Maison Des Fleurs

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"A weed is but an unloved flower."

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox



Four letters. One word. A million different meanings.

After a traumatic work accident that left a colleague dead, Yoo Ayeon is back at the 32nd precinct and falling into tired routines.

She tells everyone she's fine, she shoves her emotions into a vault built from a childhood of fear, and she pretends that nothing can make her feel. 

When she's called to a flower shop, Ayeon meets the owner, Jung Jaehyun, a man of mystery dressed in soft colours, calming smiles, and fragrant roses.

As she's into the orbit of someone so much unlike herself it becomes a lot harder pretending that there's nothing beating in her chest.



Yoo Ayeon (29)

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Jung Jaehyun (30)

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A brand new spanking story starring, for the first time in Loviet history, a member of NCT Jaehyun! I'm writing this story while I recover from a serious case of writer's block for Soulless Justice. That story is just on a temporary pause. I'm so excited, NCT has been my obsession for the last 2 years and I can't wait to get started on this. The florist-cop au has been one I've been fantasizing about for a really long time and it was only recently that I finally made it happen. This is going to be a really romance/character heavy story as opposed to my typical plot-heavy ones. 

Special thanks to @chroma for the most amazing poster.

NOTE: I usually like to find a way to include all the members of the group in some capacity but NCT has SOOOO many members so I'll probably only be using a few. 

Hope you all love this story!

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