X. Two

Finally, Love
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Seungwan didn't know how it really came to this point. But she knew she's the one to blame for everything that had happened. For Gods sake, she just wanted a quiet and boring university life but she got tangled in this mess she can't seem to get out off. Or don't want to?

Bae Joohyun's back to being cold and distant. After that night, the older seemed to went back to the time where she just met the younger. The girl doesn't cling onto her anymore even when they were alone. The times when they were together became very minimal. It's like the older was trying so hard not to be alone with her. Thank heavens for making Seungwan's life at least bearable.

Seungwan knew this was what she wanted. That's what she was trying to tell to herself over and over again. In fact, she knew this was what the older wanted as well. She was just wondering why her heart aches whenever Joohyun was close, yet still far from her.

"This is what I wanted, right?" She mumbled to herself when Joohyun walked past her in the hallway without even sparing a glance at the younger. There weren't many people in the hallway that time.

The two can still be seen together when they had to. When there were people watching. But they just sat or stood side by side without even talking.

When she arrived back at the dorm after her class a few days after that night, she noticed a figure standing right outside her door. She squinted her eyes to see who the person was.

Park Chanyeol.

The guy was leaning back on the wall with his foot crossed over the other. He was seemingly busy with his phone that he didn't even notice Seungwan'a arrival.

"Chanyeol?" Seungwan started.

The guy looked up in surprise and saw the younger was already in front of him. Chanyeol quickly put the phone in his back pocket and smiled softly at the girl.


Seungwan admits that the guy's looks was beyond description. He looked too good to be true. Seungwan learned that Chanyeol even modeled for some high-end fashion stores internationally. That's how good he looks. So the girl wondered how in the hell did Chanyeol get inside her dormitory building without a bunch of cameras and fans following him?

"What are you doing here?" Seungwan inquired, trying to hide the surprise in her voice and still finding the situation crazy. How the hell did Chanyeol know where she lives?

The guy smiled toothily and showed the bag he was holding with his other hand. "I brought your favorite cake,"

Seungwan appreciated the gesture greatly. The cake on Chanyeol's hand was from her favorite restaurant. She knew it was very difficult to get that cake it since the pastry should be requested personally from the chef and might take a few days for it to be delivered. She remembered she only told the guy about it in passing in one of their conversations. She didn't think Chanyeol would remember it, but he did.

"Thank you. You didn't have to," the younger replied as she extended her hand to receive the pastry.

Chanyeol pouted at this. "But I wanted to,"

Seungwan laughed when he saw the adorable pouting face by the guy and slightly slapped his arm. What she said before's still true, if only she swung that way, she and Chanyeol might have a chance.

"Seriously though, what are you doing here? How did you track me down?"

Chanyeol straightened up his stance and chuckler lightly. "I have my connections, Wan. Plus, I think your father already knows where you are, too,"

Seungwan smiled grimly. "Yeah, one way or another, I knew he'll find out,"

Chanyeol then pulled out something from his pocket and showed it to Seungwan.

An ID card.

It was an ID card of Chanyeol at their University.

Seungwan widened her eyes in shock, "What?!"

Chanyeol beamed at the younger. "I'll start attending classes next week,"

Still shell shocked, Seungwan replied incredulously, "What do you mean?!"

"I'm now studying in your university," Chanyeol explained nonchalantly.

"But why?"

Chanyeol tilted his head in an adorable way and replied, "Because I wanted to study?" He explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Seungwan thought for a moment. Chanyeol didn't have anything to do at their university but why would he enroll himself there? "But, I'm sure you know that I'm dating someone right?" the younger said.

Chanyeol laughed loudly at this while Seungwan just look confused. It's better to set out this one immediately before things go any further, right? "In fact I do. Look, I just wanted to attend the university here and I visited you first since I really don't know anyone here."

Seungwan chose to believe his words at that time. She knew Chanyeol was really a nice guy. For the few times that they met, Chanyeol has never been anything but sweet and kind to her even though she already established the fact that they can't be together. Chanyeol would always just reply with a nod and a smile.

The girl decided to change the topic. "So...how's everything back there?"

"You mean your parents?"

Seungwan nodded.

"Well, the last time I met them, they were still kind of upset that you left. They wanted you to go home,"

Seungwan’s face hardened upon hearing that, "I can't. At least, not right now,"

Chanyeol looked at her softly. "I know. That's what I said to them. I told them that you just needed to figure out something for yourself and when you're ready, I'm sure you'll come back,"

Seungwan felt warm. She didn't know how Chanyeol can be this kind of guy who clearly understood why she left. She smiled gratefully hugged him lightly. "Thank you. That must be the reason why they bugged me less for the past few weeks,"

"Anything and anytime for you Seungwan," Chanyeol replied softly and looked at his watch. "Look, I have to go now but see you in Uni?"

Seungwan nodded at that and smiled.

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