Episode 18 - Because of You

Rollin' in the Deep

     The door slowly opened to reveal Jinyoung looking down in shame. He entered, cautiously checking his bandmate’s shocked expressions. Were they too upset at Jinyoung to let him come back? Jinyoung thought that he should really apologize first before they might force him to leave. 

     “Jeongmal… jeongmal mianhae, Baro,” Jinyoung said, trying to sound sincere. “I don’t know what came over me. I mean, I know what did, since I’m a vampire and all. But I’m sorry that I–”

     “Save it,” Baro interrupted, his hands balled into fists. “You can’t just chase me around the whole city, looking like you want to kill me, and then apologize. I bet you’ll do the same thing when you’re hungry again.”

     “I didn’t mean to be like that,” Jinyoung tried to explain with disparity in his voice. “Honestly. You know that I want to keep the band together. I wouldn’t try to hurt you, much less kill you!”

     “I saw the way you were staring at me!” Gongchan and Sandeul winced at Baro’s yelling. “Give us a good reason to keep you around. I don’t think we should if you’re going to be a threat to us.”

     “What’s all this arguing about?” Shinwoo exited the bathroom, wearing his pajamas and a towel wrapped around his wet head. “Baro, you really shouldn’t be getting on Jinyoung’s case, meanwhile you clearly have issues of your own. In my opinion, you’re just as big of a threat,” he stated, peacefully. 

     “What are you talking about?” Gongchan wondered, almost too afraid to ask. 

     Even though Baro was motioning for Shinwoo to keep quiet, Shinwoo answered simply, “I found him taking stuff from a convenience store before we arrived here.”

     “It was only one bag of snacks,” Baro gulped, but still tried to act chill. 

     “So… you just wanted the blame off of you? Didn’t you?” Jinyoung raised a brow. “Or do you genuinely want us to split up? Because after hearing the whole story, I wouldn’t mind that idea.” Now he was the one getting angry. 

     Baro crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, showing that he didn’t care, even though he really did. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead as he thought of the five of them splitting up over something so stupid. However, at that moment, he was too upset to patch things up between them. “I wouldn’t mind that, actually. At least I would be away from you for the rest of my life.”

     “Uh… guys?” Gongchan jumped into the mix, not wanting to worsen the situation. 

     Jinyoung and Baro ignored him. They were too busy staring at each other with hatred in their eyes. Shinwoo stood off to the side, disappointedly shaking his head, saying, “Will you two stop? You don’t need to make things worse than they already are.”

     “He’s the one who’s making it worse!” Jinyoung pointed out. “He just got back from breaking the law, and then blames me without forgiveness. It’s his fault.”

     Baro headed towards the door, not wanting to deal with the heat. “Fine then! I’ll leave to make you happy.”

     Shinwoo slid in front of the door before Baro could put his hand on the handle. “We’re going to work this out before anyone leaves. Arasseo?”

     Baro let out a frustrated moan, “I think Jinyoung has made it clear he doesn’t want me here. He already tried to kick out Sandeul, now I’m his second target. If the rest of you were smart enough, you’d leave, too. He doesn’t want us here.”

     “Guys!” Gongchan said again, sounding more frightened. 

     Jinyoung tightened with anger, ignoring Gongchan again, “So, now you’re turning tables on me? As soon as I got here, you yelled at me, wanting me to leave. Sure I haven’t been acting like myself lately, but you’re not acting like yourself either, Baro!”

     “Enough!” Shinwoo finally decided to raise his voice. “We were getting along so well before. Why do you two have to ruin that right now? Maybe it is about time we should split up…” Shinwoo thought hard about the future of their band and how he really thought they could get paid to perform so he could pay his rent. But if they weren’t going to get along with each other… there was no way those plans could work out. I guess I’ll have to find some other way to pay the bills, he thought as he took the towel off his head and threw it harshly into the clothing hamper. “I want the four of you to pack up your stuff and leave. I’m sorry, but it seems like this won’t work out anymore.”

     “Hyung, l-” Jinyoung began as he felt his heart sink. 

     “I don’t want to hear it right now,” Shinwoo adjusted his glasses while trying to hide the fact that he really didn’t want them to go, but he had no other choice. “Just gather up your belongings, and don’t return until you’re all willing to get along.”

     “Guys!” Gongchan repeated himself, panic could be heard in his voice. 

     “Mweo?” the three who were arguing said at once. 

     “Sandeul doesn’t look so–”

     As Gongchan spoke, Sandeul fell limp onto the floor. 

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