VIII. Really

Finally, Love
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"Wendy unnie! Why are you back early?"

Joy's voice rang through the hallway of her floor in the dormitory. Seungwan got startled and almost dropped the cake she was holding since she didn't expect to see Joy outside.

"Yah! Never do that again!" Seungwan said in huff annoyance as she clenched her chest.

Joy giggled and walked to the older. She took the cake from Seungwan and draped her arm over the small girl as they walk to Seungwan's door. "So why are you here, pretty unnie?" Joy said teasingly as she checked out the older.

Seungwan shrugged her shoulders and said nonchalantly, "Something came up. Joohyun had to attend some matters so the dinner got cancelled, by the way, the cake's yours now," The older fished out her keys from her bag and opened the door. Joy squealed before letting out a loud, "Yes!"

"Did she say what it was?" Joy inquired after a moment and barged inside Seungwan's dorm, leaving the older outside. The girl immediately searched for utensils and opened the cake in a haste.

Seungwan got inside and laid flat on her face on the sofa. "Someone called her in the car. It looked urgent so she had to go," Seungwan replied in a muffled voice. To say that Seungwan did not feel bad about it would be a lie. Even though they've only known each other for a little while, she thought she would have at least earned an explanation from the older. But Nadah!

"Unnie! What are you doing?" Joy shouted from the kitchen as she saw the older lying on the sofa. The girl successfully cut a portion of the cake and was already transferring it to a plate.

"I'm tired,"

"Who's the caller?" Joy inquired again as she strode across the room to sit on one of the available couch.

Seungwan looked up for a moment and sighed, "Someone named Kim Jennie," then continued lying flat on her face.

Joy was munching the cake that she almost choked when she heard the name, "Did you just say, Kim Freaking Jennie?!"

Seungwan hummed in response. She heard some shuffling but didn’t bother to look up.

“Seulgi unnie! Come to Seungwan's dorm right now! ASAP!”

Seungwan heard Joy's quick call on the phone and got intrigued. "Yah! Why did you ask Seulgi to come?"

"We need more information for this, Unnie!"

In about half an hour, Seulgi arrived at Seungwan’s dorm dressed in pjs. Joy dragged the poor bear to the couch and immediately told what happened to the two. Joy also started grilling Seulgi about Kim Jennie.

"She's Joohyun unnie's..."

Joy leaned closer in anticipation, "She's what?"

"...ex-girlfriend," Seulgi said in a low voice.

Seungwan almost fell off the couch. Joy choked on her cake that she had to run back to the kitchen and get some water.

When the two finally got settled down again, they both looked at Seulgi questioningly but it was Joy who bombarded the bear with questions.

"Joohyun unnie had a girlfriend?"

"For how long?"

"Why did they break-up?"

"Is she still in love with her?”

"When did they break-up?"

Seulgi chuckled and held up her hands to stop Joy from asking questions anymore. "One at a time please,"

"But yes, 14 months, family issues, about 8 months ago..." the bear trailed off and stopped for a moment to think.

"...and for the last question, that I don't know," Seulgi whispered the last as she listed off her answers to Joy's question.

"But why does she still call her? And why did Joohyun unnie dropped everything to just see her if she's not in love with that Jennie?" Joy continued berating the bear-looking girl.

Seulgi merely shrugged her shoulders and replied with a sad smile, "I tried talking to her about it but she just always switched the topic to other else."

Seungwan was just still lying flat on her face. Listening to everything.

"Why did she agree to fake dating Seungwan if she had Jennie?"

"About 2 weeks before this whole fake dating thing, Joohyun accidentally told me that Jennie has someone else now when we were drinking. Maybe with the Student Council thing plus Jennie, Joohyun found the perfect solution."

So Joohyun asked me to date her to make that Jennie jealous? Why do I feel used when I know I've been using her too.

But mine's for a different reason though.

Aaaarrghhh. You're so complicated, Son Seungwan.

The younger didn't know why she's so angry over knowing the reason why Joohyun came up with the idea when in fact, they're both benefitting from this. They were merely friends and it shouldn't make Seungwan feel this way. Seungwan got up then just nodded at the two " I'm going to bed first. Just lock up when you guys are done, okay?"

Joy just replied with a nod while Seulgi looked at the girl questioningly.

“What happened?” Seulgi inquired.

“Something’s broken. Just let her be,” Joy explained and the tv.

Seungwan laid on her bed and thought of all the things that happened. God. Why is Joohyun making her feel these kinds of things.

There was the time when…

Seungwan saw Joohyun getting out of the Editor's room carrying several paper bags in her hands. The younger just got out of her class and decided to visit Seulgi. Upon seeing Joohyun, Seungwan immediately jogged to where the older was and extended her hand to free some from the older's hold. Joohyun smiled cheerfully when the younger appeared before her.

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