Episode 3 - Good Timing

Rollin' in the Deep

     The night's storm escalated, making Jinyoung stay indoors a little longer. He didn’t mind because he could take an extra helping of the hospital's blood supply when no one was looking. Maybe an extra two to put in his bag for wherever the wind would blow him next.
    Sneaking extra carefully, Jinyoung used his heightened sense of smell and hearing to detect any staff who might stop in the supplies room. He tiptoed out, and was almost free, until...
    "Jeogiyo!" Jinyoung froze as he heard a nurse call behind him. He scrunched his face in defeat as he turned to face her. "What are you doing in there? Are you a patient? I’ve never seen anyone look so pale! Here, let me take your pulse."
    "No, thank you!" The nurse touched Jinyoung's wrist a moment before he pulled it away.
    The nurse's jaw dropped. "You’re freezing! Please, come this way, and we'll get you checked out."
    "I really don’t think–" Jinyoung backed away from her, but bumped into an IV stand. His bag dropped to the floor and the packs of blood burst open. Before anyone could catch their thief, Jinyoung bolted out the door.
    Jinyoung's stomach growled as he ran faster than ever. He was hungry and tired, and now that the hospital he relied on was no longer an option for blood, he would have to starve.
    Or... he could hunt. Jinyoung shook his head at the thought. He hated sinking his newly formed fangs into anything living.
    About a year ago, Jinyoung himself was made into a snack and bitten by a vampire. He was minding his own business, playing his guitar at the park in the evening, when he suddenly felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his neck. His life completely flipped upside down since then. For one thing, Jinyoung made the habit to sleep during the day. Even with a full day's sleep, this night, he still felt tired. He had no fuel.
    Nevertheless, Jinyoung kept running until he found himself standing in the damp graveyard. On any normal day, the graveyard never frightened him. Even now it didn’t, but he did get chilling vibes once he walked a few steps further and spotted his old band-mate’s new grave. What made the situation more chilling was that Sandeul's casket was not yet buried. It appeared that the storm made the gravedigger postpone the burial until it cleared up. A mound of dirt piled on the side of the rectangular hole. Jinyoung looked at the closed casket and the headstone for only a moment before leaving in the pouring rain. He didn’t want to think about death at the moment.
    In an instant, the ground shook and a huge clap of thunder erupted from up above. Jinyoung was knocked off his feet as lightning dove into the earth. He caught his breath and stood up with shaky knees.
    Odd. Very odd. Jinyoung saw that the lightning hit right where Sandeul's body lay in the ground. Without thinking about how strange that was, he turned to leave once more, until... he heard knocking and groaning from Sandeul's casket.

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