IV. Sht happens

Finally, Love
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“Date me.”


What the heck?!


Seungwan finally experienced the stupidest kind of confession ever. Surely, the younger had a fair amount of share on the number of times she’s been confessed to during high school. But the girl in front of her, demanding her to date her, won the top prize for being the most foolish confession.


Seungwan stepped back and asked incredulously, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you crazy?!”


Joohyun shook her head in disbelief and replied in an icy tone, “Do I look like I’m joking?”


Seungwan still couldn’t believe what was happening. Why would Bae Joohyun want to date me? The Bae Joohyun. They only shared one class for god’s sake.


“Why?” Seungwan demanded.


The older girl just hummed, asking the younger the continue.


“Why do you want me to date you? Is this some sort of a prank because if it is, hahaha, it is so funny,” Seungwan said with fake enthusiasm and tried to walk past Joohyun but the older held the younger’s wrist in a tight grip, “We won’t really date, you fool. I just need you to pretend and I think we’ll both benefit from this, don’t you think Seungwan? I mean, your father would --,”


The younger held up her hand and exclaimed, “Stop! Fine. What’s in it for you then?”


“You don’t need to know,”


The younger crossed her arms in annoyance, “Is this some sort of blackmail?”


Joohyun laughed at the question, “No, Son Seungwan. This is a business deal. So are you in?” the older extended her hand.


Seungwan contemplated on whether accepting the proposal. She knows everything in this just screamed madness and stupidness but she didn’t want anyone to know her identity. The girl in front of her just offered her an easy way of protection. But the comments about her…would she live after this?


“For how long?”


“Three months tops then we could go on our own way after that,” Joohyun replied. “And no one would ever know about your family,”


“You can make that happen?”


Joohyun chuckled again at the younger’s question, “Oh my, looks like you haven’t heard anything about me yet, So? My hand is getting tired,”


Seungwan knew that the girl was powerful and popular in the university. If the girl wanted something to happen, it would surely happen. Seungwan decided to take a leap of faith and shook the older’s hand firmly. It’s just three months, how up can everything be?



Everything’s ed up already and it hasn’t been a week.


First, Seungwan swore she might be already deaf when she told Joy that day about the deal she made with Joohyun.


“Unnie! That’s the greatest decision you’ve ever made!” Joy squealed when they were at the dorm already and then it was followed by a bunch of useless queries.


“So is she gonna eat with us now during lunch?”


“Will she come by your dorm?”


“Will you two go on dates?!”


“Oh my god! You two are going to fall in love and have wonderful babies”


Seungwan threw an apple at the younger sitting on the couch, “Shut up. No one’s going to fall in love. It’s just like hmm…a business deal,”


“But unnie, dating THE Bae Joohyun would make you very popular! She is the school’s IT girl for god’s sake,”


“I know… but we sorted it out. I guess I just have to believe in her,” Seungwan replied and heaved a sigh. “But damn, that girl is scary as hell,”


Joy laughed and nodded in agreement, “She is,”


“So why do you hang-out with her for the past few weeks then?” Seungwan inquired and bit her own apple while opening the tv.


Joy leaned back on the couch and extended her arms on the back, “Well, she needed my help with the proposal in our class project,”

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