Chasing Rainbows

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So, are you up for the chase? I know you and I know how you are. You can never say no to a challenge.

Catch me if you can, Daisy.

-Mark Tuan

Kang Mira thought he was joking when she found the note taped to her dorm room door the day of her last final.

She stared at the map that was attached to the note and decided that Mark Tuan had officially lost his goddamn mind.

                    And that her suspicions were right, he probably was high half the time.

But when Jackson Wang, the captain of the varsity swim team and someone Mira wouldn't be caught dead with, shows up at her door in the middle of the night with the exact same note and a compass in his hand, she starts to doubt if Mark's joke was really a joke at all.

So she packs a bag and gets into a car with a guy she barely knows, with an ego the size of a continental ocean, to track their friend down to the oasis that he so lavishly bragged about.

But after following the hints and clues left for them, they start to question his motives behind the chase.

And their own motives behind agreeing to play along.  



Kang Mira (22)


Jackson Wang (22)


Mark Tuan (23)


NOTE: Since I don't know much about Korean University culture, I'm just going to use Canadian/American university culture but it won't make a HUGE difference in plot but just to keep in mind

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