Let Me Sing for You a Song that We Both Know

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The A-Z of dating a college student: Joohyun, a working adult who never went to college, outlines what it’s like to live with twenty-one-year-old Kang Seulgi.

Read as: 'A B C D E F G, I love you and you love me.'


[RV 7th anniversary project!]


DISCLAIMER: I write just for the sake of writing. Will not be engaging with comments, nor will I ask for upvotes, subscriptions, comments, etc. (Feel free to if you want to though). Characters in the story are not intended to reflect the actual individuals; this work is pure fiction.

This is original work that has been cross-posted to ao3. I do NOT allow converts, translations, or postings on other platforms. If I find that you've ripped off my work, I will report you on that platform, even if I have to make a million accounts.

Should I be writing a new story when I have three ongoings and two collections? Absolutely not. Will I anyway? Hell yeah.
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