VII. New

Finally, Love
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Seungwan stood by the entrance door to her dormitory wearing a white short dress that stopped above her knee and a pair of flats. She glanced at her watch. 5.58pm


Joohyun should be here anytime soon.


The girl fished out her phone from her tote bag and almost cursed at the number of messages she received.


From: Devil Sooyoung

Fighting, unnie!

You’ll meet your mother and father – in – law, aren’t you nervous?!

Don’t be stupid okay? Just be yourself!

Wait scratch that, don’t be yourself or else they’ll think you’re crazy!!!

Make sure you brushed your teeth!

I should have been there to check youuuuuuu

Curse this org meeting

Send a picture of yourself!!!


Seungwan shook her head in amusement and decided to send a selfie to the younger.


There. Do I look decent enough, your Highness?


She didn’t know whether she should laugh or worry at her situation. It felt like it just dawned on the younger that the whole fake dating thing seemed to became more serious. I’m dating the Bae Joohyun in the eyes of everyone. The untouchable Bae Joohyun, and now, I’m meeting her parents. . This is real.


A black Mercedes appeared on Seungwan’s line of vision. She checked her bag again to make sure she had everything she needed and the cake she had on the other hand. The girl didn’t want to come empty-handed at Joohyun’s house so she ran back to her dorm right after her class earlier that day and baked a cake. A carrot cake to be specific. The one she noticed that the older girl loves to eat during lunch.


The car stopped in front of her and the window of the passenger side rolled down. Seungwan leaned down and noticed that the older was driving on her own. The older was wearing shorts and then topped with a blue off-shoulder top. That’s hot. Seungwan blushed at the thought but decided to immediately dismiss everything she had about the older.


“Get in. Don’t expect I’d get the door for you,” the older said annoyingly and tapped her fingers in the steering wheel.


Seungwan shivered at the tone used by the older then decided to get in the car quickly. Once the younger got settled in, Joohyun started to drive.


“So unnie, how do you like to get on with this?” Seungwan asked curiously and looked at the older. Help me, God. Why does she looks hot? What do I do with this?




“I mean, what’s our story? Did we just happen to date or we fell in love at first sight and then –“ Seungwan rambled.


“Ssssshhh. You’re being too loud again,” Joohyun hissed and looked sideway to glare at the younger briefly. “I met you during class then I noticed you were quite smart. My family knows I like smart people so I think they’ll understand. Then we got close because of Seulgi and the rest is history

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