IX. Cold

Finally, Love
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Joohyun’s already getting agitated outside their house even though Seungwan already confirmed a while ago that she’s coming. Joohyun hated waiting more than anything but the younger still had three minutes to arrive.


The girl looked at her phone for the 6th time since coming out of their house. She stood by the porch to see if any girl would show up outside their gates.


Where are you?


 I’m almost there. I think? Got a bit lost.


 Told you I should have picked you up ;)


 And I told you don’t bother


Joohyun sighed at the reply. Seungwan has really been distant towards her. She’s not dense. She already got used to all the teasings and stupid encounters with Seungwan that the younger’s attitude towards her now felt foreign. The younger already showed her shiny and bright side that it already blinded Joohyun but now, it seemed like everything’s turning gray. Stupid Seungwan for messing with my head.


A sudden ring broke Joohyun’s thought. She looked at the gate and noticed the girl who rung the bell. Joohyun instantly smiled at the sight of the younger. Seungwan was wearing a blue strapless dress that stopped above her knee and had her hair pinned down to one side, exposing her shoulders. She looked breathtaking…


Joohyun pressed something on her phone and the gates opened. Seungwan finally walked inside, past the garden and long line of cars in their garage. When Seungwan arrived at the porch, Joohyun didn’t know what came over her to pull the younger in her embrace, sighing in relief. I’ve never been this clingy with anyone.


“I thought you got lost,” Joohyun whispered near her ear. Seungwan slowly removed Joohyun’s hold around her waist and stepped back, providing safe distance between them.


“We just texted a few minutes ago, Joohyun,” the younger reminded.


 Joohyun then tugged Seungwan’s hand, pulling her inside the house.


“Mom! She’s here!” Joohyun shouted when they got inside. The older continued pulling her to what seemed to be the kitchen.


Seungwan was greeted by a petite middle-aged woman in her apron. This must be where Joohyun’s looks come from then, she’s so pretty. The younger removed her hand from Joohyun’s and put both of her hands over her stomach and bowed deeply.


“Good Evening, Mrs. Bae. My name’s Wendy Son Seungwan,”


Mrs. Bae laughed at such formality and pulled the younger in a quick hug. Seungwan almost laughed. Like mother, like daughter.


“No need for that too much formality, Seungwan. We’re close with your parents,” Mrs. Bae noted. She called me Seungwan. Not Wendy. Well, now’s not the time to worry about them.


Seungwan nodded and hummed in response. “I see. Hello then, Mrs. Bae!” the younger greeted again cheerfully.


Both the mother and daughter laughed at that while Seungwan just looked at the two confusedly. “Why?”


Joohyun took a hold of Seungwan’s hand again. “Nothing. You’re just being adorable,” the older whispered on her ear. Seungwan shivered and moved away again from the older.


“Joohyun, why don’t you take Seungwan to the living room first. I’ll call you when dinner’s ready,”


Alone with Joohyun? Seungwan stopped and looked at Mrs. Bae smiling. “I’d like to help, Mrs. Bae. If that’s okay with you?”


Mrs. Bae smiled gratefully and clapped her hand in excitement. “You would? That would be nice!”


“I’d like to help, too!” Joohyun exclaimed.


“You don’t –“ Seungwan interjected.


“I think Seungwan would be okay, dear,” Mrs. Bae cut the girl off. “We’ll just call you when it’s ready,”


Joohyun pouted at that. “Fine. I’ll call Yeri then,” the older disappeared from the kitchen and went to the living room.


Mrs. Bae tugged Seungwan’s arm, pulling her inside. “So can you prepare the stew, Seungwan? I already prepared everything so you just have to cook them,”


Seungwan smiled brightly, “I’ll make the best stew you’ve ever tasted, Mrs. Bae!”


"Unnie! Is she here already?" Yeri exclaimed when she got on the foot of the stairs.

Joohyun nodded and placed her hand on her hips, reminding Yeri threateningly. "You better behave Yerim or else,"

Yeri chuckled and slapped Joohyun's arm playfully. "What do you take me for, Unnie? I'm nice to people!"

Joohyun placed her arm over Yeri's shoulder and they walked towards the kitchen. "Watch out what you say in front of Seungwan or else... I'll tell Seulgi about your little crush," the older whispered to Yeri threateningly. It's better that Yeri doesn't know.

Yeri opened in shock and stomped her foot in annoyance. "Unnie! You're being the evil here not me!"

Joohyun just giggled at that and playfully pat Yeri's head. "So we're clear, alright?"

Yeri pouted and just nodded.

"Ma!" Yeri exclaimed when she caught sight of the woman in the kitchen. Then she noticed another short haired girl in her apron beside her mother. Joohyun couldn't help but smile as the two were laughing happily.

Mrs. Bae turned around with a bright smile and urged Yeri to walk closer. "Oh, Yeri-ah, come here and meet this girl,"

The said girl turned around with a grin and wiped her hands on the apron. "Hi! You must be Yeri?" Seungwan extended her hand.

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