you in me

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In this world, anything you think is possible. It’s only just a matter of time. Some are lucky enough to experience them, and some were too late to even see a glimpse of what they wanted. 


Years ago, no one would have even thought that humans can explore outside Earth. But after years of trying and testing, it became possible, and now we have humans exploring the space, setting up stations, and rich dumb people going to other planets.  




Now think about this, do you have painful and hurtful experiences that are too much to bear? Memories that you want to never remember forever? Forget them like they have never been part of your life? Every single detail erased in your mind forever?


No, it’s not erasure of everything you know in your life, but, just a certain memory like a break-up, death, hardship, and all other heart-wrenching moments you've experienced.


Impossible, you think?


Read the first sentence again.  


Because in a hidden alley along the streets of Seoul, there lies a cramped office booted with several medical equipments. A sign hangs outside the door that says,


“Welcome! Come inside if you want your memories gone!"



Inspired by the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" 

This will be a multi-chaptered story.

First chapter will be posted soon. Updates will be slow. My apologies in advance. 




Oh! This one is fluff but angsty along the way ;) Read at your own risk.



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