Old Blood New Money

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Close your eyes.

Now, imagine a world where you spent 15 years and 2 degrees accomplishing yourself with nothing but hefty loans and your own wits.

Imagine working your way up the corporate ladder until you become an executive at a prestigious investment firm.

Imagine being independent for nearly all your adult life, never leaning on anyone to fight your battles or carry your burdens.

Now knowing all this, imagine seeing your estranged crime lord of a father in your office telling you that he’s been using you and your company to clean dirty money with you none the wiser.

And now very dangerous people want you, the mistaken money launderer, dead.

So, much to your hatred, your father offers up a solution.

His right-hand man, one of his most trusted, to protect you.

Imagine a world.


Seo Heiran (29)

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Mark Tuan (29)

RebelHenlo!Mark (Bareel will 1000% be worried)


A NEW STORY IS UP!!!!! I'm excited for this one, but I do want to give you a heads up that updates will be a bit slow since I work full time now, so I'm going to try my best. Anywayysssss I hope you like this story, I can wait to see your reactions and how you react to the characters and plot. 

Hope you all love this story!

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