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Finally, Love
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LS University


A university that was tagged to be as an institution for only rich students as most came from wealthy families and in upper-class. But still, LS university is one of the top-ranking universities in the country because of its excellence and global status. What the others also did not know was that the university offers a full scholarship to top ten students who can’t afford to study there. The test and application process were very rigorous so only the best of the best could enter. One of these lucky students was Son Seungwan, 20, a girl who came from Gwangju and came to Seoul in order to purse her passion, Music and Business. Good thing was that the university offered this double major and the girl was able to pass the scholarship test with flying colors even though she just reviewed for only two days.


It’s kind of ironic, right? How can someone be so passionate in Music and then also have a great interest on running a business. It was like two ends of the spectrum that were not supposed to meet but it did. “Must be your parents’ genes” her one friend reasoned. Seungwan started learning to play instruments like piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone in her early childhood years and then learned about the operations of business in her teenage years. Both fascinated and amazed Seungwan’s mind.


Seungwan transferred to Seoul a week before the start of the semester. She settled in a dormitory near the university which would probably take a five minute walk to and from the institution. The dormitory was not big but it had a homey feeling and comfortability the girl always craved since then.


The girl was moving her boxes from outside the room to inside when someone tapped her shoulders twice from behind.


“You need help with that?” the voice asked.


Seungwan turned around and was greeted by a girl in white tank top and faded jeans. The girl was taller than Seungwan so she had to raise her head a little bit to see the stranger.


“Hi! No need. I think I can manage this. Thank you for the offer though,” Seungwan replied with a grateful smile for the stranger’s kindness.


The girl replied with a nod and asked, “So you must be Seungwan? Son Seungwan?”


Seungwan was taken aback at the question. How could someone know me already? The class haven’t even started yet. “I… I am. How did you know that?”


The girl then extended her hand and grinned, “I’m Park Sooyoung but you can call me Joy, Cutie, or even y Dynamite. Whatever floats you. I’m one of the scholars too in the university.”


Seungwan took the girl’s hand and shook it hesitantly, “I’m Son Seungwan. Just Seungwan. I’m majoring in music and business but how did you know my name?”


“I must have scared you,” Joy commented and grabbed one of the boxes lying outside which took Seungwan by surprise.


“You don’t have to!” Seungwan squeaked and tried to snatch the box from the girl but Joy just raised the box higher and laughed.


“Let me help you at least, come on,” Joy replied and strode inside the room leaving a flustered Seungwan outside.


“So where do you want me to place this one?” Joy shouted and waited for a reply. Seungwan followed suit after a few seconds and saw the label on the box Joy was holding. Undergarments. ! The girl quickly grabbed the box from Joy’s hold and ran to place it inside the bedroom. “Hey! What was that?!” Joy squeaked. After a few moments, Seungwan walked out of the bedroom, a faint red could still be seen on her cheeks in embarrassment. “It’s nothing.”


Seungwan walked to the kitchen to get some water. had suddenly gone dry. “So mind telling me how you knew my name already?”


Joy followed the girl in the kitchen and sat on the countertop with ease. Damn. I can’t even sit on that one awhile ago.


“Well, news around is that the girl who topped the scholarship test is moving in today,” Joy replied nonchalantly. “So I just assumed it was you since you’re moving in today plus you looked smart so I just had to ask,” the girl added.


Seungwan almost sputtered her water, “Wait! You knew I am moving today?”

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