XIX. Bae

Finally, Love
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Joohyun would not even deny that the past week had been very difficult and tough for her. She finally realized her feelings for a certain blonde but the woman kept on avoiding her like a plague with every chance she could get.


She knew she messed up. She was the one who started their deal. She was the one who brought Seungwan to this. As hard it was to admit, she unknowingly used Seungwan to get back with Jennie.


But Joohyun knew better already. She knew she had to make it up to Seungwan. Big time. It would not be very easy but she would at least try. Joohyun did not care if Seungwan would reciprocate her feelings but it was always better to try than not doing anything about it.


She didn't care anymore if she'll be the one to do the chasing this time.


Seungwan is...


Seungwan is different.


A good different for Joohyun.


Seulgi was right.


Through all the moments they had spent together, she knew that along the way her feelings became genuine for Seungwan. She knew that she had a lot of wonderful times with the blonde, she made her heart felt some things, she brought butterflies in her stomach, and she simply made her happy and contented.


But that was what was strange for the older.


She never knew how to feel those things ever since…ever since Jennie.


She felt shaken by the fact that Seungwan could easily make her feel things, how Joohyun easily trusted her. More so than what she felt for her ex-girlfriend before.


She recalled how one change in Seungwan’s mood would easily change her mood as well.




How one smile from the woman would make her grin like a fool... or how one pout from the blonde and Joohyun's already falling into an abyss


She did not know why she let Seungwan go home the night Jennie told her about the marriage. She felt stupid. She should have explained to Seungwan everything. She knew she was supposed to.


But seeing your ex-girlfriend exactly that night?


She felt rattled.


She was too stunned.


She thought getting back together with Jennie was what she needed, what she was waiting for all along.


But maybe it was the idea of Jennie that she loved.


Or maybe she was just finding a good and easy way out of her deal with whatever she was feeling for Seungwan.


She was a coward.


Seungwan did not give her any reasons to doubt her actions.


Joohyun knew that she will never forget how the pang in her chest ate her up when Seungwan left that night.


How she felt so useless.


How she easily believed Seungwan’s excuse that night to get away from her.


She would make it right. Whatever may happen. But she knew that before making everything right with the blonde, she had to talk with her family first.


“How are you feeling?” Yeri inquired. It was the first time the younger Bae spoke after entering Joohyun’s room 20 minutes ago. They were inside and just lounging around after their classes.




“Unnie!” the younger Bae shrieked at her sister.


Joohyun giggled before replying, “Sorry, wrong choice of word.”


Yeri instead asked, “Have you talked to mom yet?”


“I did,” Joohyun replied. She was at her table, trying to formulate a strategy slash speech she will do for her father once they talk.




Joohyun turned her head to Yeri, who was lazily lying down the bean bag chair, “She told me I should do whatever my heart tells me what to do,”


Yeri fake-puked, and threw a pillow at her sister, “That was so cheesy! ”


“You know mom has always been like that,”


“Are you sure you’re going to do this?”


“This is the only way. You know that,”


“Father will not be pleased.”


“I know. But I’m willing to take the risk. Father doesn’t have the right to dictate what goes on in my life,”


“No matter what will happen, I will be here for you Unnie,”


“Thanks, Yerim-ah,”




When Joohyun arrived home that afternoon, she heard from their helpers that her father just came back from his business trip. She really didn’t have much time to talk with her father the past few weeks since her father was always out of the country after the marriage announcement.


After her talk with Yeri, she quietly walked to his father’s home office, heaved a sigh by the door, and knocked three times.


“Come in!” Joohyun heard his father shouted from inside

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