XI. Change

Finally, Love
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Joohyun was at the editor’s office when she received a text from their resident bear. Usually, the older doesn’t check her phone when she’s in the zone while working. But she thanked the heavens that time when she decided to unlock her phone and checked Seulgi’s message.  


When she was greeted by a picture of Seungwan with another guy, Joohyun almost dropped her phone in shock. She had to zoom in the picture to make sure it really was Seungwan and what seemed to be an attractive guy beside her. The green in her body slowly started to creep up and she all knew was she had to get there fast.


After the night when Seungwan decided to just go back to where they were, she knew something inside her died. She didn’t know the younger’s reason for deciding to do so since they seemed to be fine when they were together. They even reached to the point of holding each other’s hands and hugging. The hamster-looking girl already made her do a lot of things for the first time. She knows it cliché but she used to hate those things but when Seungwan did it, it felt right. It felt okay. Or even when Seungwan’s being too stupid, she always had the urge to get closer to the younger. Joohyun even realized that she has never been this way towards Jennie before.


So when Seungwan tried distancing herself, Joohyun didn’t know what to do. She busied herself with more academics and extra-curricular activities in the university. She didn’t want Seungwan to know how she was affected by her decision since she’s Bae Joohyun after all. But after a few weeks without Seungwan and then seeing that the girl seemed happy with some other guy, Joohyun knew just what she should do.


She found herself sitting in a booth with Seungwan beside her even though she had a lot of deadlines and problems to meet in the editor’s office. Joohyun glanced at the guy beside Seungwan again and her lips formed in a thin line. He looks too plain and shabby.


Joohyun slowly moved her hand from the table and discreetly placed it on Seungwan's right thigh and gave it a little squeeze, urging the younger to move closer to her.


Seungwan almost yelped when she saw where Joohyun's hand was but obliged to the latter's request. Good thing I changed my mind from wearing skirt to jeans, or else. Seungwan thought that Joohyun would remove her hand on her lap once she moved closer to the girl but minutes passed and Seungwan noticed that it was still there. The older was only using her one hand to eat her lunch while still talking to them. Dear Lord, is this how I die?


Seungwan was openly staring at the hand on her lap when she suddenly felt a nudge on her side.


"Is something wrong?" Joohyun whispered as the girl leaned closer to her.


 "Oh -- uh nothing," Seungwan denied and diverted her sight now to read her book on the table.


"Okay," Joohyun smirked and went back to eating. Another squeeze. Oh God.


"Wendy, are you alright?" It was Chanyeol who asked this time. Good thing Joohyun's hand can't be seen from Chanyeol's view as it was still covered by the table.


 "I'm fi--fine," Seungwan stuttered as she felt Joohyun's hand slowly moved up and down her thigh, rubbing it.


"Your ears are so red right now, Wendy unnie," Joy commented and quirked a brow at the girl.


"Shut up, Joy" Seungwan glanced at the culprit and saw the older was now checking her phone. Acting so innocent. As if her hand wasn't doing anything on her lap. Or her whole being right now.


 "Are you sure?" Chanyeol asked again.


Seungwan just nodded and tried to focus on her book again.


“Seungwan, you didn’t even introduce Joohyun unnie and Chanyeol to each other,” Seulgi commented as she ate her pie.


The girl looked up from her book and mustered a smile. Seungwan took this as a chance to move her thigh and slightly face Chanyeol.


“Yeol, this is Joohyun unnie,” Seungwan introduced. She then crossed her legs under the table, forcing Joohyun’s hand to slip away from her thigh.


“…and Joohyun unnie, he’s Chanyeol,”


Joohyun gave a curt nod at the guy but Chanyeol extended his hand excitedly towards the older and grinned, “You must be Wendy’s girlfriend. Am I right?”


The older had no other choice but to shake hands with the guy. It would be so rude of me if I didn’t but oh well. “Yes. I’m Wendy’s girlfriend,” the older replied with a smug smile and then placed her hand on Seungwan’s lap again.


Joohyun heard a small squeak came out from the younger. She had to bite her lip to stop her from giggling at how adorable the sound was. She missed this.


“And you’re Wendy’s…?” Joohyun asked and trailed off.


“Fiancé,” Chanyeol quipped and leaned back on his chair.


Joy screamed. Seulgi’s pie fell from . Seungwan’s mouth went wide open. And Joohyun… did not give any reaction at all.


“What the hell?!” Joy asked incredulously.


Seungwan glared at the guy but Chanyeol was biting his lower lip to stop himself from laughing. “Chill, guys. I was just joking,”


“Yah! You should not joke about something like that!” Seulgi exclaimed as she playfully threw a paper napkin at the guy. Joy was pouting as well.


Seungwan breathed a sigh of relief since they easily believed it was a joke. But when she glanced at the girl beside her, Seungwan knew World War III was about to happen. The girl was already staring back at her when she looked. Her lips formed a thin line and her brows furrowed. ? The girl’s hold on her lap also tightened as well. I just hope there’s still blood circulating on my thigh.


 The younger laughed awkwardly as she lost eye contact with the girl and slapped Chanyeol’s arm a little too hard. “Chanyeol, you should not joke around like that. Ha.ha.ha. These guys are so gullible unlike us,”


“Relax,” Chanyeol replied and laughed.


Suddenly, a scoff was heard from the resident bunny, “I would appreciate it if you would not joke something like that with my girlfriend,” Joohyun put so much emphasis on the last word that it still rang in Seungwan’s ears after a few seconds. It felt so much different hearing it this time though.


Chanyeol leaned forward to look at Joohyun at Seungwan’s side. “What if I was not joking though?” the guy challenged while still smiling.


Joohyun did not back down. She stared back at the guy with such intensity and smirked. “We

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