V. Why

Finally, Love
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Son Seungwan.


The only heiress of LP Entertainment, one of the biggest music agencies in the country. Everything had been planned out ever since she was young. She was trained to play musical instruments since she was 4, had to learn the operations of LP entertainment at age 17, scheduled to take-over the company at 21, and to be married off to the Park family, owner of VR Entertainment, a few months after.


Hence, one night, Seungwan decided to run away from their mansion and go to Seoul to study college. She had no problem with taking over the company. In fact, she was beyond excited about it. Music and Business. These are the two things that can make Seungwan happy. But what she didn’t like was her father who planned of marrying her off to another family just to ensure the business’ stability.


Park Chanyeol.


She met the guy once during her parents’ anniversary. Seungwan had to admit that the guy was charming and nice. Maybe, if they had met in a different circumstance and at a different time, she would probably consider being with the guy. Chanyeol has always been friendly towards her. They sometimes meet up but Seungwan knew the boundaries. They can only just be friends. But her father was very adamant on them marrying each other, Seungwan didn’t want any of this. She loves her parents but she wasn’t ready for all of this.


The girl applied for the scholarship examination of LS University at the last minute and fortunately got in since she knew that she doesn’t deserve using her parents’ money with her plan. She took some of her belongings, the money she earned by herself, and took the last trip to Seoul.


That’s why the girl didn’t want anyone in the university knowing her identity. She’s sure that news will blow up when people knew about her. Even though she knew her father took extra care of hiding her identity in the public since then, she didn’t want to take any chances. She doesn’t want anyone to think that she aced the exam because of her family nor take over the company because she’s the only heiress. She wanted to prove herself first and do things on her own accord.


When Seungwan learned that Joohyun knew who she was, she was frantic. No one was supposed to know her background and even the plan of marriage. Just how could Joohyun get this kind of information?


“We won’t really date, you fool. I just need you to pretend and I think we’ll both benefit from this, don’t you think Seungwan? I mean, your father would --,”


After the deal she made with Joohyun, the girl immediately searched for more information about the girl and learned that she’s a daughter of a chairman of a big entertainment agency as well. This must be how she knew me, then. Damn it.


But still, why would she even want to date me? That girl didn’t date anyone ever since she started in the university so why now?... And why me? It doesn’t make any sense.



Seungwan followed the girl inside the room and noticed there were still a lot of vacant chairs. The girl spotted the older on her usual seat with her earphones on and reading some notes. Since Joy was not with her, Seungwan didn’t know whether she should sit beside Joohyun or not.


For my own sanity. Seungwan decided to sit in front. She settled in and brought out her notes when she suddenly felt someone threw a balled paper on the back of her head. The girl scratch

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