XXI. Now

Finally, Love
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Seungwan could hear the faint chatter, but more like a whispered yet heated discussion of her two guests, as she brushed her teeth and tried to make herself look presentable inside her bathroom.

From the minute she saw Joohyun by her bedroom door, she already thought of a thousand ways on avoiding the older, like running away from her dorm and never come back (yeah, even in just her pajamas). But Seungwan knew odds were not always in her favor since faith had to bring Chanyeol in the picture as well.

The very two people she did not want to see together were in her freaking dining room right now. Plus, she was also curing a hangover so it just made everything much, much worse.

After finishing up, Seungwan got out of the bathroom and walked quietly towards the kitchen. She stopped by the corner of the kitchen and saw Joohyun took the liberty to make herself at home.

Seungwan's kitchen was relatively small. The stove and the sink were on one corner, the refrigerator was small and placed on the right side, and there was a dining table and four chairs in the middle of the room. Seungwan discreetly observed Joohyun at how the older brought out the pan from one of her drawers and grabbed some ingredients from her refrigerator. It seemed like the older knew where everything was in her dorm. Whereas, Chanyeol set-up the takeouts on top of the table.

Seungwan decided to hide herself by the wall and listened to the hushed conversation of the two.

"Why are you even here this early?" Joohyun asked. Irritation was evident in her tone, Seungwan just knew. "Don't you have a class?" The older added as she heated the pan on the stove.

Chanyeol laughed lightly and sat on one of the dining chairs. "Actually, I don't. My classes always start in the afternoon. Who even gets morning classes?” he scoffed and added,  “No offense but, I think only old people do." The guy joked.

Joohyun almost threw the spatula at Chanyeol's head. All her classes start in the morning since it was always in her philosophy to always get things in order as soon as possible. She could not understand why people waste a morning when one could already get many things done already.  For Joohyun, it was also a good means to get things done ahead.

"How about you? Don't you have a class this morning?" Chanyeol inquired.

Joohyun was silent for a moment. She weighed her options as she could either be called 'old' by this arrogant guy or tell a lie this morning. Joohyun preferred the latter.

"I don't." Joohyun muttered under her breath as she whipped down her ingredients.

Joohyun wasn't sure if she heard a faint scoff by the entryway or not when those two words came out of . But technically, she did not lie since her morning class got cancelled so one of the debate members just set-up a last minute discussion for their upcoming pitch. Well, that meeting was out of the window now. Joohyun knew she had to start somewhere with Seungwan and if it meant missing one debate meeting, then so be it.

"I see," Chanyeol hummed in reply. "So you have nowhere else to go this morning?"

"No, how about you?" Joohyun replied sternly.

Chanyeol smirked and replied confidently, "I'm right where I'm supposed to be,"

For the second time that morning, Joohyun wanted to throw hands at the guy. But this time, it would be an egg she was holding, which was supposed to be for her omelets. The older never wanted anything else than to wipe that smirk off of his face.

This is a good position since he can't see me really well here...



Just when Joohyun was about to raise her arm, angling for the guy's head, Joohyun felt another presence in the room. She turned to the entryway and her breath got caught in .

How can she make my heart do this?

Jooyun knew that she had seen Seungwan in casual clothes a hundred times, but she had never seen a Son Seungwan with specs on and hair tied in a messy bun. Joohyun knew the look was simple or even ordinary to some but she still couldn't help in herself to find the sight really adorable and be just blown away. She had to tighten her grip on the spatula just to prevent herself from running towards the girl and then squeeze the blonde's mochi-like cheeks.

"Good morning," Seungwan mumbled as she walked towards the refrigerator to pour herself a glass of orange juice.

"Good morning," the two visitors greeted back with much more enthusiasm. Seungwan stood still by the refrigerator, unsure where to go after.

Chanyeol took this chance to stand up from his seat and the clueless blonde by the arm to sit opposite him.

Seungwan followed Chanyeol's guide blindly but she immediately felt bothered because it was as if she felt some daggers boring through her back. True enough, when she looked at the senior by the stove, Joohyun had her eyes on them. More like glaring at them.

Not too subtle unnie…

She didn’t understand what it meant but Seungwan witnessed how the Joohyun’s expression slowly changed from a scowl then to the adorable Bae JoohyunTM pout.


The older turned around quickly when she finally noticed that Seungwan was staring back at her. Seungwan smirked to herself.


Chanyeol handed the sandwich to the blonde and smiled. "I've got you your favorite,"

"Oh! Is this from the bakery in Gangnam?" The blonde turned his attention to the guy and asked with glee. She proceeded to unwrapping her sandwich. "It's so hard to get this!"

Chanyeol laughed at the blonde's childlike behavior who looked like she had just received her favorite toy, "Uh huh, I lined up at 6AM and there was already a long line in the bakery. Good thing I was one of the last persons to buy that sandwich," the guy said proudly.

The blonde munched on her sandwich and ate it excitedly. "Thish iz reallllyy the besh shandwich eveeer!"

Chanyeol just chuckled in reply and munched on his sandwich as well.

Joohyun wanted to throw hands for the third time that morning, but she forced herself again to calm down at the scene happening in front of her. Joohyun was well aware at how the blonde became delighted easily because of the guy.

The older couldn't even understand how her heart felt like it was ripping into pieces this time. This was still something foreign for her.


Does Bae Joohyun gets jealous now?


There were only two times where she remembered feeling that way. One was when they were in the cafeteria and Seulgi sent a picture of the two and the other was when she found Chanyeol with Seungwan that night unfortunate night where Seungwan ended things with her.

Joohyun even recalled yesterday's event and thought that maybe, it was jealousy as well.

The older swiftly turned around again and finished her cooking instead.  "You feeling better?" Joohyun mumbled.

It was soft but Seungwan heard it. Mostly, everything that relates to Joohyun. "Uh-huh, thanks for the aspirin and for last night again,"

Joohyun suddenly heard the two cackling from her behind. Curious, Joohyun turned her head and saw an adorable pout sporting by the blonde.

"Yah! Why'd you do that?" The blonde exclaimed as she rubbed a spot on her forehead. Again, Joohyun wanted to throw hands.

"I had to flick you so you'd remember not to drink that much again," Chanyeol replied coolly.

"I will never, ever drink like that again. I can vaguely remember what happened last night, you know?"

“Good thing you were with me and Joy or else…”

“I know, I know.”


“Speaking of, I just saw Joy outside this morning. She said she’ll just buy some breakfast and then go here, too.” Joohyun comment

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