Episode 27 - Who are You

Rollin' in the Deep

     Jinyoung, Shinwoo, Gongchan, and Baro filed into the hospital room where they found a distressed Sandeul, tugging fistfuls of hair. His wide eyes snapped up at the four as he rambled in distraught, “I have a broken leg too?” He moved his blanket to show off his white cast. “I still want to know what happened! I just fell off stage, right guys? It was just a nasty fall, right? How did this all happen though? I don’t even think I want to know. You all were probably worried. Ow, my head still hurts… I don’t know how I hit both my head so hard AND my leg hard enough to break it! We really need to go through safety precautions or something–”

     “Shhh…” Jinyoung hushed him, narrowing his eyes, scoldfully, “Calm down. Just lay back and relax. You have some of the best doctors taking care of you, and you’re recovering well.”

     “How can I relax when I know that something’s up?” Sandeul only turned up his volume, “You all look at me like you’ve seen a ghost! Is there… something you’re not telling me?” Sandeul grabbed hold of Shinwoo’s shirt collar since he was the closest. “Did they only give me a month to live?”

     “Calm down, please, Sandeul,” Shinwoo said as his mind flashed back to a few weeks ago at Sandeul’s funeral. His face went pale as he tried to force away those memories. 

     “I knew it!” Sandeul flopped back on his bed in a pout after letting Shinwoo go. “It was nice knowing you all–”

     “Sandeul,” Jinyoung tried again, “you really don’t have to worry. I guess… we’re just acting odd because we thought… we thought you were gone for good.”

     Sandeul looked into the eyes of the others, all four looked as if they were about to tear up. He didn’t like the gloomy atmosphere of the room, so decided to try to change it. He rubbed the back of his neck, “Wow, I didn’t know I gave you all a scare. But we can talk about something else. Um… How about our next concert? We have another one coming up soon. You four can do the dancing, meanwhile I’ll just sit on a stool in the corner, and I’ll get all the pity!” He laughed at himself as if making the funniest joke in the world. 

     The others joined in the laughter, but it wasn’t genuine. They couldn’t laugh for real because they realized there was still a problem at hand: Sandeul’s amnesia. 

     Sandeul repeated his question again as the room fell silent, “So, when is the concert? Next weekend, right?”

     “Um, actually,” Baro spoke up, “it was cancelled. There won’t be a concert for us.”

     “Oh. That really stinks…” Sandeul looked as if his spirits were crushed, looking down at his cast, “What are we going to do now? Does WM have anything prepared for us soon? We really need to promote our album! It’s our first! Everyone will forget about B1A4 if we don’t do some kind of performance!”

     “Uh… Sandeul,” Gongchan finally spoke, but was interrupted by Jinyoung.

     “We do have a performance scheduled!” Jinyoung said quickly before Gongchan could finish, making everyone turn to him in confusion. “Next Saturday! Yep, I just got the news. We’re scheduled to perform an opening act. I don’t know where it’ll be yet, but we’ll find out!”

     Gongchan flashed a dirty look to Jinyoung for making up a lie, who shrugged in return. Gongchan sighed when he saw that Sandeul seemed to be in pain again. “If your head still hurts, you could rest, Sandeul. Your parents should be arriving soon to pick you up… Sandeul?”

     A familiar blank expression glossed over Sandeul’s face as he opened his mouth, “Chaaaa… nnnnn… Ahh… niii…”

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