After us


It's 2025, the contract of the kpop group ateez has expired and has unfortunately not been renewed...
Each of the members now has their own profession and their own life, somewhat surprising for some people.

What happened to them? Why didn't they renew the contract? Are they still in contact?

This story is also available on Wattpad in original version and on archiveofourown in english.


Hi! After posting the entire of this story on Wattpad and on archiveofourown, I decided to post it here too.
I don't speak English, so deepl is currently my best friend.
I'm really trying to make sure it's fairly understandable but if there are little things mistranslated that take away from the story, sorry.

The original version is available on my Wattpad: @ellieforus

And in english version on my archiveofourown: @ellieforus


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