VI. Some

Finally, Love
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Seungwan stood by the door with agape at the sight of the older while Joohyun just looked at the younger blankly and then glanced back to what she was wearing.


Today was the third time they had the same top. This is seriously getting creepy, right? Thefirst was when they first met in their class, wearing that navy blue jacket and the older forced Seungwan to remove hers. The second time was when they accidentally met in a convenience store with a white tee. Good thing the older didn't ask her to take off her top or else she would've gave in... Oh my, stop! What the heck, Seungwan?! and today, they were wearing the same plaid long sleeves.


"Okay, we seriously need to stop doing this," Seungwan told the older when she walked closer to where the girl was seated. Even when the older had her earphones on, she knew Joohyun could hear her, "It's reeeeaaallllyyyyy getting creepy, don't you think?"


Joohyun glanced at her top again and gave the other girl a look that screams ' Why? What's wrong with it?'


"I don't see any reason why we shouldn't, Seungwan," Joohyun replied coolly and leaned back on her chair. "Won't people believe us more if we have same clothes?"


"Uhhh...hmmm...I don't know...people kept looking at us weirdly though?" Seungwan whispered so that only the older could hear and then glanced side to side to see some students staring openly at them.


Joohyun looked to where Seungwan was pointing to, "Let them. Just be thankful I did not ask you remove to remove that," the older hissed and went back to reading her book.


"Jeez. You're too cold," Seungwan whispered to herself when she settled in to the seat beside Joohyun.


Seungwan was pulling her things out of the bag when she heard some whispers from the back.


“Pfft. Couple shirts. That’s so lame. I thought Joohyun is better than that.”


“Bae Joohyun is at it again, breaking someone’s soul. Poor Son Seungwan.”


“What a dramatic show again orchestrated by Joohyun,”


Seungwan’s brow furrowed. She knew the older heard what those guys were saying even when she had her earphones on. The younger’s hands balled into a fist.


"Joohyun, what are you listening to?" Seungwan asked when she saw the older reading a book with her earphones on.


Joohyun merely shrugged her shoulders, "Nothing. I just put my earphones on to avoid unnecessary conversations…like this,"


Seungwan stood up and gave her most threatening glare to the two guys whispering at the back. The guys looked baffled but merely laughed. The younger strode across the room and stood in front of them. Seungwan gave the first guy a knee on the crotch and a punch on the face on the other. Seungwan heard bones breaking at the strength of her punch but didn't bother to check if it was hers or the guy's cheek.


"If you talk about Joohyun like that again, I swear you'll never see the daylights again," Seungwan warned the guy who had his back laid on the floor, wincing in pain, while the other was holding on a chair, shocked at the impact of Seungwan’s punch.


Seungwan then felt some movements from her side then felt she being dragged by Joohyun by the wrist going outside the hall. They settled in to the secluded corner part of the hallway. Good thing classes were still on-going so only few students were out.


"How can you be so stupid?!" Joohyun said with annoyance and pushed Seungwan's back by the locker.


Seungwan winced at the impact but was too scared so she did not say anything. Joohyun then opened her back pack and pulled out an alcohol. When Seungwan looked at the older, she could only see fire in Joohyun's eyes. This was the first time she saw the girl like this. She didn't know if the girl was fuming mad because of her stunt or at the students inside. Maybe both?


"You could have just let them. I don't care anyways," Joohyun muttered and poured the alcohol on Seungwan's knuckle.


"Aw! Sht!"


Joohyun only put in more when the younger shrieked in pain, "That's what you get for punching an even bigger guy than you, seriously, what were you thinking?!" the older asked angrily.


Seungwan tried pulling her hand back but Joohyun just held on her wrist tighter. The younger bit her lip in pain as the alcohol seeped through her bruise.


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