Bewilderment #1

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1: the quality or state of being lost, perplexed, or confused : the quality or state of being bewildered.

2: a complicated or confusing state or condition : a bewildering tangle or confusion.


In where Kim Taehyung bites off more than he can chew ... in more ways than one and is thrown into a world he never knew existed, crushes on the new girl, and tells himself he only cares as a brother for his best friend.
In where Park Sooyoung just wants to forget about her ex, start her program, and ignore the "feelings" for her best friend.




warnings will be given and M/TW chapters will be marked
for the use of strong language, violence,
and ual scenes that will occur.


How did he get here? Why was he even here? What made him take the route in the first place? It wasn’t his normal route. It was completely different. Was that new girl? Yeah, he was following that new girl. But then he lost sight of her. That turned out to be a good thing because then he would have been a creep and Joy wouldn’t let him hear the end of his “stalking.” But now he was there, with nowhere to hide or go. He was confused, scared, but most of all utterly lost. Drops were felt on his head, it was starting to rain. Great, so not only was he unable to move after seeing what he saw but now he was getting rained on. 

Slowly he started to back away but slipped from the puddle behind him. The gravel under his foot made a sound. It shouldn’t have been heard except everything was quiet, only the small sounds of the rain starting to pick up the pace were heard. The people in front of him all turned in his direction. He was screwed. 

Immediately he started to run, only to end up running into someone who dragged him away, behind some drums. Taehyung was breathing heavily and jumped when the person touched his shoulder.











Kim Taehyung

Park Sooyoung

Kim Seokjin

Bae Joohyun

Park Jimin

Kang Seulgi

Jeon Jungkook

Kim Yerim

Min Yoongi

Son Seungwan

Kim Namjoon

Jung Hoseok




more introduced throughout...







a/n: this is my shot in the dark. I just want this story published somewhere and I have not been on here in ages so, here you go. I'm not expecting much feedback or any considering it got like none on wattpad.


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alerav #1
Chapter 53: oh por Dios , amo esto.
Shambhavi1_ #2
minseul45 #3
Chapter 52: This can't be the end........
pinkypn #4
Chapter 49: Oh no wendy. I really hope she got rid of those scrubs. Baekhyun should really tell the others about chanyeol. I can't believe that stupid nurse gave up information about wendy, i hope she gets punished for it. Why is he going after yoongi? He was the one turn shot yoongi or gave yoongi cover up. Is joy pregnant?
pinkypn #5
Chapter 40: They better not forget the get the morning after pill. They were the only couple that wasn't careful. Why the the lee brothers call off the wedding? Did the girl agree to marry namjoon even after knowing he loves jisoo while she loves sehun?
pinkypn #6
Chapter 36: All the couples should just get secretly married. I can't believe they are all somehow got involved in the underworld. I'm starting to hate Irene more and more. I'm kind of not liking jin much either since he is protecting Irene and also pretends to not know what is going on.
urvamrawal #7
Chapter 36: please have a good ending
and why there is a vibe like jin is gonna die in the end...
CertifiedWeirdo #8
Chapter 33: I love this story. This is so well written
minseul45 #9
Chapter 26: wow this story just keeps getting better!!!!
Chapter 2: This is so good