this day with them, you know, like a double date.  We would give the boss' daughter a  Beijing  car tour, then eating and clubbing, stuff like these. 
But, I bored you enough with my personal life problems. All I want to say is that I wish you an advanced happy birthday and thank you one more time for choosing me...It was such a wonderful day!
I loved everything! Miss Sunny Yin is such an exquisite artist with such an exceptional voice, but not only that. I loved  the song, the story, the work,  and the staff members.
Everyone was so nice to me, especially you of course.
I would really like to attend your party, but...", Yibo kept talking, loud and in a high speed, as he always does, especially when he's  nervous.
And these two men are really making him a nervous wreck.  

Yiduo pressed his thumb on Yibo's plump lips, shutting him up, and smiling derisively at Zhan's ball sized eyes, throwing fire arrows at his gesture:
"Shhht, I just got a great idea!
The guests are invited for the party at 7PM anyway, so we have plenty of time to have that Beijing car tour. I could give you that ride with my car, which is big and comfortable enough, then we can do the eating and clubbing part at my party. 
I can assure you that the food will be the best, the same  will be the music and the dancing atmosphere.
So, what do you say BoBi DiDi, about my suggestion?"


"His name is Yibo or let's accept Yibo DiDi because he is your DiDi indeed! So, please don't call him BoBi anymore!
Because...because...his girlfriend might feel offended!
Besides, I am his manager, and it's my duty to protect his image, the staff must respect him, please don't give them the false impression that Mister Wang Yibo might be an easy person!", Zhan scoffed.

"How come?
You have just called him Muffin, seconds ago! That sounds awfully disrespectful to me!
Besides, calling him BoBi DiDi doesn't make him an easy person, but it's just showing to the staff members that me and my co-actor are close.
I don't know how much knowledge you have about this industry, but I can tell you that it's a good thing for a production staff to work with actors  who are on good terms with each other.
Hmm, Mr Xiao Zhan, are you sure that your concern about the way I call him is only from the position of his manager?
Are you sure that you're not in love with your artist, and worried and very jealous of me, ha, ha, ha?", Wang Yiduo laughed.
But his laughter died abruptly when Zhan clenched a hand onto his throat, while  preparing to punch him with the other hand. 

Luckily Yibo was faster and grabbed his fist and his other hand, screaming:
"ZhanBi, what an actually fu*k?!
You will damage his vocal cords, for Christ's sake!
He's an important actor in this movie, and his voice is needed unharmed!
And not only that, but his face is  his income source!
Let him go, what's wrong with you?
He was only joking, don't worry, nobody thinks for real about you that you could love a  male!
Especially not a guy like me...a NOBODY!



Xiao Zhan's hands dropped along with his shoulders, his flamed anger converting  suddenly into a deep pain engraved in his  eyes, but in his whispering voice, too:
"I am so so sorry, please forgive me all of you.
I might be tired or tensed from the work, I don't know what got into me!
You're right to be concerned about his vocal cords and his face, I apologize for almost hurting such precious assets.
Wang Yiduo laoshi, or what should I call you, I'm sorry again.
I must admit that I did some research about you, and I also admit that I have a great respect for everything you do or did, I even can say that I admire you.
I hope we can forget about my brainless moment and become, if not good friends, at least good collaborators.
As for you Muffin, I mean Wang Yibo, I told you countless times to never say again that you are a NOBODY!
You are very important, even the most important to many people."

"Yes I know, my brother who loves me dearly, always told me the same, but..."

"No but, Mister Xiao Zhan is very right!
You are a precious human being who, I'm hundred percent sure, will be loved and envied by thousands of people after the movie is released, just wait and see.
You have so many qualities that I am already envious of, myself, too.
Now, let's go to my car, this young woman looks puzzled at us , we don't want to give her a bad impression about  the Chinese people, don't we?.
BoBi, I mean Yibo DiDi,  I guess that you do know my car, go get Miss Luna, while I will lead Mister Xiao Zhan and Miss Li Queen Alicia to the car.
We will wait for you two inside the car."

"I'm not bothered with you or anyone else calling me BoBi, though.", Yibo smiled, causing Zhan to wonder if Muffin was just being innocently polite, or a mischievous little devil who was trying to make his boyfriend jealous..

When Yibo opened the back door of the  influencer's car for Miss Luna to climb in, he was surprised to see that ZhanBi was sitting on the front seat next to Yiduo GeGe.
He wouldn't have known that ZhanBi was just following an advice that popped into his head, about what he had once read: "keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"

They had so much fun the whole Beijing car tour , especially the back seat passengers.
Yibo and Luna were trying to teach Shia, Chinese silly trip songs or childish games, laughing like crazy all of them.

Yet, Yibo was feeling a bit of uneasiness at the two pairs of eyes he often caught watching him in turns through the rearview mirror.
One pair  of eyes, cheerful and smiling, while the other clouded with worry and anxiety.










Wang Yiduo's mansion was no surprise, it was  as Zhan expected to be: hidden in the middle of a private small forest with a huge swimming pool illuminated by fairy lights and filled with colored balloons floating on the water surface.
The tables around were full of all kinds of appetizing dishes and bowls with various fruits, especially grapes.
Xiao Zhan admitted to himself that the Yiduo guy was classy, knowing how to not disturb his guests' taste buds when they would taste from the various types of branded wines that he noticed in a huge special wine cabinet.
That's why there were no flowers or scented candles on the tables, but aromatic grapes instead.

"I see that you are a wine connoisseur, Wang Yiduo laoshi.
I am pretty good at this, too, my father used to be the owner of a vineyard, which my mom has sold after his death.
But even though I was just a small kid at that time, I still remember the few lessons that my dad has taught me about wine.
And when I grew up into an adult it became a sort of a hobby to learn more.", Zhan said,  taking out from the cabinet with much care an old wine bottle and reading the label in amazement.

"Allow me to give you this bottle as my gift, and please don't address me anymore with laoshi, just Yiduo Ge, same as BoBi DiDi is calling me, or GeGe, will be fine, or simply DuDuo like my friends are calling me, even though you're my DiDi.
I feel that we two could become really good friends even if our start was not that good. 
Maybe you could teach me more about wine, actually I admit that I am not such a great connoisseur.
The catering company I hired took care of everything.
But now let's take a seat and eat something, I can't wait anymore for the guests to get here, my stomach is growling already.", Yiduo laughed, wrapping a friendly arm around Zhan's shoulders and leading him to the biggest table where his boyfriend and the two girls were already stuffing their mouths.

"ZhanBi, please help me! I tried to explain to Miss Shia the names of the dishes but I'm not sure that she understood anything from my Engrish.
Yiduo Ge, I apologize that we already took some food uninvited, but everything looks so irresistible that I couldn't refrain myself.",  Yibo smiled, showing his teeth spotted by food traces and wiping cutely with the back of his palm his fluffy cheeks smeared by the sauce called with who knows what fancy complicated name.

"Irresistible indeed...", the  influencer sighed, staring for long minutes at  his DiDi's fascinating cuteness, while reaching out a hand to wipe one sauce spot missed at the corner of Yibo's mouth.

Damn, it will be hard to compete with this guy's high life style, if only

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